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Far-Infrared Rays?

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posted on Feb, 13 2009 @ 04:44 AM
This is my very first post on this site, so if I make some mistake, like put this in the wrong category, please forgive me
"An anion enhances the body’s condition, exhausted from studying by increasing the activity of the brain's alpha waves,and is effective for improvement of a student's concentration.
These days, most students breathe and study in closed spaces along with TVs, computers, and radios.
These electronic products have high energy, such as X-ray, R-ray and ionizing radiation, along withultraviolet rays, which generate positive ions in the air.
When the number of positive ions increase, diseases including asthma, bronchitis, headache, shoulder pain, nervous breakdowns, high tension, enervation and depression can be caused.
However, an anion is the elemental factor with a negative electrical charge of the air, neutralizes harmless cation, clears blood, promotes nervous stability and recovery from fatigue, improvement of appetite and activation of cells, and enables vibrant learning."
My dad has one of these. It looks like a watch, and he claims that it works straight away. I'm not so sure.
It just seems pretty far fetched to me.
Anyway, I was wondering what you all thought. Busted, Plausible or Confirmed?

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