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On Soviet Involvement in Vietnam

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posted on Feb, 15 2009 @ 04:07 AM

Here is the evidence of this Caucasian seen in our Province, on two separate occasions [the 29 April & 2 May 69 respectively] assisting the enemy, which I think is interesting since the reported sightings confirms my memory from briefings that a fair Caucasian was seen in the area of Xuyen Moc, and on one occasion was extremely lucky after actually approaching a 5 RAR gun picket in the area: observed to be wearing a distinctive bandoleer, sidearm, or short weapon [must be the same Caucasian]. I think from memory the 5 RAR gun picket was surprised and unsure of whether he was a legitimate target, so lucky for the Russian!


Assuming the author memory is correct and in this case there is reason to think that it would be then a Soviet advisor or technician of some kind came rather close to capture that day . Evidently the Australian SAS had been heels of this person you can view the Patrol Report here and here .

As the man was not captured by members of the Tiger Battalion this is really just of some historical interest for two reason . First off as the article notes the next month the battle of Binh Bar took place . Secondly although the individual hasn't been identified the person sort of adds a picture if not a face to the war that hasn't been discussed a lot .

While I have forsaken the politics of the Vietnam War for the sake of making a point of historical interest I do wonder how the Soviets explained or would have explained any causalities amongst those who were not officially in Phuoc Tuy province or any where else in Vietnam . I also ask the reader to stick to this point of historical interest . If anyone else knows of any similiar incidents feel free to post them .


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