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Music and sound the ultimate thought/emotion amplifier/reducer

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posted on Feb, 12 2009 @ 02:17 PM
I've come to realize over the years that music and sound is a very powerful mind control/support system. not mind control in the sense of someone programming you and making you do things but people programming themselves. and what i mean by programing is using certain kinds of music to do certain things.

I will give a couple of examples where music is used to Accelerate a mood or Decelerate and in some cases create a mood or thought that wasnt anywhere in there mind before the music/sounds were playing.

When someone is angry they will either try to fuel there anger or hate by using angry or hateful music. but music can also be used to calm ones self down maybe lower levels of stress and anger and adrenaline by listening to to softer maybe happier music.

The same goes for someone who is feeling sad about something or feeling sorry for themselves more then often you find them listening to depressing, sad music or extremly upbeat music.

People trying to think or create stories often turn to music as a form of accelerating there thought process and in many cases the music writes the story for them.

A person who is confused may use music to push there decision in one direction.

I am starting to believe music is a tool. a tool for making decisions or controling ones thoughts into a certain direction. a person who is angry but not angry enough to do something about that anger or hate will use angry hateful music to push themselves over the edge. they build themselves up to do something maybe strike out against what has them angry. someone who is depressed or sad or feeling sorry maybe be on the brink of a breakdown or commiting suicide and far to often the signs are ignored of them listening to depressing music 24/7 before the music pushes them off the edge. My theory is that people use music to push themselves into making decisions that they werent feeling strongly enough about before. and the people that try to reverse what they are feeling by using the opposite feeling music arent ok with the way they are feeling. if it can be used by ones self to accelerate a mood then why can it not be used by other to control anothers mood.

Also I have noticed how powerful and how severe sound and music has an impact on the human mind and it has really just struck me. Everyone has a sound that triggers anger its different for almost everyone. some people its chalkboards some people its babies and for me its a sound people make when chewing. if i hear it long enough my adrenaline starts going and i become angry it would eventually make me violent or insane after prolonged time. then everyones got tones that soothes them for some its sound like rivers and crickets for me its pure smoothly blended tones kinda hard to explain. but every post needs a question posed for discussion and my question is, could music be harnessed as a weapon or mind control device and do u agree that people use music to encourage themselves in certain directions when making a choice.

posted on Feb, 12 2009 @ 02:35 PM
"could music be harnessed as a weapon or mind control device and do u agree that people use music to encourage themselves in certain directions when making a choice."

Thats just it. Music is a weapon. For me anyways.
I am a hip hop producer/rock producer.
I have been doing it for sometime now, and I use it as my outlet.
I use music to say what I can not say with my own words.

posted on Feb, 12 2009 @ 02:40 PM
reply to post by JustInCase101

Well i know when i'm playing Stone Sour's 30/30-150 on the cd-player in my car you'd better not be in my way although i'm a very nice guy..

That music really alters my state of mind....


posted on Feb, 12 2009 @ 03:09 PM
Ask those detained at Gitmo whether music can be used as a weapon.

If I "couldn't" listen to music, I'd probably go insane. My mind picks up
cluttered signals all day, every day. My music "arranges" the signals so
that I get a pleasant feeling of euphoria.

(Imagine how dogs' keen sense of hearing must be impacted.)

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