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My Path to the Future for All

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posted on Feb, 12 2009 @ 09:53 PM
Ok heres my idea for how we as the rational forward thinking humans who enjoy multiple things beyond the stagnant..can procede to make the world a better place minus the mass control. I propose MASS SELF CONTROL
That right, settle down spaz. Hey hothead, cooldown and listen. lol

ok the human is a creature, not a robot, not a slave. Its a creature, but with deductive and reasoned thinking..sometimes, and a scientific drive to expirement, and to know all it can and most of all progress and get better when it finds a groove, so we should model our future existence to fit the basics, and let everything be libertarianistic and the interpersonal issues would work out over time, if the right motive and goals are placed before the unwitting blind folks in stasis shopping and opinioated yellow journal land thinking...

"so boring reginald. ..yes dear..indeed"

Secrets, lies and usury are the pillars of doom and suicidal madness.

"The only secrets are the secrets that keep themselves"
quote from Bernard Shaw and mentioned in star trek voyager

I want a future thats fact like David Bowie, I "demand" a better future.

we need to look at all the mistakes Governments and our modern day make, check and recheck and comparre against a fairly and universaly naturally dynamic manner our daily ideas of life itself which could only be minimized and dehumanised thorugh degrading truth, which is according to the centient universal contruct, a displeasure to G.O.D. (Geod)

Prisons would still exist but be overseen by a strict moral code of bettering people, not placing them in a chicken coop and using them and abusing them. As today is the norm.

Laws will be applied to the world, Laws which give respect and love to our hearts, not las which promote deviancy and fear of reprise. As is todays laws.

The future if imagined properly, can bring fruits for Life, or the seeds of destruction if not applied right, because humans are incapable at this mental and social state of becoming a type .5 society while harboring hate and violence and malice and revenge and etc... No offense, but so many people are acting like they are 3 when it comes to life in general. THe inner city, business, classes, and politics and law have all contributed to the demon seeds of these last few generations, propping up walls where doors should have been installed.

Because again of the secrets, lies and usury intent by design.

The basis for the future is in people using simple techniques like goodwill, humility and peaceful tones even with enemies. Though no one is perfect ever.. this is how we as people should think.

So to attain deep space travel, telepathy, telekenesis, wormholes and time travel, oh and replicators and beam technology, we FIRST need to wake up our views that encompaas more than the past, our place here ,and our broken lost egos. This explains the crime and chaos happening.. DITCH YOUR STUPID EGO PEEPO

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