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The effects of aura damage

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posted on Feb, 13 2009 @ 04:52 AM
Some people have been asking me questions about a statement I made on drugs and the aura on ATS. To my surprise I found out that there is little literature available in English (that I could find) about the subject. In Holland and Germany there is lots of literature on auras and chakras. The information comes from healers who work with cosmic energy. I decided to share some of the information I have gathered from books, my own experiences and the experiences of other healers I know. There is no way I can prove any of this although it would be interesting to do some genuine research on! For me the evidence lies in the healings I have witnessed and experienced myself. Furthermore the story is very personal because I have been through a period of heavy drinking and drug taking myself.

First some basic information: most people are familiair with the concept of the aura. The aura consists of energy (or chi) .It is a blueprint of our physical body. So if there is a problem on the energetic level it will sooner or later reflect on the physical level. This is the reason why people sometimes feel really ill, where docters cannot find anything wrong with them. It just means that the problem hasn’t materialised yet.
The aura has an important function: Like skin protects your body against outer influences the aura also functions as a protective shield. It filters incoming energy from other living beings and from the cosmos. People are really different in the amount of high frequency energy they are able to process. The more spiritually developed, the more you can handle on the non-physical plain.
People vary also in the size of their auras. Some people have auras which stretch out more than 35 meters. This usually starts in childhood. Especially children who don’t feel secure and safe will develop large auras. This makes it possible for them to predict what other people are going to do. For example: when there is a divorce and the child is left with an angry or depressed mother who can suddenly behave in a way which frightens or worries the child, the child will reach out his aura to meet his mothers aura. Of course this doesn’t happen over a night. The aura also can retract and go back to normal size. But when there is lots of childhood trauma the child will adopt the larger aura permanently as a means of survival. A very large aura has the advantage that you will become real sensitive to what goes on in other people. The problem is that you can also get very tired because your aura is continually interacting with other peoples auras (unless you are a hermit). This also causes pollution. I think everybody knows what I mean when interacting with other people, some people can stand rather close to you with no effect while with other people you instinctively you want to keep a bigger distance to. Some people literally suck the energy from other peoples aura. Or I’d better rephrase that: some people allow other people take their energy. Because this process only happens when you let them.
A big aura does not have to be dysfunctional. People like Sai Baba and the Dalai Lhama also have remarkable big auras. They are highly developed spiritually. Also artists performing on stage like Madonna have huge auras while performing. This happens in interaction with the energy of the thousands of enthousiastic fans. In this case the effect is temporarily.

I noticed that chakras are a less familiair concept among most people so I will tell some basic stuff, not meaning to elaborate on it. Basically chakras (means Wheels) are crossroads in the aura. They are closely connected to the hormonal glands in the body.
They process incoming energy, and produce outgoing energy as well. Like breathing. We have lots of chakras (in our handpalms for example, these most people can feel, and under your feet). But we have 7 important larger chakras (in fact there seems to be more, but this goes too far for this thread). I will mostly elaborate on the first and seventh. There’s lots of information on the internet if you are interested.
The 1st or basic chakra is at the end of the backbone. This one helps us to materialise, has the lowest frequency and if healthy has a bright red color. This chakra is also called root chakra and is our connection to the earth. This chakra is the first to develop in childhood and is the first to get damaged as well. The rootchakra stands for making a living, to being here, to living, to knowing you are important, your life matters, feeling safe and being able to survive. The seventh has the highest frequency and lies on top of the crown, the color is violet and white. Here cosmic energy enters the aura. Chakras, like the lens of a camera can be either more open or more closed. This is a process which you can visualise. Visualisation is a powerful tool in keeping your chakras and aura healthy. It costs only a few minutes a day and the effects can literally be life-saving.

To keep your aura and our chakras healthy is in my opinion something that everybody should learn, in the same way as we learn to keep our body healthy. And probably in the near future we will see it become more and more normal to pay as much attention to our energy field as we do our body. When we don’t take proper care of it it can become weak or even damaged. Nicotin, alcohol, drugs and pollution weaken the aura. Most people in the west already have weak auras. Our regular food has a serious lack of chi. Biological food still has a lot of chi, that’s where the advantage lies. Biological food feeds not only our body but also our aura. Also the urbanisation is a serious cause. Spend as much time as you can in the woods or near the sea is a great way to revitalize the aura.


posted on Feb, 13 2009 @ 04:54 AM

Ok, now for mind altering drugs: If you take them your crown chakra will open and therefore make it possible for high frequency energies to enter your aura. So the experience you are having are not just a chemical reaction, in fact they are very real! The only problem is you have no control over it. After frequent use the crown chakra will stay too open. Daydreaming, problems with concentration occur.
When an aura is damaged panick attacks can occur. These happen because high frequency energy enters directly without being filtered and can affect your organs into releasing hormons, like adrenalin. When this happens suddenly and without warning it feels like a panick attack. Another symptom of a deficient aura is depression. This occurs when vital energy is leaking out of the aura instead of feeding you. Also other entities which exist in another dimension can now gain direct acces to you. My theory is that alien abductions occurs more frequently with people who have either deficient auras or unprotected auras.

There is more to come....

posted on Feb, 13 2009 @ 01:11 PM
We live on earth because we chose to incarnate in the flesh. Everything on earth happens much slower then in the non-fysical world. That’s why earth is an excellent learning place for our souls.
Our 1ste chakra takes energy from the earth and keeps us “grounded”. Maybe you have heard that many people who used to be addicted to alcohol, drugs or nicotin develop overweight after giving up their addiction. This is explained as a change in metabolism, but when we look into the energetic field we see that the aura is trying to restore itself through the first chakra. The first chakra is doing overtime to reconnect to the earth. Eating is a way to feel connected to earth again. The first chakra is about survival, eating is also about survival.
People who have been “under the influence” for a long period of time have little connection with the lower chakras left. Sometimes even the aura is absent in the area of their feet and even legs.
There are some flowerremedies which can be helpful in repairing the aura, the choice of which depend on the character of the person but in general “clematis” is very helpful in connecting the person to the “here and now”. Meditation is also very useful. I recommend Linda Keens book “intuition magic”. No, I have no connection to her personally but it is a very good book to get you started with developing your own intuition and gives many exercises in how to keep you aura clean, how to protect your aura against outer influences. It was the first book I read on the subject and it actually was my trigger to take my first steps in combining tradtional psychotherapy with aurahealing (I don’t make a living out of this, it’s more like a hobby, somehow I cannot bear the thought of being paid for someting which is freely available in the universe, honestly.)

TO be continued....
(pardon my English, it is a difficult subject to find the right translations for..)

posted on Feb, 14 2009 @ 12:23 PM
reply to post by leapoffaith

Haven't heard from you in a while. You're doing a good job, keep it up!

I don't think many people are aware of their chakras, and I used to be skeptical about all this as well at a time, but things can really change. I plan on making a thread about chakra awareness for those heading in this direction.

From my experiences, I've had some interesting eye-opening (chakra-opening ones)... this is your health people! Its your life! Its the quality of life.

Unfortunately few know what it means to be fully balanced and I remember the first time I reached it, it felt profound, like I had had died and been replaced with a different person, a better person that I didn't know I could be. More in control of my life, more aware of whats going on.

Take care of your aura and chakras! Walking around in public can be very draining, I live in a big city. Before I knew how to filter this out it was brutal.. as my chakras opened up more, I became more sensitive to my surroundings. I could feel the drain. You walk by someone who looks physically/mentallty destroyed, and you will feel like your heart is being squeezed, you can feel this unpleasant stirring under your navel.

So this would indicate a problem with love or emotions on their part, that is to say.. they are depressed and dettached.

In time you can even learn to "fix" other people if you end up being stuck sitting next to them. Plus its nice knowing you helped. I was meditating in a food court, I was very deep in. I "fixed" these 2 ladies sitting next to me and I felt like this hug, this wave, its pleasant. The same thing when on the subway, and I can sense that the people notice something is different, little do they suspect the guy sitting next to them.

Through expanding your chakras, well lets look at them for a second.. sense of self/groundedness/patience etc... emotions, creativity and sexuality, motivation/confidence and personal energy, love/compassion and sense of peace and unity, self expression/communication, intuition/visualization, and wisdom/understanding/sense of greater self.

Now, whatever the process of expanding these qualities..that is..exploring them and understanding them, or opening up certain energy pathways.. either way however its done... these qualities make up for how you experience life and I guess what I'm trying to say is.. energy or not people.. you work on these qualities and you will feel more ALIVE.. and i dont mean you feel GOOD.. you will feel more ALIVE.. like someone turned up the switch on your consciousness.. you feel more alive, aware, you feel things deeper.

Take care of the chakras!

I want to hear more keep it goin'

posted on Feb, 14 2009 @ 01:02 PM
Substances abuse, including prescriptions, tear holes in the energetic (Ether -ical) field, exposing a person to immense dangers.

When I was younger, I had a friend who married a fellow who commented that he'd taken too much lsd in his youth (I don't use substances). He actually was a very nice, mellow fellow, but seemed brain damaged to a degree. Once he told me that, I noticed it clearly, and wondered what he'd been like before such usage.

I've met others who are energetically burnt, even warped, due to encounters with ether -ical experiences (of all sorts).

Keeping the aura protected, and knowing how to do so, is generally disregarded as people begin to experience the energetic realms.

Herbs can help, but are inadequate without supplemental intent. In other words, someone with experience is requried to assist when these damaging conditions are first noticed. Often, the damage created serious lifelong aberrations of the energy structure.

So, heed the advice given here by the OP, and learn before you leap.

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 03:45 AM
reply to post by CavemanDD

Hi Caveman,

Thanks a lot for your input! I hope more people will comment, so we all can learn from ech other.
I want to put some exercises in the thread but I have a little difficulty wtih translating from dutch to English (they should invent a spiritual dictionary for this purpose).

For me meditation has improved my wellbeing a lot and has made me a better person. When I learned to heal and protect my chakras and aura from bad influences my life has changed dramatically. I hope more people will benefit and start meditating. It is not like I think about it all the time but now I recognize what is happening to me when I become angry, very tired or really annoyed in interaction with other people. I make my aura smaller, turn my attention to my feet and rootchakra and visualise four roses around me to absorb the negative energy. The effect is that within only 2 miniutes I feel better and am capable of accepting the other person unconditionally. This was such an amazing experience when it happened the first time.

I definitely will continue this thread but it is gonna take more time than I expected.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 12:58 PM
i gave you a star just because you said you had been through a period of heavy drinking and drug taking!!! well done to you, keep up the good work, i like to indulge myself, lol!!

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 05:14 PM
I had to deal with attacks by negative entities for a large part of my life. Part of the experience was always the sensation of getting punched in the stomach and then the feeling that my life energy was being sucked out of me through my solar plexus.

I learned from the book "Psychic Protection" (or a similar title) by Dion Fortune that those kinds of attacks only work when the aura is already weakened, i.e., has holes. What was most amazing to me: she wrote that in every case, those holes have been made from the INSIDE... for example, due to the person being depressed or fearful, or having an extremely strong desire. Consequently, the holes have to fixed from the inside, as well. When I read that, the proverbial light bulb switched on in my head, and from then on it was rather easy to learn how to protect myself.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 05:20 PM
Can you elaborate a bit on the thing about trauma causing auras to get bigger? THat is something I have never heard before. I had always assumed that if the human spirit was crushed in some way, the aura would also telescope inwards.

I have met some drug users that I honestly thought were possessd. In your opinion, have they actually become possesed in the sense of harboring a spirit or an energy leech, or do you think this is just the chakras way, way out of balance?

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 02:20 PM
Hi Sylvie,

Thanks for your input and thanks so much for the information on the book! I went to look for it this weekend in a second hand store and it is very interesting what I read thus far.

So you are doing better now I presume? In the next "chapter" I will elaborate a bit on the layers in the aura.

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 02:27 PM
reply to post by asmeone2

Hello asmeone2,

Welcome to this thread. I haven't finished it, while working on it I see there is so much to tell! I will elobrate later more on the "big aura" issue. It is a means of survival. To stretch out your aura so you can predict the reactions of people close to you. It is not very common (fortunately) but I have seen it in people who had suffered severe abuse and also in refugees who have been tortured during captivity.

About possession, I am not really fond of that word. This word implies that people have no free will. There always is free will, even when an entity is feeding of your energy. That is how I see it. Leaks or holes in the aura are to blame for this. See the next "chapter" for more information.

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 02:30 PM
While I am trying to put the information I want to convey in words I realize that it is nessecary to give some more background information in order for everybody to catch my drift.

Much has been written about the supposed meaning of certain colours in the aura. In my opinion there is no reliable system of interpreation for these colours. This is because the aura is too complex. In Kirlian photography one can see sometimes magnificent colours, but these photos don’t show all of the aura. What we see in Kirlian Photographs is parts of the first and second layer of the aura. These are connected to emotions. So any aura-photo taken is just a momentary recording of your emotions. To benefit it would be necessary to take several pictures in a certain time interval.

There is general agreement on what colour a healthy chakra must have. The first should be red, the second one (near the internal sexual organs) orange, the third yellow (the solar plexus), the fourth, or heart chakra is green or pink, the fifth (near the throat) is blue, the sixth (between the eyebrows) is indigo and the seventh is purple or white.
But even more important than the colour is the brightness of the colour. Healthy chakras should have radiant colours.

Like we have 7 major chakras there is also 7 layers in the aura (well maybe more but at least 7). The chakras exist on each of the 7 levels but each chakra has a special connection to a certain layer as well. Each higher level of the aura will be more difficult to see as they become more refined.

The first layer of the aura, the etheric body, is closest to the body at a distance of 1 or 2 inches. When you start to practice aura viewing this is the layer which most people are able to see after little practice. It appears colourless or lightblue. It is the energetic double of the body. The first layer corresponds with the first chakra. Disease manifests itself first in this level. The etheric body is responsible for the transportation of energy to the other layers of the aura.
The second layer, also called the emotional body, has usually various colours depending on the persons mood. It extends 4 to 6 inches from the body. This layer corresponds to the second chakra. When suffering from negative feelings or depression the colours will be faint. On this level flower remedies and energy of crystals work miracles. A combination of both therapies can bring about major changes in the emotional body.

The third layer is called the mental body and extend 8 to 10 inches from the body. It usually appears to have a yellow or golden colour. Like the third chakra which when healthy has a radiant yellow colour. All our ideas and thoughts are reflected in his layer. The mental body is the carrier of the human thoughts. Thoughts are energy.

The fourth layer is the astral body. The thickness of this layer depepend on the spiritual development of a person. In hte fourth layer connections between people manifest themselves. As soon as people get involved with other people “chakra cords or strings” develop between the chakras of the people. When sexually attracted the cords develop between the second chakras. When in love between the fourth chakra, when people trying to dominate one another cords come into existence between the third chakras. These cords are visible and sometimes they still exist even the reltionships has ended long ago. This can actually feel like somebody is “pulling your strings”. Liking our disliking a person also has to do with the fourth layer of the aura. On this level we intuitively know wether we have a connection or not whith the other person.

The fifth layer is the etheric causal body. It forms the blueprint for the first layer, the etheric layer, the most ideal form of the first layer. When the first layer is damaged it is possible to work on the fifth layer to restore the original etheric body.

The sixth layer connects us emotionally with universal love. I will get back to this on a later moment in this thread.

The seventh layer is the causal body. This is the highest spritual level. It is connected directly to the Source, the goddess or god or whatever your belief system.

TO be continued..

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 02:40 PM
reply to post by asmeone2

A friend of mine (well known metaphysical author) has commented many times about seeing drug addicts, bums, alcoholics, severely depressed, angry etc etc, people walking down the street with a whole host of nasty entities attached to them.
Can't say I've physically seen them myself during normal waking consciousness, but I certainly feel something often enough.

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 02:41 PM
If you wholeheartedly believe your chakras will be protected either your subconscious self or other "good" entities isn't that enough for it to become reality?

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 02:46 PM

Originally posted by RogerT
reply to post by asmeone2

A friend of mine (well known metaphysical author) has commented many times about seeing drug addicts, bums, alcoholics, severely depressed, angry etc etc, people walking down the street with a whole host of nasty entities attached to them.
Can't say I've physically seen them myself during normal waking consciousness, but I certainly feel something often enough.

I have expereinced that myself, so I know there is an element of possession involved.

i suppose some of this is just releasing things already inside the heart, but some is external.

I think the OP was trying to say they are not "possessed" in the sense that they gave the entity permission to come in, somehow, or allowed the drugs to mess up their aura's faults. I would agree with that too.

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 02:51 PM
Have most people in the room an idea of what the girl was feeling in V when she was told the truth (v was her captor-God is in the rain)? I'm new at all this type of stuff yet at the same time not so new. I gotta say that the op doesn't set off one alarm bell in my head and that's very uncommon for me in threads like this.

I'm saying these things about myself to find out if others in this thread know what i'm talking about....i need to find some "common ground" between spiritually inclined people so that we can start building.

edit: Or rather, so i can start to help build.

[edit on 22-2-2009 by heyo]

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 02:52 PM
reply to post by heyo

YOu're talking about the movie v for vendetta?

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 02:55 PM
Yup. Someone recently in a thread illustrated how that scene might be a metaphor for "what's going on", and i was struck by how apt that felt to me.

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 03:00 PM

Originally posted by heyo
Yup. Someone recently in a thread illustrated how that scene might be a metaphor for "what's going on", and i was struck by how apt that felt to me.

I always took it more as a metaphore for, no matter what kind of crap happens to you, your spiritual well-being can still remain intact and in fact will grow stronger.

Because he had tortured her and tried to kill her, you know, and they she came out without any fear, which is the big holdback for most people.

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 03:04 PM
Agreed. Fear is the cornerstone of chaos. Myself I was a crystal meth addict for a bout a year or so. After going through that it kind of reveals how the world is based on semantics. It's pretty hard to put into words.

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