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Why many people will never wake up.

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posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 01:15 AM
I've thought about this for quite some time. I now realize why people will never wake up to reality. Why people won't ever wake up to the truth. There are several factors why people won't wake up to what's going on.

I first recognize that... many people seem to be followers rather than leaders. That is one reason why people don't wake up. They want to be lead. I'm not taking a jab at Obama but there are three types of Obama supporters... the first two like him because they either really think he's the messiah or they think he's for change from politics as usual... and the third group of people that like him are the ones that feel that he's just a change from Bush and that anything could be better than Bush and what not. The second and the third group of Obama supporters are awakened to reality. I'm part of the third group. I think he's different from Bush and that anyone is different from Bush would do better. But, the second group of people who thinks that he is for a change from politics as usual are bound to be somewhat disappointed, but they don't realize, that some of these promises like "a change from politics as usual" are empty promises and are nothing more than campaign rhetoric. They won't wake up. But, we have yet to see if Obama is sincere with his promise for a change from politics as usual. I'm giving him a shot. But I don't blindly believe in him like some of those other people.

You see, THOSE Obamabots won't ever wake up, much like the Bushies never woke up. But don't be too hard on them. They're mostly either young, or, just sick and tired of politics and they just want someone who they can believe in. Either they will be betrayed or Obama will not disappoint them because they agree with him on ideological reasons. But what these people fail to realize is that this change cannot come overnight and that we've had this system of politics for like the last 70 years and it's not likely going to change now. Obama has a chance to change the political game but I'm a bit surprised that he went and did the fearmongering for that time, and, I wondered what happened to the audacity of hope a while ago that got me excited about him. Maybe he was waking up to the realities of the economy... but still. My point is that with the group of people that follow him for his message-- they won't wake up because they are probably the same group of voters that followed all of those other Presidents in the past like Reagen, Clinton, or George H W Bush, for their vision. So they won't ever wake up.

There are people out there who won't wake up to a reality of a situation because their mind can't comprehend it. I'll use my Dad as an example here. whenever I talk to my Dad about what the government is doing wrong at times, or I tried to get into an argument with him about the federal reserve, or I tried to challenge his point of view, he didn't want to accept some of the things that I said-- that the federal reserve does cause recessions and did cause this financial crisis. He also doesn't want to accept the potential problems that wiretapping could cause for our freedom and how it could potentially make the USA a totalitarian state. He thinks that 1984 or books by George Orwell aren't relevant that much anymore... I don't believe my Dad's a sheep because he knows Bush did pretty bad, and, I think that of course, people were really manipulated during the campaign season and are now somewhat back to normal, so he's not an Obamabot or anything, but I think that some people just have too much faith in the government... and also take a few other people who I knew in my writers class. They were all going to the inauguration in DC and they all talked about how historical it was. I didn't say a word... but yes these people were participating in fun events but I was surprised as to how many people, even rational people, wanted to see the inauguration-- not taking a shot at their patriotism-- I wanted to go to the inauguration too-- but I'm just amazed at how willing people are to follow someone. They want to follow Obama's message... not Obama necessarily but they want a better future.

There are people who don't want to accept an idea because they can't imagine what it would mean. There are people who completely deny all ideas that stem from science, religion, or there are people who completely ignore things just because they can't see things from another point of view. There are people that just truly cannot accept these things for some reason or another. They cannot accept an idea because their belief systems are opposed to it. People who blindly believe in religion for example probably wouldn't be able to live life to their fullest extent because their mind has been hardwired by their religious views to think in certain ways.

These people really just don't seem to get it. Yes, sometimes people are too invested with their own time and relationships to understand things but that isn't an excuse to not understand what's going on. These people really do not understand the political game, the political game between nations, they don't understand why things are happening, and their mind cannot comprehend things.

Just what can we do to wake these people up? I believe that without outside intervention-- these people WILL NEVER WAKE UP.

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 01:20 AM
Hi, inquisitive persons.

Frankidealist35 said:
". . .why people will never wake up to reality?"

hHere are some shorter reasons. also. B-)
1- See what TV quality is NOT here, the WORST being "reality" ones.
2- See how (fixed up) sport$ keep most potatoes on the couch.
3 - See how **superficial** most are, taking more care of
outside looks [ Clothing, avatar, car ] than "inside/mind" state.
4- See how many believe religions, and do NOT think by themselves.
5- See the kind/type of films are produced.
6- . . .want more I forgot ???

king9072 said:
" Am I the only person who thinks. . . "
Fortunately NO ! More and more wake up. . .

Blue skies.

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 01:22 AM

A new one to add to the growing list of monikers for Obama.




posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 02:09 AM
Could it be Tecnology is the Top Reason Americans are so Pathetic and Just "Take it"?

Supposedly We have one of the Top Standards of Living in the World, with our Imaginary Wealth.

This allows Us Access to Horde Massive Amounts of Technology Laden "Goodies", built from the Lower Standard of Living, Foreign Labor Populations.

Could it be they Don't "Take it", being as they're not "Chained" to a Computer on the Internet, Listening to Music on their I-Pod's, While waiting for their Pre-Processed TV Dinners to Cook in Their Microwave Ovens, While their Cellphone is Beeping Away in the Background and Their Siblings are Arguing Who's got the Highest Score on Mortal Combat 22?

Could the 20th Centurys Most Rapid Advances of Technology in Mankinds History be to Blame for our Current Indifference?

Could this be the "Real" Conspiricy?

Our own Insatiable Lust for Knowledge and the Comforts it Affords Us?

A Deep Concept to Ponder?

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