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Is this the only reason all Americans just bend over and GET ******??

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posted on Feb, 13 2009 @ 05:37 PM
In Europe, you have a country. That country is pretty uniform, and no offense, smaller.

Aw, screw it. the US is unbelievably complicated. And I don't think outsiders understand that.

Lets put it in soccer(football) terms. You have two teams playing. Probably both have the same religion, same ethnic group, just two different sets of ideas. One time riots and doesn't like the ref call, it is obvious to the other team and their fans.

Now,for the US, take meteor crater, you have 5 million specators, and twenty games playing at once, all representing different races, religious ideas, and ideals. If one of them has an issue and riots, how much notice in the fray do you think they are gonna get?

How would you convince and organize that many people? It is an impossible task.

Our politics are so complicated, it can make people's heads turns. Not one person can comprehend and analyze politics, or economics. So we have it broken down into specialists. Everyone and everything is specialized.

Our healthcare sucks. But the insurance companies are huge, and work very hard to make sure they stay.

National healthcare is very unknown to us, and many are just hesitant, to move to a system, that is unknown.

As for corruption, I don't believe their is a government out there that isn't corrupt. So we are not special in that one.

As for flouride, 60% of the country is on well water. So it is not the public fluoride. People can supplement if need be, but I am sure many choose not too.

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posted on Feb, 13 2009 @ 06:41 PM
reply to post by nixie_nox

That's exactly what I'm saying. I wasn't trying to be an ass to the king. I'm saying that it's so easy to be judgmental when you aren't living here. As one poster stated, we are deeply divided as is. Our networks aren't preaching the whole truth, if the truth at all so how would we get these people to uprise and overthrow our current regime? It's much easier said than done. If I were to run into the streets bearing arms even with a considerably large group of people, we would be a) arrested b) shot c) considered mentally insane.

posted on Feb, 14 2009 @ 02:11 PM

Originally posted by NordicMan
reply to post by king9072

Wow, great. Why don't you try living here before you actually bash us? You talk like you understand how easy it is to rise against without living in America.

I can guarantee my family, didn't build the life and money they have from virtually nothing being idiots or sitting on the couch. This is the crap you're being fed because you don't live in American. Stop generalizing. It's offensive.

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I live 15 minutes from the US, I have been to the US hundreds of times in my life and know more about your political and economical state than I do my own country. So to say I don't know is a bit over-reaching.

But you're right, thank god not born there, and not a citizen (yet anyways). And just when people say the youth are ignorant in this country, they don't mean every single youth. When I made my comments, perhaps I left your hard working family out of it.. eh eh ??

Additionally, trust me I know the uphill battle that Americans are fighting, I guess it just sucks that after your elders got to reap the benefits of living off a clandestine empire, the children of the state that have inherited it will be dealing with all the repercussions as they will soon be thrust into 3rd world conditions.

Now to Alkali:
Ok, this whole thread you maintain what an 'expert' you are, shooting down anything I bring to the table until I finally lay it out. Then at this point you say, ok well I knew it was bad for you, and uh your right, it does cause fluorosis, and DNA breakdown, and alzheimers, and oseoperosis, and brain damage in infants etc etc etc.... but you still refuse to admit it shouldn't be in the water.

So tell me, if something has NOO benefit, and is linked to all these detrimental side-effects, why support it, or ingest it knowingly under any circumstances?

Ever since I even heard about the great fluoride farce, I quit using conventional tooth paste and mouth wash, and at the dentist I refuse fluoride trays. My teeth are perfectly normal, and unlike some people I know don't have fluorosis which in my opinion is soo digusting it looks sick, I don't care how "healthy" their teeth are now cause of the amazing fluoride.

Theres a huge debate amongst professionals if fluoride even has any benefit, the risks EVEN TO TEETH ALONE, without the medical problems, is enough to say that it isn't worth it.

And since you love researching flouride, and you now finally admit theres merit to my arguement, go look up the flipside of the coin - professional's who DO NOT BELIEVE FLUORIDE IS BENEFICIAL TO TEETH.

Seriously Akali for the both of us, please take 5 minutes ONLY to watch the video above. It lays the whole thing out beautifully.

He shows, same amount of fluoride in a glass of water as a "pea sized" amount of toothpaste. If you ingest the tooth paste, your supposed to call the poison control centre, you ingest the water, HEY GREAT TEETH!? And people never used a "pea sized" amount as is always recommended. Please just watch the video PLZZZZ~~

posted on Feb, 14 2009 @ 07:56 PM
Programming has been hard and heavy here, unfortunately.

I do agree with your perspective of apathetic Americans, but the approach you take to it is.... interesting.

Not ALL of us are that way, there is much proof of that here. However if this were the case nationwide things would be different. People are asleep, but growing everso more uncomfortable.

I do not believe the mind control will last much longer, but it will not be a healthy awakening. It will be against peoples will. This is unnatural at best.

There are so many of us who have done everything we can to bring about positive healthy change, and it has not worked. It is up to the individual to be responsible and healthy.

Do not judge though, we are all equal.

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 08:01 AM
Forget what's in the water.... it's bull#e. It's nothing but a poor excuse
made up by people for their own mass ignorance and apathy.

I drink tap water every day but I'm not willing to bow down and worship the consumer
god and stick my head in the sand as to what is going on.

Today people can't even count, speak properly and have no idea how money is created
and what happens in the markets.

Americans for a nation greedy money lovers as so naive as to what and where money comes from and who the men behind the curtain are.

You need to talk to people, get them thinking and questioning things. 18-24 months ago I was predicting the economic collpase and bad # happening to friends / colleagues. Today, these very reactionary sheeple all they talk about is the credit crunch and banks.

Americans are even more Brain Washed than North Koreans ... at least the Korean have the excuse of having to comply at the barrel or an AK-47... the dellusional Americans are so kool-aided up it's unreal.

Time to ditch the indoctrination... the american dream is more evil than communism and greed is not good. Take a look around, the 4th July is nothing to celebrate... you've replaced British Colonialism with your own version in Iraq and Afghanistan and structural readjustments in the 3rd world and oil paid in Dollars.... it's the cause of all death, destruction and bad #e happening in the world, contray to what your TV tells you. America is the cancer of the world.

The American people may still have some saving graces but they're slipping away in a river of ignornace but your country, govt and history they don't. Reject it!

posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 05:54 AM

Originally posted by stevegmu
Can someone name a large, 1st world nation with more freedom and less government involvement into the lives of its citizens than the US?

The US is not the most free country that it once was. Times they are a changin! Americans are told from birth that no other country in the world can compare and how lucky we are to be here. Recent history provides evidence to the contrary.

New Ranking Suggests U.S. Not the Most Free Country

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Each year the Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal compile a list of the countries in the world and rank them on how "Free" they are.

It turns out that the United States is not the most free country in the world. World Rank

1 Hong Kong 90.0 +0.3
2 Singapore 87.1 -0.2
3 Australia 82.6 +0.4
4 Ireland 82.2 -0.3
5 New Zealand 82.0 +1.2
6 United States 80.7 -0.3

It is a sad day when the United States, the light of freedom, is not ranked number 1.

We are being overrun by policies that seek to strip away the freedom from our hands. This would be a credit to over regulation of free enterprise and governmental intervention.

When does the Revolution start?

Sadly, America has endured many changes recently causing harm to what was once thought the best, most loved and respected nation in the world. The US has lost its #1 status in almost every area except one. It is the #1 incarcerated population on earth! America has traded its honorable titles in favor of being the country with the highest prison population percentages. What a shame!

Fluoride is not necessary, to say the least! As harmful as it is though, it falls far down the list of what we are being exposed to by our loving leaders. Our food supply alone contains thousands of harmful poisons. Prescription drugs are even worse and are easily passed through the FDA despite their mind boggling side effects? Doctors in the US have nearly every citizen on numerous of these prescribed health hazards and nobody is too young or healthy to escape this. Just take a look behind the counter of your local pharmacy at the hundreds of bags of these drugs waiting for pick up every day of the week! America has been sold out for profit and those defending these things should be ashamed?

We are locked up, poisoned, drugged and now being preyed upon by banks! Anyone that calls that freedom needs to go take another look? With all this going on, fluoride is the last thing we should be arguing about?

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