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At a loss for words...EDIT

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posted on Feb, 15 2009 @ 11:10 AM
I dont even know where to start....

Ill make it simple. My friend purchased a VW camper from a kind lady in New Mexico. We are both from the SE Michigan area and he asked me to road trip the camper back from Albequerque , NM with him to kind of unwind. We are both the victims of the Automotive collapse. So anyways I agree , he got a severance , im just broke.

Sorry for the ADD, my minds been a little agitated since the experience. Ill try to keep it very simple. We drove through NM , and slept well through the nights at various campgrounds. (No sleep Deprivation). We ate very very well, consuming every native taste.

Anyways as we were driving East on Interstate 40 , through Arkansas My friend was driving and I was just relaxing , pulling in the night air and staring at a very clear sky. The time was around 9:40pm. I saw what i thought was a low flying plane Move gracefully over the treeline about 200 yards ahead of us. It clicked almost instantly when I saw another set of lights less than a few hundred feet behind it. They just glided (for lack of a better description ) over the intserstate. I didnt think much of it at first but when The second set of triangle shaped lights Came to a sudden stop on the treeline just next to us on the freeway, i said something to my buddy. He had already seen it and was laying on the brakes. We pulled off to the side, my buddy flew out of the car and it was gone. Silent and instantly it disappeared. It was a long silence before we started discussing what we saw. I documented it on the map on the dash and wrote down where we were at , so when we stopped for the night we could see of there were any small airports. As it happens , nothing but a lake and a state forest in that area of rural Arkansas. It was about 7 miles west of Russellville on I-40 , a few miles from a Nuclear power plant.

Ok heres what I saw: The objects came from the north side of the road at aprroximately 9:40 pm . The object I saw first was triangle shaped, with a solid white light on top , and the lower right corner, a solid greenish colored light on lower left. It flew relatively slow and continued its path over the treeline , headed south. The second was similar , following extremely close behind and had solid white lights on all three corners. It made a dead stop less than a a hundred feet off the shoulder of Interstate 40. It hung there for what seemed like 30 seconds maybe shorter.

Let me just say Ive never actually been a complete skeptic, but being human Ive always had a little doubt about everthing lol. This however as I used every part of my knowledge to objectively try to justify what I saw. Im a military brat, Ive seen just about everything the mainstream military has to offer , including growing up on a Naval Air Test Station. I know a plane when I see one. Im at a loss, Im not a flake , but I can honestly say I dont know what I saw, but my head is exploding because I know what I saw and it freaks me out a little. Its made me a bit more spiritual , its calmed me yet gave me anxiety when I think about it. It shattered some comfort I had in a weird way.

I just need to say it, Im not ready for the skeptics, because i have alweays leaned more towards their side, Highly analytical. This time, im on the side of the absolute believers, and im bummed , almost depressed there are going to be those who dont believe me. Im just going to wish you had seen it for yourself. I just need to hear one person tell me they've experienced this , and tell me im not losing the bubble over this. I know I saw it , its just the emotional repercussions of what I saw....

EDIT** It was thursday night.

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posted on Feb, 15 2009 @ 11:32 AM
Why are you so emotional? Many others have seen the triangles. I unfortunately not. I think they are man made, but hey who knows. I am happy for you that you saw an actual one, and nothing bad has happened.
Maybe the people/aliens inside waved at you

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