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Diablo 2 - Tricks to maximize loot and XP

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posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 12:10 AM
I don't know how many of you still play Diablo 2, but I've recently got back into it pending the release of D3 and I figured some of you might use some tips on the best ways to maximize your character's chance of getting good loot and a high rate of XP.

Tip 1: '/players'

This is considered by some to be a cheat, but I don't consider it a cheat when it makes the game harder, not easier.

When you play multiplayer, the server automatically scales enemies to be harder depending on the number of players in the server.

You can force the game to increase the difficulty in single player by using the '/players' command.

Press enter to open the chat window and type in /players (number here - up to 8).

The best number is 5. It is a good compromize between the added difficulty and the extra XP / loot you will get.

Oh, I didn't mention the upside yet.

The game does get slightly harder. Enemies hit the same, but have far higher XP.

They also drop loot to cater for how many people you told the game was playing.

I play on /players 5 and when I got to the first quest cave I was already level 6 with full magic items and one rare.

Just a hint though. Might want to return to players 1 for act bosses. Duriel, especially, on anything higher, will decimate you.

Andariel is easy up to /players 5+ though.

Tip 2: Loot - Save - Quit

Some areas in each act are not randomly generated and have some excellent opportunities to make some cash and find some good gear.

In the first act, the Blood Moor always has a house with a chest inside. That chest drops equally to a boss chest. Join the game, go /players 8 and make your way to the chest. Loot it, get nearly a full inventory of gear, save and quit. Rinse and repeat.

Act 2, there are 2 great spots. Firstly, the bug tunnels where you find the staff. There are several rooms on each level that contain chests that have boss chest level drops. Same deal as before. Find the waypoint outside the tunnels and use it for as long as your patience allows to repeat the looting.

Also, there is the 3 'wrong' ways in Horizon's area. The way to the boss has no special loot possibilities, but the 3 other wings each have several boss chests at the ends.

Act 3 there is one obvious one. The Travincal waypoint is directly next to a group of bosses. The council. They all drop great gear as well as high level gems. Use the waypoint, kill them all. Rinse and repeat. On players 5 preferably.

Act 4 there is really none. Unless you want to re-do the Hellforge over and over again. The smith drops OK gear, but nothing great.

Act 5 has heaps of great possibilities for loot farming.

Firstly, the first waypoint you find after the first boss. Spawn, go back down the stairs and rekill the first boss. He has great drops, usually 2 rares or above on players 5.

Then go back up the stairs and there is another boss just past the waypoint. He drops nearly as good as the last one. Usually a magical and a rare. Repeat again.

The next one is in the glacial trail.

Waypoint, head to the tunnel going down. There is at least 2 bosses down here, possibly a unique boss too that is immune to cold. They all drop well on players 5, as well as the gold boss chest at the end too.

The last obvious one is Baal himself. He isn't overly difficult, even on players 5.

Tip 3: Gambling

Most people know the gamble option and how to use it well, but just in case.

The easiest way to gear up is to use the gamble option, especially on players 5 or above.

Because you have so much cash (or should have) from playing on the higher player number, gambling just got that much easier.

Also, the extra XP should have you at around level 20 when you face Andariel, so even in the first act you will be able to grab late Act 2 items from the gamble screen.

You can find stuff like full helms and splint mail there from about level 12 onwards.

Also in Act 5 don't forget to check out the Ancient Armor (admittedly 200k a go) in the gamble screen, as well as Coronets (especially if you are a sorceress).


So get into the game, and in the words of some random WoW addict, get sum epic lewts LAWL.

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posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 12:54 AM
Yeah, I remember Diablo 2. I was just talking about it the other day and was wondering when D3 is going to be released already!

Do people still use Ballistas and Shaftstops? If only that stupid "90 days and your account expires" thing wasn't enforced. I'd probably still be pwning everyone.

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 01:46 AM
According to Blizzard, they are releasing a new game every 12 months from now on.

With Starcraft 2 coming around October, that means Diablo 3 is due sometime mid 2010. Bit of a wait, I know.

You'd think with all their piles of cash from WoW (We're Overly Wealthy) they'd be able to afford more low level coders and modelers to push the release date forward.

BTW, I have no clue what ballistas and shaftstops are. I was never much into D2 online.

I played a lot on LAN though. I think it is the most fun with 1 - 4 friends in a small group.

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 03:52 PM
Time to add another one I forgot about.

Tip 4: Act 5 - The Frozen Throne?

In the fifth act, on the Glacial Trail, you can find what appears to be the Frozen Throne from Warcraft mythology.

It is always there, just in a different spot for each character, so grab the waypoint and then snoop around.

It is guarded by a unique boss called Bonesaw Breaker. He and his minions tend not to stay dead. They get up a lot.

It is worth it though, because he is guarding a one of a kind chest at the base of the throne. Not a bad deal.

Spawn at waypoint, run to the throne, fight the boss (who drops at least 2 items), collect the chest. Save - Quit - Repeat.


I had forgotten about that spot. I'm running through again on my new character. I literally just killed Baal on normal, at level 42.

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posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 06:04 AM
reply to post by fooffstarr

What character class are ya playing?


posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 06:13 PM
reply to post by TheBorg

I was playing an axe barbarian... mainly stacking in on the passive abilities, with concentrate as main attack.

Just started up a throwing spear amazon... got sick of the barbarian lol.

It's always the way with me. I'll start a new char, finish the game on normal then start a new one.

I've got a level 78 sorceress sitting in my list there though... I must have liked playing that class back in the day.

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