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Missing 11 minutes of live nasa feed?

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posted on Feb, 15 2009 @ 01:22 AM
Hi everyone
a quick one for you all.
I was listening to a radio interview on youtube with jonathan gray i'll post the link at the bottom.
In it he describes listening to the live nasa feed in 1969 of the apollo moon landings where he says that on the original feed (which was later cut out) michael collins talks for about 11 minutes of a large man made structure on the moon which he describes live on air from the orbiting space craft that he's in.
So my question to you lot is is there any old timers out there who remember listening to the original feed and remember him talking about buildings on the moon??? Maybe you have parents/grandparents who remember this or who have talked about it in the past
or maybe it's just a load of B/S
Any info on this would be a big help


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