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Questions for GOD

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posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 03:12 PM
Q How do I most quickly Manifest all the positive, loving, abundant, healing helping, botherhood, peaceful aspects of the universe within this part of you, me,

Observing all the other parts of you, the universe, you and me.

Oh I got it just by asking
I have to drop my ego and see all in everything...

Ponders, so you have low self esteem to then? a slight bit of self hate to let bits of you fight and be be down, By hurting other parts of yourself and allowing yourself to get sick pollution and such like, but I smoke....sooo..

Is that because I do have not perfect behaviour and thought, then that you cant be perfect as you are me and I am a part of you?

Ahhh Now I get it...

I am asking myself the question, and the answer is within

How do all the stars and trees fit within me then ?


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posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 03:30 PM
There have been some very good questions posed here. The opening post wrote this:

"But why if only humans go to heaven would god create animals that we dont use in our everyday life? Were they merely for our amusement? If theres no chance of salvation for them when they die do they simply cease to exist?I mean animals do have emotions you see Mother dogs weeping when they have a stillborn, and out of all the billions of billions of stars and planets are humans really the only one?"

Those are million dollar zingers and I would like to provide what I think are reasonable answers to them.

The question about the purpose of animals probably has five or six good answers, but some are more critical than others.

Would humans exist without the development of animals?

A: I doubt it.

What do animals provide humans that we could not live without?

A: I think you will have to go to an area of evolution that deals with our brain capacity to answer this. The dinosaurs had tiny little brains and huge bodies, but the primates 100's of millions years later, had small bodies and big brains. That was a direction the animals developed for amazing lengths of time until the appearance of homo sapien. We are as a species at the end of the present line of sentient beings and probably define the planet we inhabit by who we are.

Why do the animals still populate the earth in great numbers?

A: Well, I think for one thing, they have evolved a successful way of continuing their own. So have we and to the point that we overpopulate the earth. Looking back at the herds and great animal populations, all have self corrected and our biology will surely do that to us too. Look to the animals and what happens to them to give us an idea of how nature will treat man when he goes into excesses of numbers. So animals also instruct us about our own existence as we are as much of nature as they are in spite of our big brains.

Science tells us that mathematically it would be most unusual that we are the only instance of sentient beings in the universe. However, the universe is so big that should the ratio of inhabited planets be every 1,000, our solar system is too small to prove the point of the great numbers of inhabited planets that probably exist.


posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 06:01 PM
reply to post by eufoseekere

Humans can't understand where they began; they only try to reason with mad thoughts and theories. Why is it that humans think that they begin and end? There is no such proof, outside of the physical; and even the physical continues on through breakdown, fuel, food, and growth. Anyhow,
my main response will be my poetry:

Life Is Forever Flowing!

In a World where I'm driven by my passions, These fears seem to hold me back.

I never know where I'm going, This chaos has no path.

We're taught to believe beginnings and ends, When no such things exist.

Our souls like energies that carry on forever, An infinite void of bliss.

Our concepts keep on changing, Dumb tomorrow smart today.

We'll keep on going nowhere, Our pasts will always fade.

History never repeats itself, Some believe it actually will.

Y'all can believe what you want, I believe that time stands still.

Stop running from your shadows, Let the light chase you down.

Your dreams are alive inside your mind, A smile is an upside-frown.

So before you think of something new, Know it has been thought before.

We're sideways; backwards; downside-up, A house is on a door.

If you can't make sense of this, Your wisdom is what you know.

There's no point now in knowing how, An atom always flows.

This Life!

This life is masked by delusions
It's grandeur
We believe one anothers' confusions
We don't understand where we are

Foolish hearts we possess
We cry to be heard
Our spirits are roaming around distressed
Our stories are absurd

In this world I am a stranger
Even to those that I Love
Away in a manger
God's spirit descends on me like a dove

I Tried!

I tried to tell
Yet you knew me not
Love me always
Take not any thought
Surrender all thy self
As I cradle you in these arms
Have not any little doubt
You will always be warm

I tried to help
Whenever you needed someone to listen
To feel what you felt
Let me bring you back in
Don't forget me ever
Oh sweet tender angel
This heart will make you better
Your sorrow I will heal

I tried
Always remember
How we cried
Oh that sweet surrender


Everytime my eyes open, I am reborn into the World

A chance for change, a change of desire, a desire for change

Everytime I open the door, a whole new World awaits me

New discoveries, different miracles, a change of theories

Everytime I speak, my life changes, A refreshed knowledge

Different wisdom, new words, a changed meaning

Evertime I help, ones' life recovers, anothers' discovers

A chance to heal, a change in others

Everytime I sleep, my thoughts gather

A chance for hope, a change in wishes, a desire for my

Wishes to have a chance to give hope,

And to change this World for the better

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