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Dr. Vakin on Obama - Alarming!

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posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 02:06 PM
As a country and society, we regularly require people to go through psychological testing to qualify for many types of jobs in the private and public sectors. We should do this more often with cops and teachers but, that's another thread. Shouldn't we at least require this of our president?

After thinking about this for another moment, it wouldn't suprise me a bit to know there is file on someones desk at the NSA or CIA regarding this very issue. I'm sure TPTB include such work-ups on possible candidates and these are reviewed at the Bilderberger meetings to see which individual would best hold true to their objectives and manipulations. Just an observation from the peanut gallery.

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 10:41 AM
The only thing that obama has done is spend our money and talk, talk, talk. He has done nothing for the American people except for the ones that can't do for themselves. Unfortunately these are the people that provide the majority of the vote. This man has already spent more of our money than any other administration in U.S. political history. Can you just imagine what kind of damage he will have done to this country by the end of four friggin' years. Jeeeze, help us all. He must depend on the following of ignorance. If you don't believe that, ask yourself, did I vote for him. I would venture to say that there aren't many or maybe any in here that did...I know that I sure as hell did not. Some one must insist that he be mentally evaluated and as soon as possible too. He is now the leader of the free world. Don't we have the right to know that he is okay upstairs?? Does any one in here really think that he has the best interest of our great country at heart.? If you do you are a fool. He has one interest and that is himself and his own interest...period. He has an agenda and at the present time no one knows what that agenda is. He has lied his way into the White House, because all of the policies that he said that he stood for during the election have meant nothing to his administration and he has gone a totally different direction. Tax breaks. Will our children and grandchildren get tax breaks? No, they will repay this ridiculous stimulus bill for their entire lives. How is that fair? Bring troops home from the middle east. Yeah, while he was signing that stupid ass bill, he was also quietly sending 17,000 more troops into afghanistan. Jeeeze, what is it going to take for people to open their eyes to see who this guy really is. He doesn't care about us. He doesn't care about this country. The only thing that he cares about is his agenda and GOD only knows what that is at this point..

Do the right thing every time and you will be appreciated by some but astonished by many... Benjamin Franklin

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 10:49 AM
this sounds like

a little professor

or a guy making no chedder

all he has is his books and thoeries

so he wants to make some money

by telling us something we already know

obama is an ego maniac

duh, thats how he won the presidency

as a jr senator basically

he is that egotistical

tell me something i don't know pal.

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