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The time of the "watchman"

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posted on Feb, 14 2009 @ 07:50 AM

The Parable of the Watchman

The responsibility of the watchman is described in the parable of Ezekiel 33:16. In the parable, the nation occupying the land is the object of divine retribution and the invading army is the instrument of punishment. The watchman's responsibility is to sound the alarm the moment he sees the enemy approaching or receives word of a threat from the enemy. If he fails to warn the people and someone is killed in the invasion, the watchman is held responsible.

The watchman of the parable is compared with the prophet Ezekiel and his God-given commission to serve as "a watchman for the house of Israel."

Just as the watchman of the parable was to issue a warning when he saw approaching enemy forces, Ezekiel was to warn the wicked among his people of the certainty of death if they failed to turn from their sinful ways.

I post this for all those "end timers" and "rapture(ist)" who keep looking for that "BIG" sign of the end times........that "gotcha" moment....

Look around you at all the many, many thing happening that are reported by satans media as "individual" acts and seperate incedents.........

Perhaps it is time to be a "watchman" and sound the alarm............

posted on Feb, 14 2009 @ 08:40 AM
reply to post by heliosprime

After reading your post this came to mind.

And he that saw did call the alarm.
The enemy approached and meant them all harm.

The people were drunk and refused to take heed.
They were too content with their lot and would no follow his lead.

He cried out that danger was near.
Not one of them even bothered to hear.
He called to them see you not the smoke?
And they laughed and inhaled making him the joke.

He cried out the city is all ablaze.
They warmed their bods and were not amazed.

The watcher watched and they were consumed likes briars.
Withering and screaming but unable to escape the fires.

You say “What fools!” they got what they deserved
But the watcher is calling and none of you heard

posted on Feb, 14 2009 @ 08:54 AM
Their are many who I feel have already taken up this role.
The problem is the same as it was back then.
Gitting people to listen. And even more to believe you.
It is the same as it was in Noah's time.
People will either think you are just a kookie exteremist. Or that God will save them no matter what they do.
Untill its to late.
People have a tendency to forget that even tho God is a god of mercy.
He is also a god of justice.
He will forgive, But if someone goes to Him, telling Him about how someone has wronged that person. God has to see that the wrong was made right.
And that the people who ignore the chance to make things right, will be the same people who feel his wrath.
And even tho the watchman tells them of their doom. Their hearts will be made cold.
And they will not act on the things that are obivious to others.
In other words the watchmans job will have no validity to the people who have not kept themselves open to God's ways.
Just like if you stop listening to your parents, they will get tired of telling you. And let you go and make your own mistakes.
Just an opinion. Not that I have any special insight.

posted on Feb, 14 2009 @ 10:31 AM
To 'Only onus"....

It is the watchmans job to sound the alarm..............

Not to make ignorant mankind actually "listen" in mass.

"many are called few are chosen".............billions will die anyway........

But still God commands the watchman to sound the alarm......

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