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Its all conspiracy in the world today

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posted on Feb, 14 2009 @ 08:59 AM
Its been more than obvious the poeple behind the schemes and sufferings of citizens of all countries that work hard, and live properly meaning they dont use, steal, lie, or cheat like politicians, bankers, and big manufacturers who sell tainted peanut butter or anything else...

So here my solution but you all need to get on board.

STOP PAYING YOUR GOVERNMENTS IN MASS. Thats right push back the bully liar.

Bullies are weak when you get them on the ground on their faces, i dealt with bullies for 10 years of my life, until one day as a kid, i kicked the guys arse who had the audacity to come to my house to fight.

Ill just say he ran home to daddy for the first time bloody. He learned his moronic lesson of setting someone over the edge. The public is going to go there too, and the governments will only respond with unjust force from their select brainwashed military stashes. Its more than obvious whats happening the lucifariansm, masonry, secret logo codes to suck your maliable brain into temptation to eat absolute poison. Then theres other psychological persuations like appealing to your senses.

A: the military gives you the discipline to murder another being and control the underling citizens for a non U.S. country-ILLEGAL IMMORAL

B: The military leaves most traumatized or dead with a shoddy excuse of justice by leaders and a society afraid to criticaly think of the military.

C:Secret soceities are the backbone of the worldwide conspiraces, drug dealers are apologists, drug lords are slave driving rapists. Our leaders negotiate with this scum.

This world government goal is more than obvious to us all. Because lying users and political criminals make it obvious when they run away from a truth, they oppress innocents more when they are afraid as today. Hence a certain string of x -presidents, hence police when they taze and beat up innocent people they personaly dont like protesting their big heads, they are guilty and violence is an expression of guilt and denial.

I win button? whered you go?

oh here.. bing!

now change violent people...CHANGE FOR REAL HAHAHAHA

[edit on 14-2-2009 by mastermind77]


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