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Are The Two Witnesses of Rev 11 Here Now?

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posted on Mar, 18 2013 @ 08:07 AM
marijuana was
used in anointing oil not carcinogenic calamus, which the churches and
jews either neglected or forgotten because of losing meanings of words
in ancient languages! besides calamus grows in marshes not deserts where
moses and the Israelites wandered. no where in the new testament does it
say to anoint with olive oil for healing as described in james! i
believe the two witnesses will change all this! and no i am not another
two witness nut job! one thing these false two witnesses fail to
recognise is throughout biblical history a angel appears at the birth of
important sons of god whom lives will change the world! these two are
the anointed ones -the bible calls them the sons of oil! and the imagery
set in Jeremiah describes them as two olive trees whom have branches
provide oil to a bowl which sit on top of the lamp stand which has
feeder tubes that supply oil to the seven churches! they will wear
sackcloth -made from hemp!!! not goats hair as scholars believe! they
will do this in morning but also protest! most Christian churches will
reject them and persecute them along side governments, law and the
general population! the beast will destroy them eventually! if cannabis had
been used as a fuel we wouldn’t have a green house effect! and if used as a food
we wouldn’t have starving people! governments have always been in bed with
big business, and doctors with big pharma! many deaths are happening all in vain
world wide, and many sick are denied relief from their sufferings! this should concern all
christians- everywhere! a lot of truth is hidden thats why we must seek it!
money is the root of all evil. an evil king gathers evil advisors, and where there is a dead body there the vultures will gather! cannabis was part of the anointing oil of jewish priests which needed protection from the blood and disease of livestock. it was the tree of knowledge in the begining that opened adam and eves eyes from their blindness, that made them accountable for sin and all their offsping! because those whom see are held accountable by god! we would of remained like the animals, and no animals have a spiritual hell! but now we see like god and now
the difference of good and evil and so are condemed by that! thank god that his son jesus
came to the rescue! because of its spiritual implications only gods preists, prophets and kings
were permitted to use it! if one is not grounded in god, when under its influence, there is only
one other they are open to! ask god and seek these things from his spirit and weigh if not
these things are true!

posted on Mar, 18 2013 @ 08:18 AM
reply to post by JasonTarango

Jason no disrespect, but how do you explain that your dad died, yet you claim he was also one of the witnesses!
To what I make of it these two are killed together, not die separately by old age or other natural causes!

posted on Mar, 18 2013 @ 10:49 AM

Originally posted by VernonBC

Originally posted by BlackProjects
If they are Elijah and Enoch (two who never experienced death) then they are alive - I guess technically could be here but not yet active in their end times role.

Some even claim they are the two witness' ho ho do a search on Ron Weinland.

I actually started to read one of his (Weinland's) e-books titled "2008 God's Final Witness". I got to maybe page 100 or so when he started to mention (way too often) that he was one of God's final witnesses. I must admit that it was a very interesting read until I got sick and tired of hearing him mention that he was one of the witnesses. I then deleted the e-book when he mentioned that his wife was the other witness. I think this guy is a false profit and full know what.
Anyhow, if he were truly one of God's witnesses, I don't think he would be advertising it in any way. I don't think that God would want him to.

Every prophet that has ever been called for service to Almighty God have had to announce their role to their audience; usually in the form of saying "I 'insert prophet name', am a prophet of the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob".

Every one of them without exception, begin their writting with the mention of their service, the announcing of Ronald Weinland in 2008: God's Final Witness is in the exact same manner of all true prophets of the God of Abraham throughout written history. It just looks/feels odd to someone who is not accustomed to hearing from one. As a prophet of God has not been sent to Earth for 1900 years between the last one of scripture (John, died 98 AD) and the Final ones in scripture (2 witnesses, Ron raised up in 1998 exactly 100 19 year time cycles later), to interpret John's writtings in Revelation, according to the perfect will of God.

I know what is being said is too far fetched for most. But what happened to Ron is part of God's prophecy, and God's perfect plan, and in time God will proove who His prophets are and what His truth is regarding this end of the age we are living through now.

God Bless,
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posted on Mar, 18 2013 @ 11:02 AM

Originally posted by dbates

Originally posted by BlackProjects
Some even claim they are the two witness' ho ho do a search on Ron Weinland.

No, not Ron Weinland

Ron Weinland

Ronald Weinland Predicts Large Attack On US & Opening of the Seventh Seal of Revelation & Begining of Tribulation in April 2008

A Prophecie Fufilled: Ronald Weinland

Deceitful Conspiracy of Ronald Weinland

Ronald Weinland (nothing yet...)

Click on the last thread, and you will find clear, simple and beautiful undertanding of the spiritual events that have been revealed, why God's church was lead in the manner we were and how we are more fully preparred for what God is about to accomplish by traveling the path He determined was best for his body.

The following events have been revealed to occur between now and May 19th, 2013, through God's final end time prophets:

- total collapse of global economic system begining in the US and EU. (1st trumpet)
- multiple nuclear weapon detonated in US port cities simultaneously. (2nd trumpet)
- 10 nations in Europe joining together to create a United States of Europe to fill the power vacuum created by the fall of the USA. (5th trumpet)
- the death of billions of people as WW3 begins with the newly formed untied Europe and the Russia/China alliance fighting for the right to ruel the post USA global economy. (6th trumpet)
- At sunset begining Pentecost 2013, the 7th trumpet sounds and 144,000 redeemed from the last 6000 years of human history will be resurrected to immortal spiritual life as brothers and sisters with Christ in the Elohim of God, the Kingdom of God on Earth. During the 24 hours of Pentecost, God will destoy all man made governments and establish His kingdom on Earth through the 7 vials all executed on that one 24 hour day.

Either these events occur or they do not.

God will reveal who he works through.

God Bless,
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posted on Mar, 18 2013 @ 11:34 AM

Originally posted by heliosprime
So a question unasked here is why didn't John just write the name of the city as "jerusalem"? It is assumed because of the phrase "where also our lord was crusified". So why not just say jerusalem? Unless it is another city of great power and corruption ie (egypt = power, sodom = corruption)....

Jerusalem is a Hebrew word translated as 'Jeru' (way of life) 'salem' (of peace).

It is God's way of life, God lives the way of life which leads to peace (Jerusalem).

God's two witnesses preach IN Jerusalem (way of life which leads to peace), which also Christ was hung on a pole (He died for living Jerusalem, a way of life different then the world). Do not think of the physical city of Jerusalem and being killed physically in it, but rather being killed spiritually (in the minds of others labeled "false") while living IN spiritual Jerusalem (hated for speaking the truths of God, for living God's way of life, even when it makes you look foolish to the world = wearing saccloth spiritually).

God Bless,

posted on Mar, 18 2013 @ 11:36 AM

Originally posted by heliosprime

Originally posted by Sky watcher

The start of this war will be between Israel and Iran. When it kicks off things will happen very fast and many prophecies will come into play.

Many are misled into thinking israel in the mideast is the Israel of IS NOT.....Judea is in the mid east...........end time Israel is the US.......

Correct, as Ron Weinland explains clearly in His revelation from God to mankind.

USA, UK, Canada, Australia, NZ are the tribes of Ephraim and Mennesah and are the ones who bare the name of Israel forever.

Israel in the middle East is spiritual Judah.

God Bless,

posted on Mar, 18 2013 @ 11:36 AM
reply to post by resonance

I appreciate your point but please give me scriptual references to the pretrib rapture, it doesn't exist except in the minds of people who think they will be saved from both the tribulation and the wrath of God.

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