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William Rodriguez, his oral story compared to other recordings.

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posted on Feb, 15 2009 @ 05:00 AM
I want to start a discussion about the story of William Rodriguez, who witnessed all the 9/11 tower events.

He keeps saying that he heard two distinct explosions, one from under his feet and one next one.
His recollection of the time in between those two sounds evolved from a few seconds to many seconds over the years, which I found the most compelling to believe part of his stories.

His recollection of what happened could be explained by the difference of speed of sound traveling through steel construction parts, opposed to the speed through air.
But this will fit his stories only if there was a very short gap between the two distinct sounds he heard.

He could have had the impression of the first sound coming from below him, since his feet would have recorded the first arriving steel-guided impact sounds. And his ears would have recorded that same event about a second later. But he keeps talking about many more seconds in between both events.

That's why I introduce the following audio events to you all, so we can combine these RECORDED events with the ORAL history as told by William Rodriguez, the former janitor of the World Trade towers.

The following video features a rare WNYW TV videotape of the first hijacked plane attack on the north tower of the World Trade Center at 8:46 AM EDT on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. The WNYW TV camera that captured this scene was at rest, pointed downward toward the street at the time, because the camera was not relaying live pictures for air on Channel 5 (that is to say, it was only videotaping, not airing live). As a result of the camera pointing downward, we hear the plane overhead and we hear it crash into the WTC north tower, but we do not see the plane itself.
Camera men do this on a 30 minutes loop-back procedure, sending back live footage to the studio, so they can hit the record button at any time and use the previous recorded 30 minutes later in the editing room.

9/11 WTC Rare Video of First Plane Attack - WNYW TV :

Since the first thump and accompanying glitch in the video is probably caused by the impact itself disrupting WNYW equipment atop WTC 1, that means you can hear the planes engines for a second after the plane has crashed, due to the sound delay, thus you hear the second louder thump a second later.
You hear a first thump-noise and see a few disruption lines on screen, that's what the WNYW equipment recorded and send back with the speed of light, the real-time impact; then you hear the second louder thump-noise which is the speed-of-sound delayed impact.
Sound reaches your ears or microphones after traveling about 333 meter per second. The camera was at least 333 meters away from the impact point.

This is another post on YouTube of the same event.
September 11 First Plane Attack at WTC -- Rare WNYW TV Video :

9/11: FBI audio of both WTC plane crashes (WNBC) :

Ties in with Ginny Carr's audio recording of her meeting in 1 Liberty Plaza.
You hear two distinct explosions, first from low down, followed by the plane hitting.
We have that recording somewhere here in our forum.
The big question for her recording is of course :
Is 1 Liberty Plaza connected through steel with the two towers.
If so, then her microphone could have also first recorded the steel carried sounds, and then the air carried sounds.
But even steel-rock-steel will be at least 3 times faster than through air.

That FBI audio captured in the Marriott Hotel in between the North and South Tower can be explained by the impact-sound traveling down the steel columns and beams at a very high speed, which is the first sound recorded, then the sound through the air being recorded about a second later, since the plane hit at about 300 meter high, and it takes about 1 second for sound to travel 333 meter through air.
Yes, I know very well that there are minor other things influencing sound in air speed, but let's not start playing the mad scientist here, it's about the overall idea of sound traveling through steel at a much higher speed than through air over a distance of about 300 meter. Look it up for both in Wikipedia.

WNBC news New York report, August 7th, 2002. An FBI informant captured audio of the entire attack including both plane crashes,

Download Windows Media .asf here:

See also a CBS report on this subject here:

Download CBS realmedia file here:

posted on Feb, 15 2009 @ 07:17 PM
William Rodriguez isn't the only witness that heard and felt an explosion from the basement levels separate from the upper levels. Loose Change: Final Cut has more witnesses that heard and felt the same exact thing as William.

Further, I don't know where you got your information from, but if you bang on a piece of steel, the sound it makes is significantly reduced the further away from the source it gets. Further still, the ignition of fuel is not an explosive. Have you not seen the videos of the lobby being totally destroyed from the explosives that were detonated in the lower levels of the WTC?

All of the witnesses and the video of the physical damage to the lobby proves explosives were detonated in the lower levels. A plane crashing into the building a quarter mile up in the air will not destroy the lobby a quarter mile down. If that were the case, every floor in between would also be destroyed.

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 01:30 AM
I advice you to concentrate on the FBI video/audio for the moment.
You don't hear anything else than two distinct sounds.
Note the time between the two.

And yes, I have followed Willies explanations for 8 years now, and they do change over the years, regarding the time between the two sounds.

Willy has the backing of about 20 other people who were badly burned and injured by a still unexplained event in the lower basements, and the 911 Commission didn't want to listen to them at all, they neglected their statements.

Willy told us he lowered an aluminum ladder into the elevator end which was getting flooded with water, to save two men who were drowning at the time in there. So he saved them, and they had the skin on their arms hanging off them.

And I also know of the doors of some elevator in the lobby, hanging on their hinges, but blown outwards, so indicating a force from within or below.

But why did Willy change his accounting of seconds in between the two events he talks about so often over the years, that is my main concern here.

For your information, I have posted many times in here about my suspicion that explosives were set off in flooded with water, elevator shaft ends, to muffle the sounds and to concentrate the force on the columns around these shaft ends.

But I still don't have an explanation why that was needed, since the demolition started from far above, without us seeing the whole building shifting down when the first demolition charges went off, the whole procedure started just below the still burning floors above the impact region, and then proceeded downwards.

In a classical demolition you see the bottom taken out, and then the whole facade will shift down.
We did not see that in the Twin Towers.
That was a top down demolition.

So WHY the need to take out structures at the bottom?

Or were they blowing up the VAULTS?

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 02:12 AM

Originally posted by LaBTop
That's why I introduce the following audio events to you all, so we can combine these RECORDED events with the ORAL history as told by William Rodriguez, the former janitor of the World Trade towers.

While you're WRITING your next post that attempts to discredit William Rodriguez' EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT, here's some more RECORDED events you might've missed:

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posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 03:37 PM
GoldenFleece, your posted video, "The Ultimate Con - 911", is nearly an exact duplicate of my videos post from 14/11/05.
NOTE the early DATE, far more earlier than the date your posted video came out, I then named it :

You need eye-and earwitnesses of BOMBS ?

Link on page 3 :

I suspect my posted explosion video-links to be the main information your above posted video depended on, these boys have read this forum and used a LOT of our research, to throw into a video of a heap of my posted video shorts from the now long defunct Danish web site.

I don't mind it, I said many times before that the true researcher doesn't want money, they want justice done after the true facts come out.
I am searching for the truth and Willie Rodriguez perhaps has a few of the answers I search for.
I know he has posted here before, some years ago, and it would be nice to see him back, to evaluate all the new information we have unearthed. Btw, I respect the man highly. I hope he has access to the Internet, since the last I heard was that he ended up as a homeless man in New York. What a shame!

Do note that the guy holding the phone in the first video clip in your posted video has a wrist watch.
I was the one who first attended everybody on the time the watch showed to us. Also note that he wears a T-shirt with the letters IRS on it.
Note then my remark on the IRS in that "BOMBS" post of mine. Make the connection yourself.
That same IRS guy has been interviewed a second time on video, he was quite busy that day trying to sell the official story.

Am I right when I suppose you do not first research the one you are attacking, before posting?
You seem to be a fresh member here, compared to many of us long time 911 and far beyond that, researchers.
So I forgive you for your ignorance.

To help you out in determining where I stand, here you have the whole thread link which could open your eyes to what I stand for, and what I believe in:

» 9/11 Conspiracies » Physics Prof Says Bombs not Planes brought down wtc. and read up all the next pages, loaded with highly relevant posts by many posters and myself. NOTE the DATES again.

Here are a few quickies from this thread.
"Something for your mind", loads of explosions to be heard in the "911 Eyewitness" videos.

posted on 27/11/05

I do start to understand now, how this US propaganda machine works.

They aim their poisonous bowl of disinformation at a gross mean of a bit more than 50 % of their population, by bombarding the whole population with totally wrong, distorted science, propagated by docile greedy "scientists" who do everything to please their masters, the fund raisers for their faculties, which are the immensely powerfull military-industrial-complex conglomerates, the pharmaceutical companies, and their lackeys, the army of legal advisers.
The blatant distortion of facts, the mudding of the scientific waters, the ferocious personal attacks on enlightened colleagues, the criminal withholding of facts and evidence, the murder of my colleagues, that long list of biochemists who all got murdered, the list is too long to mention here.
There is no free research anymore, every research thesis has to be acknowledged by moneymakers, not peer reviewers anymore. Your universities are operated by accountants, not professors with an open mind on an endless quest for true knowledge.
You have become an impotent society. You have effectively killed free research, by introducing a killer virus, free enterprise.
True research can not be bought, and then strangled by greed.

You made factories from your faculties!
When will you ever learn ?

Then there is my next post:

which has a defunct link in it, the recent link is :

After World War II, our intelligence community turned its attention to the
Soviet Union. They sought to use former Nazi intelligence agents as well as
other Nazis against the Russians. By 1955, over 10 thousand former Nazis,
many of them war criminals, were brought into the United States and put
into our Central Intelligence Agency. They brought their hatred, their
inhuman experiments and their willingness to subjugate all for the greater
good of National Socialism. With the help of America's right wing, they
became entrenched. Their policies still rule America today.

For those interested how on earth this present situation could have historically developed, I strongly suggest to read that whole time line chronology. It will open your eyes on a few subjects you probably never connected to each other. There is no oil shortage, we have the natural solution in our hands, it's just the robber oil barons who halt it.

The right wing oriented part of your populace showed especially the last 8 years all the tendencies of a NAZI ideas infected bunch of greedy, bloodthirsty and senseless imbeciles. They are now presented with the backlash of such infantile behavior. And they keep trying to feed their trolls, the CEO's and military brass with bonuses that not one sane American can understand anymore. Since when do you get rewarded for failure at such endless levels?

And yes, I am a firm anti-fascist. And corporations should be monitored for fascist behavior.
Endless greed is what fascists live for, but a healthy form of profit should be all what we should choose for.

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 03:50 PM
William Rodriguez is somewhat active on 9/11 Blogger and he has a website, so you should try to contact him if you have questions regarding his witness account.

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 06:31 PM
I agree that the audio recordings are very interesting and worth a careful listen. It would be great if the important audio tracks were given an intense professional going over by a competent and perceptive analyst (or group of them). This is one of those "devil in the details" issues where it might be possible to catch the perps with their pants down.

You might be interested in another thread which bears on this one.

First North Tower Explosion Confirmed On CNN?

It concerns testimony given in a phone call to CNN by a woman who was watching TV when the first impact took place. She lives near the WTC and had her TV knocked out (probably by the explosion in the North Tower sub-basement) seconds before the airplane struck, as is obvious from her story.

She had time to walk over to the window and actually see the first impact explode out of the tower after hearing the sub-basement explosion, which she thought was a sonic boom from the Concorde. '

Edit: Incidentally, the visible camera shake in the Fox5 sidewalk level video is interesting. That sound track is very interesting altogether. I almost posted on it in another thread where it came up. It would be highly interesting to do a detailed comparison between that and the sound from the Naudet video. Wish I had the skill and time to do it.

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posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 08:52 PM
Well, this is a recorded interview together with Rosie O'Donnell :

Listen carefully what Willie all has to say and Rosie mentions a "few" seconds between the two explosions, and Willie agrees with that, which amount can be interpreted widely of course :

Rosie O'Donnell and 9/11 Hero William Rodriguez were recorded on 9/11/2008 by the YouTube poster.

William Rodriguez' Unedited Story Covered by C-SPAN

Google Video Link

In here he mentioned at about 1:09:00 an interval of 7 seconds between the two explosions.

William Rodriguez' Website

Rosie O'Donnell's Website

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posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 09:09 PM
Highly related former 34 page ATS thread:
Full Video: Explosions Before Both WTC Collapses and before WTC7 Collapse - You Will Believe.

Interesting to read it back again, after all these years.

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 04:51 PM
I am still looking into a viable option, the use of thermobarics. They have a low frequency sound footprint, and can be calculated to just fracture a whole floor in a closed environment like a known building (when you have access to the blueprints of that building), without showing much explosive force outside its exterior.

The two tower demolitions were top-down ones, and started high up from street level, so the first detonations were arriving later to the ears of the spectators and to the microphones of the video tapers, than the basement explosions.
I have asked myself for many years why there should have been basement explosions (William Rodriguez et al), when they were not needed for the destructive effect of the obvious top-down demolition.

The ones told by Willie Rodriguez and his 20+ friends are still unexplainable in terms of usefulness for the perpetrators.

But the ones told by many eye and ear witnesses at the initialization of the collapses are explainable.
Lately, I realized that the speed of sound was the culprit that the perpetrators had to overcome.
So they used basement explosions to cover the approximately one second that the sound of the first top demolition charge needed to travel the 333 meters down to street level.
That way the collapse was accompanied by a starting rumble and than directly followed by a constant increase of sound, caused by the cascading down demolition charges, which were probably thermobarics, added with perhaps some C-4 explosives or the likes, to cut thick columns at the three reinforced maintenance double floors.
Thus they created a continuous rumble, sounding like a natural collapse.
The later explosions were drowning in the overall immense rumbling sound of the orchestrated total collapse.

I always used to demonstrate the low sound footprint of a thermobaric by filling a strong plastic garbage bag with the gas-mixture for steel cutting available at gas suppliers, and igniting the securely closed bag of gas with some gasoline leading to it in an open parking lot with no cars, preferably.
Be careful when trying to duplicate that, take enough distance, about 50 meters minimum, or you are in for a surprise.
And this is just a very, very basic form of a gaseous explosion. If you exercise it in a closed environment, all windows will blow out and walls will crack.
You will mainly FEEL the explosion, and that feeling will overpower your hearing of it, since it is such a low frequency event.

See and hear the videos from Rick Siegel, "9/11 Eyewitness". Then you hear and feel the low frequency footprints of the initial explosions, and the following collapse cascade explosions, which were registered as a constant rumble by the news reporters at street level :

One of the early "911 Eyewitness" video discussion threads :

And take note, that sound travels much faster through steel, and then through salty water from the Hudson River, as it travels through air OVER the Hudson River. I have made another detailed thread about that last year, which attracted minimum attention as usual.
Thus the microphone on the video equipment of Rick Siegel recorded first the water-bound sound and then the air-bound sound of any event on the other side of the Hudson.

"9/11 Eyewitness" video, additional important data:

That could explain the many different low frequency sounds recorded in that video, especially the ones recorded quite far before the actual collapse initiation.
Actually, it could decrease the real explosive events by 50%, since they should all be recorded as double events, one first soft record as sound through water, and a next loud one as sound through air.

But I do not see such important soft and loud doublets......or can you, my readers, find them?

[edit on 8/3/09 by LaBTop]

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 06:57 PM

Originally posted by LaBTop
I have asked myself for many years why there should have been basement explosions (William Rodriguez et al), when they were not needed for the destructive effect of the obvious top-down demolition.

Almost every controlled demolition I've looked at has had basement and lower-level explosions and alot of the time they were blown first, just like in the towers. The tower's and most every other building's strongest supports are it's anchors at ground level. The basement explosions were absolutely necessary, although I'm not sure why they were timed with the plane impacts. That didn't make much sense. Maybe they thought the plane impacts would cover the explosions up, but the physical damage in the lobby and basement levels kinda gave that away.

Originally posted by LaBTop
And take note, that sound travels much faster through steel

This is like saying that a building can fall through itself faster than it can through the air. Care to show some kind of tests or some form of information to back this claim up?

Steel columns are not speakers. If you took a sledge hammer to a core column and started beating on it on the 100th floor, you might BARELY hear that sound a quarter mile down at the bottom, if at all. Do you understand how massive the sound would have to be to travel through a steel column and still be loud?

Originally posted by LaBTop
Thus the microphone on the video equipment of Rick Siegel recorded first the water-bound sound and then the air-bound sound of any event on the other side of the Hudson.

I've been over and over the explosions in those videos and quite recently also due to a project I'm working on, and I'm not feeling this theory either.

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 02:30 AM
I'll clarify it for you:
The sound of plane parts impacting and cutting through massive outer steel shell and inner steel columns is traveling MUCH faster through steel down to Rodriguez position and up and down again all the way up and down than you seem to realize.

We have been discussing this in several threads in this forum in the past.
Just google it in Wikipedia, or use the Search function in this forum.
Search terms: speed sound steel (water, air)
(1 sec search: steel 16400 feet/sec or 4500 meter/sec, and all the other speeds, varying with the solid or gas.)

You will always find my name in most scientifically sound discussions regarding 911 on this forum. So it will be handy to include that too in your search terms. And then you'll find many more names from the past, with a pure scientifically interest in 911, besides our social interest and the other forms of emotion which drive us to keep kicking your behinds to stay focused.

The whole 911 subject has been beaten to death for the most part in this forum, and you new members are just rehashing our old finds for most of it.

I am only lurking here now for the few snippets of really NEW information coming up from time to time.

The time intervals between them are growing logarithmically.

But be aware that most decision makers on earth are also interested in the why and how of 911, and all the immense distribution of real hard information on the facts of 911 has impacted them, and influenced their decisions.
You are witnessing that process at the very moment.

And those kind of human interaction processes are nearly untouchable for the alphabet agencies like NSA, FBI, CIA etcetera.

That's how wisdom will win.

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