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Unthinkable - British and French Nuclear Submarines collide

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posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 04:00 AM

Originally posted by Wormwood Squirm
this is most likely a load of rubbish. These high tech subs do not just bump into other subs.

What is more likely is that this whole release is a way for them to say, "Hey we got over 30 nukes swimming around ready to obliterate you"

Actually, yes they do. There are a ton of subs swarming around the Atlantic alone, some known, some unknown, then you throw in moving mines, shifting topography's which aren't where they were on the map, despite it's being current, trash and debris, large sea life, I mean huge, underwater caverns, if you are near ice you will get hundreds of reflections of yourself and whoever's near you and all you can hear is the ice melting which is unnerving as it sounds like hundreds of babies crying at once, you have different factors which affect and change the way all those subs hear and read sounds. The arrays can't determine if the sound is coming from the left or the right, the large majority of subs, in fact, all non US subs can't determine depth of their contact, if you think they can, go ahead, show me the formula. You can't because their TMA doesn't have one. And, you think they can't go Bump.

As I've said, it sounds like Cat and Mouse, as they are both nukes, then that narrows it down to only a few choices, no more, no less.

They were playing Cat and Mouse unauthorized, you'll see the Captains, the Officers on Duty (Officer of the Deck, Dive Officer, etc.), and the Chief of the Watch, if not the Cheif of the Boat, and the Sonar Master Cheif and or Supervisor, and Sonar Officer on Duty, etc. all be reassigned or demoted. The Sonar Operator will not. The responsibility lies with the Commanders and Department heads. They can't blame anyone else.

They were playing Cat and Mouse authorized. In which case, there weren't really live Nukes onboard. They would be replaced with conventional missles or shells, which would have red bands and large stickers.

It was a Navigation error, in which case you will see the Navigator reassigned or demoted, etc.

It was an accident, in which case, no action will be taken following a full review over the course of several months.

It was ordered, in which case, you will see a mutiny and a rogue Submarine, because no Submariner is dumb enough to ram another nuclear Submarine and would immediately disregard such orders as they are illegal, immoral, and Submariners are not Kamakazee's. We are not jarheads, groundpounders, grunts, flyboys, or squids. We are BubbleHeads, and Sonarmen are Shower Techs, we did not go through all that hell, seperation from friends, family, and the Sunlight, and learn all that crap that Submariners and Specialist positions within that Sub, plus all the crap to make rank, just so we can use ourselves as a floating bomb. Sorry, wrong branch for that. We are conditioned and trained to reduce our target to a blip on a screen, a system of formulas, ranges, and trajectories, and lines on a chart. Not something we have to actual look at, deal with, or experience in any way. We are what you think an Internet Society will become. Apathetic. We are not, however, suicidal. In fact, they screen you year after year just to make sure, and if you have less than a high psyche profile, you are gone. We have no patience, tolerance, need, time, or want of irrational behavior.

Absolutely was not intentional.

[edit on 18-2-2009 by PhyberDragon]

posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 11:03 PM

Originally posted by PhyberDragon
Actually as a Submarine Sonar Operator myself for the USN I can tell you that no, they are actually quite noisy. That they haven't hit each other sooner is the amazing part. O! Hey, Shaden! Didn't realize it was you. Even the old shelled out US designs are given out deliberately noisy. I could tell you how and how to fix it, but, that's a MAJOR No No.

I'll defer to your expertise, but Ohio SSBN's reputation for stealthiness is warranted IMO. A quiet submarine wishing to remain hidden has the advantage over those hunting it, even other submarines. I don't believe an Ohio has ever been tracked on active patrol. Not that the Navy would tell us anyways.

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