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The state of the UK at the moment...

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posted on Feb, 15 2009 @ 06:09 PM
Hello all,

For any of you that live in the UK at the moment i'm sure you have noticed over the last 5 years or so that "GREAT Britain" is no longer great.

This is for a few reasons, to start with political correctness gone mad, children can no longer play with conkers at school for fear that they may hurt themselves or someone else, thats just to name one. Remember Jolly Wog jam? Not allowed anymore because this is no longer right in our day and age... and again the other day, a school didnt want to be called a school because they didnt want people to think of it as a institute with bells and doors... Bar bar black sheep, not allowed because it is deemed racist, nativity plays delayed until new year due to Eid, Christmas no longer allowed to be played christmas or celebrated like it used to be for fear of been called racist.

When we opened the floodgates on immagration we though wow this is great foreign workers will do the jobs we wont... that is until we joined the EU and let anyone (including criminals - like drug dealers, rapists etc) into te country, they were queing in their thousands to come her for a better life of a free house and benefits. Then there is the massive crime wave that has suddenly arisen over the last few years mainly knife crime but where there is no punishment to be had they get away scot free.

The prison system is now a joke, i have a friend who works in a prison and brought back the christmas menu that they were been offered, they were been served a 3 course meal with choices. Now alot of eldary and young people in this country wont have even had that, prisons now filled with playstations and TV's. They should be given basic food and then locked up for 23 hrs a day, if they have done wrong to someone they should lose thier human rights, prison should be harsh so people dont want to go back, instead of enjoying it.

These are a couple of issues i have, and dont get me started on Gorden Brown.. i dont understand how we can have someone in charge of a country when they wern't elected by the people.

posted on Feb, 15 2009 @ 06:19 PM
In total agreement their mate,

We have a system that wont house the homeless but fall at the feet of some immigrants,
A police force that is more bothered about speeding tickets than violent offenders,
Politicians that totally disregard public opinion on issues,
Social services that take kids off parents on false claims then refuse to give them back,
Social services that ignore the real needy cases until its too late,

i could go on but i will not sleep tonight through anger if i do.

posted on Feb, 15 2009 @ 06:32 PM
Well being Canadian I can't really speak for the British on this matter, but I do agree that Britain's immigration policy has holes in it, big holes.

And not that I believe any sort of people or race on the planet is better than another, but I still need to stress that countries need to be taking care of they're own people at the moment to prevent any sort of civil unrest. In dark times like these, things could escalate very quickly with even the smallest of incidents.

Then again that would be very much in favor of the TPTB and ofcourse that plays into the economy and loosing of our human rights.

Prison I do have to agree and disagree. Now as far as how they're treated, yes I agree they are too pampered, after all, it's not a vacation it's prison.

The thing i disagree with is the running of the system, and how prisons only make faster and stronger criminals instead of reforming the socially retarted occupants in order to make them valuable members of society.


posted on Feb, 15 2009 @ 06:35 PM
Have you been reading the Daily Mail?

Mostly the "Political Correctness Gone Mad" stuff is either myths, or things that only one person in the country did, and the Daily Mail startetd screaming hysterically as if the whole country was doing it.

Here's just one of them shown for what it is, mostly myth and hysteria.

Basically only one guy and one school district ever tried that baa baa rainbow crap, and they got laughed at, and it was overruled, and the kids carried on with black sheep.

posted on Feb, 15 2009 @ 06:49 PM
I wonder if the bizarrely inadequate approach to immigration in the UK, and here in the States, can be said to be a reflection of the ideology of a certain 'class' of citizen which influences both nations?

posted on Feb, 15 2009 @ 06:59 PM
They were just examples, but i mean like above you can see there are some serious problems, again as highlighed in the above posts.

Foreign nationals getting treatment over British citizens, police having to be tied up with paperwork rather then chasing criminals, Military personel not been allowed to wear uniform in towns because it offends people.

And as for the above comment i dont read any one particular newspaper so im not an avid fan of jumping on the bandwagon

the issues i'm rasing are a serious problem in this country, not ideals from one newspaper or the next, their from a working class guy who sees what problems their are from having a poor leadership in charge of a once great country.

Its fine for people like Gordon Brown who dont see the knock on effects of his decisions, he will never need to go to a Jobcentre and be turned away because their are more needy immigrants, or go for a job and be turned down beacause they can get cheaper labour. He will never have to worry about knife crime on his doorstep, like most of the people who make decisions in this country, he wont have to worry about weather or not he can afford his heating bill or the financial mess these people have got us in their not going to have to worry about losing their houses.

posted on Feb, 15 2009 @ 07:15 PM
reply to post by AboveMe

I hardly think the denial of conkers has caused the downfall of the United Kingdom. Our local school banned conkers because of the mess the kids were making, combined with the number of fights it was generating in the playground. Political correctness gone mad ? Nope. Just one of the easy ways out for teachers trying to engender some discipline in unruly schoolchildren.

Ba ba black sheep banned ? You really need to stop reading the Daily Mail & its bastard sisters. The nursery school at the heart of this piece of media fiction was encouraging the kids in their use of language & play, it was “Ba ba happy sheep”, “Ba ba sad sheep” or “Ba ba tired sheep” etc etc. At no time whatsoever did they ban “black”. Political correctness gone mad ? Nope. It's called education.

Jolly Wog jam ? My God, that's a Spoonerism if ever I've seen one. The correct word is “Golliwogg” & describes a childrens toy or the famous logo on Robertsons Jam. A great character in many childhoods but unfortunately part of that “Darky” tradition of toys & characters representing blacks, of another age entirely. Golliwogg, or wog, is frequently a term of racial abuse, hence the unfortunate unpopularity of the toy & logo. Political correctness gone mad ? Nar, just an overdue recognition that the demographics of UK plc in 2009 are hugely different to those of the 1950's.

Nativity plays delayed because of Eid ? That sounds made up. Where's the evidence of that ? Eid generally takes place in September, early October. I think any reasonable person would say that Nativity plays are best timed for near Christmas, nicht wahr ? And given that the birth of Jesus, an important Islamic prophet, is something both faiths can celebrate I think your little fanciful tale is just plain ordinary s**t stirring.

You've obviously never claimed Social Security either. EU workers either bring their own Social Security benefits with them (imported benefits, which we pay out & claim back from their own government) or are simply refused British benefits because they fail to satisfy the Habitual Residency Test, which has been on the statute books for donkeys years. In that regard you're just plain wrong. Foreign crime wave ? No worse than the number of British ex-cons who languish on British social security benefits in their Spanish holiday homes, or who go rioting around European capitals every time the English national soccer team plays away.

Prisoners being served a decent dinner on Christmas Day ? You honestly think that one act of humanity is bringing about the downfall of the UK ? Prison exists not only to punish but to rehabilitate. You think prison is so easy ? Then walk the walk.

Brown was as elected to his office as John Major. Or Jim Callaghan, Alec Douglas-Home, Anthony Eden & even Winston Churchill. It may seem akin to pass the parcel, but it's a peculiarity of the Westminster parliamentary system that Prime Ministers are those (elected) MP's who lead a majority in the House of Commons ... they're appointed by the Queen & not directly elected by we the electorate. That's our system, might not be ideal but what's your alternative ?

It's funny how this damning critique of yours, Britain in crisis etc etc basically boils down to blacks, muslims, foreigners and Scots. Why would that be exactly ?

Got an agenda of your own, have you ?

posted on Feb, 15 2009 @ 07:55 PM
reply to post by Niall197

Thank you, you pretty much covered everything I wanted to say, but was too tired to check first

posted on Feb, 15 2009 @ 10:09 PM
Hello Niall
I agree . The banning of conkers is not causing the downfall of UK plc .
On the other banning is doing something far more sinister and downright stupidly ugly .
Namely , forced , engineered social behavioral change is being brought upon the workers of UK plc .
Hand to eye coordination is a time honoured ability which is inherent in humans , as well as other animals .
It can be argued that ; it's " The Candidate " for MOST fundemental survival skill .
What is happening here is that , under the disguise of doing a greater good , the children are being deprived of their natural behaviour .
Sadly , the implementors of this sick policy are not really in charge of making this sick policy .
Who are the makers of this policy , really ?

I think the lord dilbert-mort can be a good candidate , IMHO.

PC didn't go mad at all . It is doing exactly what is it designed for .

Depriving the Ruly children of their natural behaviour . Punishing the ruly ones for the behaviour of unruly ones .

The discipline is indeed needed for ALL kids , regardless . But this issue is a " family " issue and not a school issue .

Discipline starts at home and at home the fathers are mostly powerless , because UK plc is a " female " , in all senses of the word and thus behaves as such . [ Disclaimer : no deragotary offence intended . English is my third language .] Woman are from venus and Man are from Mars .

Most chavs are of broken homes or single mothers .

This is a social fact commonly acknowledged by any social worker .

Again , adults punishing the kids , collectively , under the disguise of disciplining them .

Humanisticly speaking , it can be likened to an almost mazo-sadoistic , peodohpiliac act perhaps .

Aren't there any better ways to discipline a child ? Yes of course there are , it starts at home and boys need role models more then any thing else to survive .
This is an area which the girls are more advantageous due to being a girl.
Girls needs role models less then boys . Girls have the gift of creation upon them , naturally.

In the absent of such role models and at the hand of mostly female teachers , most UK boys grow up being told off by females from all sides .

It is indeed rather an easy way for teachers to " discipline " kids .
But it is also cold , calculative , destructive and ultimately self defeating act which is performed at the expense of kids by the hand of grownups .

There are ample examples of such an idiocy performed by various societies in the history and ALL of these societies did fall , unintentionally .

But , here is the irony ; there is nothing new on the western front .

Ba ba black sheep banned ? Nope .

But the concept has been " innovated " so that the offense has been " neutralised ".

It is indeed a differentiation of genious in education.

Someone came up with a contribution which was right , correct , enlightened and sensitive .

Very egaletarian like , comrade Niall , don't you think ?

The overdue recognition is also correct in analogy ; the system is gearing up to enforce the statues , acts , laws .
The System is getting ready to microchip the population in the UK .
I live in Nottingham and this is a place where the most cameras are and have been in last 10 years or more . Big Brother House , here we come .

..... just plain ordinary s**t stirring ?

Ha ha ha , absolutely spot on .
I know 100's of muslim-christian , anglo-asian unions , families , kids , grandparents .

These people are cultural / religious / ethnic mutts
These people are able to live their lives , in peace , in UK PLC .

The whole humanity is mixed and it always has been . I think even the Icelanders have some East Asian genes .

Perhaps pigmies or some other remote tribes are not mixed but Caucasians , Asians , Africans have always been mixed as far as we know .
Of course , give me few hundred kids and 40 years , I will give you a pure race , eugenically .

I agree this is poo stirring too .

But of course Stasi Plan is in action .

EU workers do bring their own Social Security benefits with them All true and I must say that I am dead impressed with the way you lay it down . A macro perspective like quite no other on this thread , so far .

It all fits in with protocols somewhere I am sure but can't be bothered to look it up.

I would ask , why aren't we questioning why UK plc is joining Euro plc .

It's not a hostile take over ; it's a merge . The answer ; better governenca of course . But for whom and how ?
Servitute is an interesting word . Freedom has rights but no benefits , no priviledges other then itself.

Good old Europe is reverting back to Neo Feudalism , capital Brussels .

Vatican is Back , this time it's pissed off and got all the digital tehnology and law technology at's it's disposal with a dilbertised population in place and boys who never gained hand to eye coordination / natural fighting ability or skill.

Sweeeeet deal , if you can get it . don\t you think ?

On the issue of prisoners ;prisons are there to deprive the inmate of their freedom . Not to make their lives horribly unbearable.

IMHO , 'The captured' life style needs to be promoted so the sheep will volunteer to barter , in exchange for moral sacrifices to come ahead of all western nations.

The British system was indeed one of the very best systems which has benefited humanity . Also it has damaged humanity too .
It's a process , it will never end .

So , it being a process , here is an alternative expressed 550 years ago ;

We desire most from men,
From men both rich and poor,
To have sovereignty without lies.
For where we have sovereignty, all is ours,
Though a knight be ever so fierce,
And ever win mastery.
It is our desire to have master
Over such a sir.
Such is our purpose.

—The Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnell 1450

Only real alternative is for all UK dwelling HUMAN BEINGS is to claim their Soverignty .

Here is an English Hero . ( ok , he could be a bit Welsh too .

NO Irish on your list ?

I think they ( English ) are going to Pro-test and split from Europe and in order to deny the English population the right to do so ; the Scots have been noughty with Popes boys for sometime .

The English have an agenda ?
I guess the answer is ; Nope , but City of London is up sh1t creek , so to speak .

Comrade Brown is gonna go socialist and I am gonna have to kick myself for rest of my life for voting labour into power , twice .


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