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Braveheart vs. Current Resolutions

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posted on Feb, 13 2009 @ 10:15 AM
Does everyone remember the movie "Braveheart" where Robert the Bruce and his father discuss deceit by supporting both movements.

Even the abolishing of the IRS and the Federal Reserve rhetoric, are we getting tossed Red Herrings?

I would like to see these resolutions be a stepping stone for reality, instead of propaganda to cover their butts and say they are actually trying to do something.

Are the powers that be, supporting both sides?

Link to some of the resolutions.

I would like to see the corruption, deceit, lies, greed, and have ethics restored worldwide.

Is it to hard to ask for our representatives to be ethical?

Robert the Bruce: A rebellion has begun.

Robert Bruce, Sr.: Under whom?

Robert the Bruce: A commoner named William Wallace.

Robert Bruce Sr.: We will embrace this rebellion. You will support it from our lands in the north while I gain English favor by condemning it, and ordering it opposed from our lands in the south. Sit down. Stay a while.

Robert the Bruce: This Wallace, he doesn't even have a knighthood, but he fights with passion and he inspires.

Robert Bruce, Sr.: And you wish to charge off and fight as he did. So would I.

Robert the Bruce: Well, maybe it's time.

Robert Bruce, Sr.: It is time to survive. You're the 17th Robert Bruce. The 16 before you passed you land and title because they didn't charge in. Call a meeting of the nobles.

Robert the Bruce: But they do nothing but talk.

Robert Bruce, Sr.: Rightly so. They're as rich in English titles and lands as they are in Scottish, just as we are. You admire this man, this William Wallace. Uncompromising men are easy to admire. He has courage, so does a dog. But it is exactly the ability to compromise that makes a man noble. And understand this: Edward Longshanks is the most ruthless king ever to sit in the throne of England. And none of us, and nothing of Scotland will remain, unless we are as ruthless. Give in to our nobles. Knowing their minds is the key to the throne.

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posted on Feb, 13 2009 @ 10:19 AM
I think Byrds comment here says it all on the resolutions.

Are these just Red Herrings for the masses? or are they really going to do something with them.

Actions speak much louder than words.

Originally posted by Byrd

Originally posted by MoothyKnight
still ABSOLUTELY no coverage of this on the MSM

Because they're resolutions.

ANY member of a legislative house can bring up a resolution for any number of things.

Texas (for instance) once passed a resolution announcing 2/28/97 as "Taiwan Peace Day." I don't believe it made much of an impact in the news and it certainly hasn't made waves since then:

We passed legislation saying that the "Blue Lacy" (a dog breed I've never heard of) is the Official State Dog Breed of Texas:

They passed a resolution to express good wishes to the Divine Performers for the Chinese New Year Celebration:

Resolutions also recognize/honor college and university events:

...and so on and so forth. Every state legislature passes dozens of these each day and the newspapers could fill up their columns just reprinting the texts with no commentary. I've seen resolutions honoring the scouts, honoring veterans, honoring newsmakers, honoring town centennials and so forth.

Resolutions are designed to make the people of the Congresscritter's district (and some others) feel Really Good about their Congresscritter... so that they will vote the dear Congresscritter back into office. Since these are basically "we affirm states rights" resolutions, they're really sort of a "non issue" (like saying "we affirm that the state government works.")

Here's the one that says "the US government allows each state two representatives and the Texas government is delighted to have two representatives in the US congress.:

So if you're expecting grand and sweeping changes from this, you're looking at the wrong direction. It's a "feel good" paper. It isn't a states revolt.

Look up resolutions brought by your own state representatives to see just how vapid many of them are and see how little of an impact resolutions have on the overall government.


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