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The Peoples Bank

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posted on Feb, 12 2009 @ 11:29 AM
Now, ive put this in conspiracy theorys, because its my own conspiracy.

What would the implications be for the national and international bankers if every citizen of the first/second and third world for that matter decided to remove all their finanaces from any banks that may be holding them?

What are the legalities involved with setting up our own bank, that would operate something similar to that of the co-operative in the UK.

We need a peoples bank, that works for the people and which is run by the people, whos profits go to better the people who use and run the bank and the local community it surrounds.

This wouldnt be a bank for loans (as we know them) from my point of view as we have to get out of this fractional reserve system, its all fair and well being able to loan and extra 90k ontop of a 10k desposit, but that 90k is fictitous, another system has to be introduced for the profitability of deposits that would in turn be passed back to the depositors and community.

If in times of crisis all we get is a poxy 2.5% VAT reduction (UK - which equates to bugger all - and doesnt help those without a job) or perhaps a measley extra $13 (any meaning behind this figure) a week (which i dare say buys bugger all, and only benefits those with a job), then its time the folks who created these problems didnt have a business to run from which these problems can arise or a home to which they can go and hide.

Its time to RUN the banks on a global scale, invest it into gold/silver, buy well lasting food and supplies to aid in the switch over of a bank dependant society to perform our daily lives.

Anyone with me on this?


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