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Continental Crash 3407 - A Conspiracy? - 9/11 Widow - met w/ Obama Dead onboard

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posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 12:30 PM
reply to post by lynn112

Ice building up on the outside of the boot, known as "ice bridging" is a myth that has been dispelled by decades of wind tunnel testing and NTSB investigation. Because of this myth, pilots have delayed using boots when it was the very thing that could have saved their lives and the lives of their passengers. I sure hope CNN gets their story right.

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 03:06 PM
Flight 3407--The Hijack Scenario

So far no cause has been determined for the crash of Colgan Air Flight 3407 outside Buffalo, NY on 2--12-09. Though heavy initial speculation has focused almost exclusively on ice buildup as the problem:
"So many ‘experts’ have been put before the American people in just the first day that it is now the accepted wisdom that ice was indeed the cause making all other evidence to the contrary suspect in these poor peoples minds."

Though it is clear that the plane was flying normally one minute and then pitching wildly in the sky the next:
"It was instantaneous," Chealander said. "All of the sudden they had a handful [of problems] and then down it came."

It is also clear that the FBI was heavily involved in the recovery efforts, though their official purpose there were as crime investigators:
“We’re conducting a medical and legal investigation; the NTSB is conducting the mechanical investigation, and law enforcement is conducting a criminal investigation,” (County Health Commissioner Dr. Anthony J.)Billittier said.

The FBI is tasked as the lead investigative agency for crimes aboard aircraft in flight, especially in cases of air piracy--aka 'skyjacking.' So let us now look at hijacking as a possible source of the plane crash.

What is the evidence for such? Almost none. However, there is almost no evidence that icing was the cause either. We do know that whatever happened was sudden and catastrophic, which would logically lead away from the 'icing' hypothesis, as one would expect icing to be a slower, more gradual buildup of problems on the plane had it been the cause. Most tellingly, the investigators have not released the cockpit voice recorder(CVR) for the last 30 seconds of flight, the time when the plane began to experience problems to when it hit the ground. What better evidence than the voices of those best positioned to have an informed position to tell us what went wrong--the flight crew in the cockpit?

How about the motive? If this had been an attempted hijacking, what would have been the motive? Have the plane fly to Cuba? No. Hold the passengers for ransom? Unlikely. Have the plane crash into the ground in a politically motivated suicide attack? Possibly, but why not do as the 9/11 attackers did--fly the plane into a high value target on the ground to achieve a greater political impact?

Though at this point a skeptic might ask: why not hijack the plane early and attack another target in Manhattan? Newark airport is right across the Hudson from New York City, after all. To this I can only say it would have looked terribly odd to the American people if yet another administration had to deal with an attack on our nation's financial capital early into the new president's term. Two new wars, restrictions on our liberties at home, just to have the terrorists do it all over again in the same place? No, that could have backfired disastrously, not to mention the effect on a stock market already tottering. So a smaller target had to be chosen, with a smaller airplane, in a smaller city. So what high value targets exist in the Buffalo area?

An Indian(south asian) newsite had this interesting tidbit:
-- Authorities said that the Continental Airlines Flight 3407, operated by Manassas, Virginia-based Colgan Air, was heading towards the Niagara Falls

Did they mean Niagara Falls International Airport--another large airport near BNIA(Buffalo Niagara International Airport)? Or did they perhaps mean THE Niagara Falls?

At this point Hollywood might offer up a clue. Two action adventure movies, "The Long Kiss Goodnight" from 1996 and the more obscure "Extreme Limits" from 2001, involve the destruction of the Rainbow Bridge, connecting Niagara Falls, USA to Niagara Falls, Canada, as a finale. This international crossing is just downstream and within visual sight of the falls. 1996
She(the protagonists played by actress Geena Davis) discovers that her former boss at the CIA has allied with a psychotic ops specialist named Timothy in a false flag plot to detonate a chemical bomb in downtown Niagara Falls, NY to blame muslim terrorists for the crime and thus secure more funding.
"Character development along the way consists of lots of stick figure CIA agents and bad guys working together to screw the taxpayers out of their money. Of course, the President has dirty hands too."
--the film "Extreme Limits" (released on 8-14-01) also features a plane crash scene and the transport of a new top secrect weapon of mass destruction.

Of course, it is unlikely the conspirators would have trusted the 'hijackers' to actually carry out the job. More likely the plane would have been taken over by some technological, remote-control means and then vectored to its intended target. It would have been enough to have a couple of people on the passenger list who 'fit the profile' perhaps aided by planted evidence to be 'discovered' after the fact in their domiciles, cars, or on the net. It is known that one passenger was an ex-member of the infamous South Lebanon Army, and a final passenger remains unidentified. Perhaps he had an even more interesting background.

Or maybe the 'hijackers' were not even on the passenger manifest, ala 9/11.
From a plot synopsis of the "Extreme Limits" movie:
"As the group boards the plane, four suspicious looking men bribe the guards at the security gate, and are allowed on the flight."

The Indian website had this curious note early on:
--At least three Indians(muslims?) are feared to have been killed in an airline crash late on Thursday outside Buffalo, New York, early reports said. [Note: no victims with Indian-sounding names have been identified.]

Could this have been the reason authorities were initially hesitant to keep a victim count going as the recovery proceeded:
Authorities had recovered 15 bodies as of Saturday night, but Billittier announced Sunday that numbers of recovered bodies will no longer be released "out of respect for the families."
"Okay, 15 bodies were recovered. They won't say how many more are recovered. Anyone else suddenly wondering how many people were REALLY on that plane?"

And the fact that the plane was already so close to the bridge(about 20 miles away) would have prevented the air defenses from being activated in time. And maybe the 'pitching and rolling' of the aircraft was also pre-engineered into the scenario, to simulate a fight over control of the cockpit. No more pesky questions about NORAD's failure to respond, no wondering how the perps were able to overwhelm the crew(the fact that the co-pilot was a youngish female probably didn't hurt).

IF my hypothesis is true, then imagine how this would have advanced the agenda of the neo-cons:

--Renewed justification for the AfPak 'surge' and the killing of innocents in missile strikes. The reasoning being, 'if they kill our innocents, we can kill theirs.'

--Turning two thorns in the side of the administration--the Jersey Girl and the genocide expert--into martyrs in the fight against terrorism.

--Bye, bye to "Buy America." The rebuilding of the bridge would have obviously required lots of steel, and just as obviously we would have to share the contract with the Canadians.
Obama to visit Ottawa on 2-19-09
"In Canada's capital, Ottawa, (Obama) said global challenges, including security, required a global response. ....
Mr Obama also assured his country's biggest trade partner that he would not pursue protectionist policies. ...."Now is a time where we have to be very careful about any signals of protectionism," Mr Obama said...
As America's biggest trade partner, Canada is worried about the "Buy American" measures in Mr. Obama's stimulus plan. Under the provision, public works funded by the package should use only iron, steel and other goods made in the US......

Also look at the symbolic value of the target. Niagara Falls is America's traditional honeymoon destination. A terrorist attack there would have signified that "the honeymoon is over" between the Obama administration and the American people.

posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 11:06 PM
There was a media blackout at the beginning of this tragedy and it continues today. When is the last time you heard anything about this in the mainstream media? Almost every other day I hear mention of the 'miracle on the hudson' but nothing of Buffalo.

I brought this to the attention of my husband tonight and his reaction what 'huh, I'd forgotten about that' !!!??!!!

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 12:44 AM
I just heard the NY governor is creating a special college scholarship fund for the children of the crash victims. The state will now pay their full costs at any public or private NY college. This was apparently modeled on a similar bill for the children of the 9/11 victims. Does that mean if I live in NY and I get runover in the street, my kids get a free college education care of the taxpayers of the state? I don't think so!! So what is so special about this wholly private tragedy? Why do I think this is starting to smell like a payoff? Does NY state have any culpability in this accident?? The only precedent for this was the 911 attacks, and we know that was a gub'mint op.

Now I am really starting to smell a rat.

posted on May, 12 2009 @ 06:56 PM
So, do we still think this plane was sabotaged? There is a lot of blame on the co-pilot. What do you think?

posted on May, 13 2009 @ 07:04 AM
Yep that is what I am hearing too, from the cockpit recorders saying there was a conversation about them not being able to handle it.

I wonder if we will EVER get to hear the actual tapes? Or will we always just be told what is on them?

posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 11:13 AM
This happened in my home town
didnt know she was on the plane tho
this is very interesting

posted on Nov, 17 2015 @ 01:04 PM
I bring up this old thread on here because I seem to have had an incident that brought me into this before it happened and the FBI completely ignored me.

I looked at the full docket and documented NTSB information and it seemed to make a conclusive case for betterment of the industry to make the regional airlines safer.

However, looking at the FBI reports included in the docket and evidence set, you realize there were eyewitness testimonies of multiple explosions, a fire while the airplane was in the sky, and evidence of engine noise that was not normal. An inexperienced pilot nor icing issues could have caused this to happen as alleged by the NTSB. Plus I had an incident happen to myself which let me know a crash would happen before this event and it played right into it with other party even specifically mentioning the only crash which happened during the timeframe.

Taking all this into account plus the lack of the full flight recorder actual audio and full information which would have been cruicial to explaining this, the NTSB rushes to a narrative.

NTSB had covered up TWA 800 which I know for certainty and there is much unverified information in this and no one seems to want to treat it as or allow others to treat it as a criminal investigation as it should be.

Just wanted to get this out in the open here.

Information I brought up regarding FBI interviews was available thru for docket #DCA09MA027 which is searchable on the internet for the ntsb website docket.

originally posted by: questioningall
Yep that is what I am hearing too, from the cockpit recorders saying there was a conversation about them not being able to handle it.

I wonder if we will EVER get to hear the actual tapes? Or will we always just be told what is on them?

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