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Abit of info in relation to pop ups please

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posted on Feb, 15 2009 @ 06:46 PM
Hope I've posted this in the right place,

I would greatly appreciate any advice on a web page that just popped up while I was looking at my profile, here on BTS.

This is the first time it has happened to me so I don't know if it's abnormal or not, plus I'm pretty ignorant in relation to the workings of my pc.

I full page of hard porn just popped in font of my eyes, I'm no prude but I didn't expect it while here on ATS.

I've got pop up blockers on this Firefox thingy, and don't download porn, so am a little perplexed on where it came from.

I would prefer it not to happen again so I would really appreciate any help to make sure it doesn't.

No pranks please, I don't mind a joke but my children use this PC, and I don't want it to happen again.

If anyone does kindly give me advice could another ATS member possibly confirm it as good advice before I act upon it.

Thanks advance


posted on Feb, 15 2009 @ 06:57 PM
reply to post by moocowman

Review this thread...


posted on Feb, 15 2009 @ 07:01 PM
I had that too, loads of hard porn pictures trying too hook me up with girls from my town!
It was while i was on this thread -

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posted on Feb, 15 2009 @ 07:03 PM

posted on Feb, 15 2009 @ 07:15 PM
reply to post by Springer

Thanks Springer,

have checked out the thread, to be honest it was the info was a bit over my head. I've got an AVG free edition on this pc it it hasn't kinda warned me about any viruses, so maybe I didn't get the virus

thanks again


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