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DUMB and dumber

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posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 04:39 AM
The one true thing is that everything happens for a reason.

I don't know if anyone has discussed this, but has it occured to anyone that these Deep Underground Millitary Base's may be ground zero for a lot of death? If we are moving into the age of aquarius and, apparently, the age of peace and love, and Earth and it's inhabitants being cleansed one way or another, most likely destruction as that's what majority thinks, then rounding uo the most evilest of people - the ones with the most fear of losing "everything" aswell - into key places underground, wouldn't it be easier to then to destroy these people?

Underground seems strange aswell if they have UFO technology, wouldn't being underground be somewhat dangerous because of earthquakes and such? Wouldn't being in space, on the moon, or mars, etc. be better/safer?

If the government and bankers and other wealthy scum are in a few spots and all the roofs fall down then they all dead, even survivors couldn't make it back to the surface.

No matter what, human spirit and consciousness always breaks through and there will be plenty of survivors on the face of the planet after any destruction. Only a matter of time before humans fight against a new world order again, if in hundreds or thousands of years. The current plan is full of flaws from every angle.

Everyone is playing everyone aswell, so if all the evil guys are allowed to build bases underground, what are the plans of those letting the evil guys build? Fear is the ultimate - sinfull people are full of fear because of their actions and they know the consequences won't be that neat. They would fear death and losing their wealth. If they are told of destruction on Earth, but a safe underground hideout to continue to prosper, what you think they would choose?

On the other hand, if all the evil do have these underground bases, alien interaction, surpassed technology, nukes, etc, and are free to use their power however they feel, whenever they like, then we are all dead already and there is no hope. Even if all evil is overthrown there will still be a few at the button of nukes who will kill everyone cos there's "no other option". If I were the last evil with nukes, I'd blow everyone up. Any survivors I'd then help and slip my regime back in. How will humans overthrow bases, governments, air forces, armies, navies, gurillas, rebels, murderer's all at the same time with the hope no one will shoot a nuke - what about submarines even?

Name one year where there was one month without a war, battle or murder.

Everyone should stop worrying and concentrate on waking up - we are here to learn love and hate, good and evil. And it's worked. A lot of people are slowly realising that we are all one. We are a destructive one but that's the point. Stand back and say "gosh, there's a lot of violence, animal slaughter, earth destruction, etc. Shouldn't have taken it for granted". That's what this is about. Don't eat meat and animal products for starters unless you do research, see inside a slaughterhouse (you tube), investigate growth hormones and other chemicals injected into animals, observe the cold hearted killing done by "normal" humans just to recieve a nice tasting burger. Everyone with a loving consciousness will stop eating meat. Those who haven't "evolved" to that level won't care "they only animals anyways".

Anything that is portrayed as good is usually evil, wake up and realise that. Don't even murder a fly - reap what you sow - you invite murder unto yourself. Murderer. Sugar - bad, pharmaceuticals - bad, stealing - bad, lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride - all bad, see the pattern? This world is built on evil so everything we consider good is actually a type of bad. If the world was built on love, we would have no bad things. We need to learn evil before we can really appreciate love.

I know chocolate is bad "but it tastes so good" fight that thought. It's perception; doesn't make it good.

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 05:55 AM
Who said chocolate is bad?

And who says the elite could/would have UFOs? I'd doubt money could buy those sorts of secrets... DUMBS yes for sure they could construct them. They have built large underground seed storage areas, so I dont' see why elite couldn't do it themselves, for living instead.

[edit on 16/2/09 by GhostR1der]

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 09:00 AM
I explain badly or you miss point? All is theory, if I knew truth I'd be killed or I'd find way out of this doom.

Chocolate - look up side affect of sugar. Dangers of artificial flavours and colours, milk solids, and all the other stuff in differnet brands and flavours.

UFO's - look up Nikola Tesla, Zero Point Energy, Free Energy, Electro-magnetism.

Elite - there are different levels of "elite" remember. The top elite are completely unknown to you or me. No names or locations to look up, no documents, no id. This much is true to the lower levels of the elite aswell, or else there could possibly be a chance for mutiny.

My point, sort of, is that to trick evil into going underground you'd have to make it seem 110% safe. At this point, all evil will go underground and we will "wish" we could experience that and even be saved. So it seems to us and them that underground would be the best place to be. Evil knowing that we are worried and wish this would possibly make it seem even safer to them. They feel safe knowing they have plenty of food, water and other luxuries. They feel safe because all of the destruction will be away from them. But that might be the biggest ironic twist if none of their nukes worked, all their doors locked and their roofs fall in. Shouldn't that be what we should be hoping for?

I don't want to pick at anyone's posts, i'm just trying to think out aloud - i have plenty of free time - and try to help my fellow humans. It's wrong to eat meat, but I don't hate people for it, I feel sad that they don't understand a life was sacraficed when seeds, nuts, fruit and vegetables are easily available. They don't taste as good, honestly, but no blood was shed from a sentient being.

A cat is the same as a cow - a warm blooded mammal, just looks different. Pat the cat, hear it purr and stretch and cuddle. Now slap the cat (don't if you don't have to please) notice how it runs and hides. Sign of pleasure and pain - sentience. Walk up to a neighbours cat you don't know and watch it run and hide. It will see you as a possible threat, it's scared. Walk up to a cow in a paddock - the whole herd will run away from you, possibly scared?

Believing in God is all we have really, unless a Neo or Leeloo steps forward. If evil wants to succeed, and if they have the permissions and ability, then they will, and there is nothing we can do. No good human owns a gun, and no gun-totting "good" human has the nukes or skill to overthrow an empire.

Anyway, all theory.

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 09:21 AM
One more thing.

We know certain particles fly through Earth, so if the Galaxy changes from the lowest level of energy (IF) during the age of aquarius then deep underground bases are useless.

Also if there are earthquakes and the tectonic plates shift, or even a pole or axis shift, then most of the underground tunnels will be ripped apart and some of the bases, even at "safe zones" would have to be in danger. What if all the entrances have mountains worth of rock fall over them.

This is considering major Earth changes, not just a nuclear bomb going off. Also, if they are just nuking the Earth and need to take cover, why so many people in the many numerous bases? I know they probably want a leader or leaders for this new world order, but how can they trust so many people when those so many people stabbed and possibly murdered people to get to where they are? Why save hundreds or thousands of wealthy people? Why not just the few "elite leaders" of the NWO, doctors and such, and a few thousand unknowing human sheep to start the world over?

The safe way to kill someone is to kill the guy who hired the guy who hired the guy who hired the guy who hired the guy to kill the guy. Then the evidence won't lead too far up the ladder and authorities will hopefully settle on one of the lower killers, no one the wiser.

Anyways, I babble.

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