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Does Michelle O's pose on Vogue indicate New False Flag Attack on March 10?

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posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 01:51 PM
A person familiar with Golden Dawn symbology took note of Michelle Obama's pose on the cover of Vogue. In addition to her flashing the "el diablo" this person said the position of her arms, the word "Mar" for March on the cover, the turning of her head to the right "pillar" indicating severity means she's sending an occultic message of a big attack in March. Mars is War. Other things in the cover tells this person the 10th of March is the day.

Texe Marrs says he expects a big Zionist attack in the Mideast on Purim, which is also March 10.

Anybody else have any thoughts on this?

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posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 02:04 PM
Im all for a good theory but that’s just a little of a stretch don’t you think

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 02:14 PM
Here is the actual post by somebody called "Mark" that I thought was so fascinating (even though he can't spell). It was posted in a one-day flurry of postings (almost 900 posts in just one day) resulting from Michelle Obama's flashing of the el diablo on the cover of Vogue.

MARK Says:
February 13th, 2009 at 6:36 pm

ok here is my reading of that picture, im into the occult myself and have studied the Golden Dawn for a number of years.

look between her left arm, you will see a triangle pointing upwards in beige of the sofa she is sat on,

then look between her right arm you will see a purple triangle pointing downwards of her dress.

as above so below!

next the upper parts of both her arms make 2 pillars standing close to upright, with her right forearm making a middle pillar between the other 2, this to me signifies the sephiroth, you will know it as the tree of life,

her face is turned towards her right, or the right pillar, which is the pillar of severity!

the edition is due to be published in march! you will see MAR on the left hand right hand side of the page

MAR or march is ruled by the god MARS, the god of war, as is the day tuesday!

plus she is making a masonic signal with her left hand

her left hand is facing down wards , and her right on her neck is facing upwards, again “as above so below”

me personally i would expect something to happen on a tuesday in march!

the picture is very heavily laden with occult and masonic symbology

oh and she is wearing a purple dress.

im in england so this # will effect me less than you over the pond, but i personally would bet my bottom dollar something will happen on a tuesday in march, something big!

Then he added this post:

MARK Says:
February 13th, 2009 at 6:41 pm

oh! the word SUPER POWERS!

is on the front page in caps with an exclamation mark,

this is probably significant too!

Then he said this:

MARK Says:
February 13th, 2009 at 6:56 pm

i can only tell you what i can see, and being used to looking and working with this symbology, i saw them as soon as i looked at the picture, i didnt have to look for them, they were obvious to me, if i wanted to relay a hidden message to someone, i would probably use very similar gestures as she is doing.

symbology is EVERYTHING in the occult!

it enforces and energizes the intent and will towards a specific task
... the index finger and little finger make the left and right pillars of the sephiroth, the middle piller is held down via the thumb, signifying NO equilibrium or synthesis, only a swinging from negative to positive, left hanf dillar is mercy, right hand pillar is severity. There is NO calm point between the 2 only ebb and flow,

the golden dawn and masons only ever use an upwardly pointing pentagram, as do the OTO, the A.A. and the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega .

If somebody could post up the cover, that would be great. I'm not familiar with how to do it, haven't visited this site in a long time.

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 02:25 PM

Have you ever met anyone who works in fashion? Let alone a fashion photographer? Trust me, this would tell you not too look too--ahem--deeply.

It's Vogue. Relax. Better to worry about the derivatives market, or the commercial real estate market, than that the First Lady is a Satanist sending coded messages to the faithful via fashion magazines.

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 02:26 PM
Oh man...

Again, this is why some people think we're a bunch of gullible tin foil hatters. And this is coming from a guy who believes we've been visited by aliens.

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 02:37 PM
Excuse me, but have you ever read Texe Marrs' book called Codex Magica? You are not aware of the Illuminati and how they communicate by secret handshakes, hand signals and messages in their corporate logos?

I could post some pictures up here if I knew how. Can anybody help me?


posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 02:43 PM
reply to post by Salt of the Earth

Well, I know all about that book and symbolism and all the rest, but I think you'd be better off doing some research first about the photographer, the stylist, and the layout person in charge of the cover shot.

Post that, with links to their prior work and online websites, etc. That's where you should start if you're actually serious about proving this.

I know these covers are kabuki, but not in the way you are trying to convince us.

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 02:47 PM
Are you aware that anyone can write a book and call it's pages the gospel truth? I have read more books on the Illuminati than I care to mention. Most of them are not factual. Citing sources and other material that either doesn't exist, or is inconsistent upon inspection.

There are conspiracies out there. And there are groups of people who are part of them.

About the secret message thing...

They have secure, encrypted communications equipment, board rooms, and secret meeting places. They have back-channels and side-channels- and even a super nifty version of the internet. They don't need hand signals.

I have seen the images of presidents doing the devil horn thing. Does that mean they like heavy metal or are part of a global conspiracy? Are they saying I love you in sign language? Who knows. People like me follow the money. We get more done that way.

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 02:51 PM
I don't think who the photographer is means a single thing. The photographer does not make the decisions about what goes on the cover. If anything, the photographer was given instructions and so was Michelle as what to wear, what the background would be, and what the pose would be.

The photographer's job was just to snap the shots.

The editor, on instructions from the owners of the mag, would then see that the cover was put up to put out the message the owner of the mag wants put out.

We are not talking about some fashion star. We are talking about the First Lady of The One.

These mags are all owned by the Illuminati. The Illuminati communicates on magazine covers with their hand signs and poses, think it's big magic, that when people see these covers they are put under a spell or under power of Satan.

This is what they believe. Don't blame me for saying what they believe. I certainly don't believe it, but these people are occultics. It's the same kind of stuff the Freemasons believe, the Satanic secret societies.

The CFR is itself a secret society, an organization of politicians, media moguls and corporates working to destroy America and create the New World Order.

Michelle O is a member of the CFR, BTW.

How can I post up some pictures and links? Can anybody help me?

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 02:59 PM
Ok. What would be the purpose of her doing this pose in the first place? Let's pretend that something is going to happen. Why would you leave hints of what's coming? Doesn't make much sense, does it?

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 03:12 PM
I believe that no matter the pose, no matter the clothing, setting, hand position, or any other component of the picture, someone could "find" symbols of whatever they want.

If her hand was some other way, it would symbolize some ancient snake-god.

If she was wearing a red dress, she would be paying homage to a Roman war god.

If she was doing this or wasn't doing that...

You get it?

There are only so many ways to photograph someone and if you look hard enough, you will find whatever you want.

Spend some time outside looking at the clouds. You'll see all the symbols you want. Maybe a puppy too.

I'm a firm believer in the falsehoods sold to people by the powers that be, but let's not dig so hard at every little thing.

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 03:20 PM
reply to post by zephyrs

It's a message to the insiders. They understand this kind of stuff. The people who own and run the planet are taught to communicate by logos, hand signs, and they use magazine covers especially to get out big messages.

They also perform public rituals, which they consider big magic, real powerful magic, the more publicly they are performed, believe that the more people who see it, the more influence their magic has. They disguise their public rituals, but they are rituals nonetheless, and the initiates understand this. Janet Jackson's "accident" was not an accident, but staged. Madonna's lesbian performance with Britney Spears and Christina A was another one of these public rituals.

The bigger and more important the public figure who communicates his message, the more magic and effect it supposedly will have on bringing about the success of the mission.

There is a reason why these people conduct their false flag terror attacks, start their wars on certain portentious days. They worship numbers, the "sacred geometry," and everything they do is by the numbers, by the stars, by the angles, has to be the right place, the right time, and after Satanic ritual and communication with Satan.

Go study up on the Illuminati, watch the video online on the Freemasons, the one called The Lightbringers, Emissaries of Jahbulon. Check it out.

I'm surprised this is a conspiracy forum and people seem so oblivious, but all thinking we are visited by aliens from outer space.


posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 03:24 PM
reply to post by WickettheRabbit

The hand sign is deliberately posed. It is the el diablo. It means, Heil Satan, All Power to Satan. She is posing, giving us the "eye."

The triangles formed by her arm contortions are Cabalistic stuff. Hollywood stars are always posing making triangles of their arms and fingers, anything triangles is big magic. Seinfeld cast was (is) into this stuff big time, also Madonna, maybe half of Hollywood is into this, think it's powerful magic, conjuring up demons to help them be successful in their career, to give them power and inspire them.

Can somebody post up the Vogue cover? Tell me how to do it so we can discuss this better?

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 03:24 PM

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 03:33 PM
reply to post by Salt of the Earth

Cy Newhouse (owner of Conde Nast) and Anna wintour (editor of Vogue) may be Satanists (after all, she inspired The Devil Wears Prada), though I very much doubt it--I think they worship money and fame, respectively. But come on, Vogue is the vehicle for all this conspiratorial Satanic signaling?

You apparently have little knowledge of photo shoots and how they are conducted, nor apparently want to find out as you have already decided that the actual participants who created the photo are irrelevant to your "investigation."

So go on and post blaphomet hand signs by every Bush back to Prescott, and the Clintons, too; not as if we haven't seen them before.

And if you want to know how to do it, I'd suggest you read the ATS Handbook, and use that little palette widget with the computer screen behind it when you post--that will link to external images on the web; you just copy and past the url. Good luck!

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 03:41 PM
reply to post by projectvxn

The Freemasons and all the secret societies have universal hand signals they use. They can communicate across languages and cultures. They all serve Satan. When the Tower of Babel was confounded and everybody was sent packing speaking separate languages, they resolved to communicate their religious beliefs (Nimrod, Semiramis, Osirus) by means of signs and symbols, the sacred geometry of the pyramids, the ley lines, the astrological signs. That's why you have the same deities with different names.

You do not get to be a Senator, a judge, a top executive if you don't know the hand signs and the secret communications. The world is owned and run by Satan worshippers, and that's not an exaggeration at all.

Check out the film online the Lightbringers, Emissaries of Jahbulon

Have you ever watched Alex Jones' documentary films on Bohemian Grove?" target='_blank' class='tabOff'/> This stuff is real. These people worship the devil. They meet at the Bohemian Grove each year, dress up as Druids, and hold a Cremation of Care ceremony (mock sacrifice of a child) to a huge stone idol of Molech, the ancient god of child sacrifice. They have skulls nailed up all over on the redwood trees.

Death, misery, torture. They love it.

The Freemasonic God of Baphomet is out of a nightmare, a big goat head with huge horns, the torso human with female breasts but one male arm and one female, and from the waist down a male goat. Another one of their gods is Jahbulon, a big red spider with three heads, one a frog, one a cat, and one a silly king with a missing tooth who they say represents Jehovah. Very evil. Very sick. This is typical of the politicians and rulers of the world today.

Michelle Obama is a member of the CFR, anotherh secret society, made up of politicians, media moguls and corporates, devoted to destroying America and erecting the New World Order, as the phoenix bird who is burned and arises new out of the ashes. (the phoenix bird is another of their favorite idols or symbols, as is the two headed eagle.)

With these people everything is about duality, to show yourself as a patriotic public servant all smiles and looking good in a fancy suit, and at night it's orgies, torture and pedophilia and murder.

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posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 03:52 PM

Originally posted by gottago
reply to post by Salt of the Earth

Cy Newhouse (owner of Conde Nast) and Anna wintour (editor of Vogue) may be Satanists (after all, she inspired The Devil Wears Prada), though I very much doubt it--I think they worship money and fame, respectively. But come on, Vogue is the vehicle for all this conspiratorial Satanic signaling?

Did you not ever consider that Satanic signalling is done first and foremost through fashion?

Originally posted by gottago
You apparently have little knowledge of photo shoots and how they are conducted, nor apparently want to find out as you have already decided that the actual participants who created the photo are irrelevant to your "investigation."

I know that shoots are carefully posed, and that photographers are technicians. Technicians do not make decisions about what goes on covers of fashion magazines when it comes to the First Lady, or really much else. Editors do.

Style and fashion are things that are decided from the top down, and nothing is done by accident. And First Ladies are notorious for setting style and fashion. In this case, it is occultic, NWO, and sex that's being sold, among other things.

I'm going to check on Vogue and see who does own the mag.

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posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 03:53 PM
Well, if this is a message about a false flag, then it's intended only for the elites. What if some elites don't read Vogue?

It would be better for her to just send out a memo to the elites, or tell them at one of the conferences.

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 04:05 PM
reply to post by RubberBaron

That's not the way they do it oftentimes. They love to use the media, especially magazine covers are really big magic, especially when it's somebody political in the spotlight like MO.

Not only that, but they think by signalling their intentions they have warned the "serfs" - (that's us) and that gives them a kind of permission to proceed.

As to the March 10 date, the Zionists have in the past launched their big attacks on holidays of Hanukka and other holidays, and Texe predicts March 10 as a big war attack somewhere, something awful. The fact that MO is signalling the same thing, March 10 as an occultic from Golden Dawn pointed out on a forum on Alex Jones, causes me to bring this up here on ATS. Oftentimes when their game is exposed they back off. I'm trying to get them to back off by putting this up here on ATS.

Alex Jones warned before 9/11, told the government he knew they were getting ready to stage a false flag and blame bin Laden, and told them Don't do it. They did it anyway. Alex knew they were going to do it because he can read them like a book, and running the same footage over ad nauseum of Bin Laden and his band of hooded merrymen training for war told Alex what the government was up to. He could see the people were being set up to think "bin Laden" so when the Zionists pulled off their caper they could immediately point to bin Laden and the "serfs" would fall for it.

It didn't quite work out the way they had planned, however. Most people have wakened up to 9/11 being a complete and total inside job (by Mossad in cooperation with the U.S. neocon government minions).

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 04:05 PM
Here's the image, by the way for the person that requested it.

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