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Presence in my house.

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posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 08:05 PM
So I have been living in my house with my parents and 3 brothers for almost 8 years now, We have always had this feeling that something was here since day one, but never really heard/saw anything to back up our hypothesis, untill about 4-5 years ago.

So for the past 4 or 5 years me and my older brother have heard footsteps in our house. The footsteps are never in the same room as us, they are always in a different room or across the house and we only here them when everyone else is asleep or we are home alone. It started with me around 14 or 15 (I'm 19 now) and I told my older bro (he's 23) and he said he heard them to and he said he only heard them at the specific times I already listed.

At first they scared me to death, the first occurence that I heard that weren't foot steps is when I was home alone and heard a door slam in the hallway, i was about 15 and it scared me senseless, I almost passed out from a blood-rush, after that I never heard anything else just the same old foot steps.

Well it has been about 4 years since that, Over the past 4 years i've gotten used to the foot steps, they are never in the same room I am in, and usually they start in the living room through the kitchen and up the hallway to my bedroom door and back the other way, and this goes on for about 30 mins, then it quits for about 5 mins and then it repeats untill someone wakes up or someone comes home. My brothers story is similiar.

Well anyways I've gotten so used to it that I really don't even notice it anymore, and actually the activity quit about 4 months ago, but now it started back about 2 days ago, I came home from work at about 8 in the morn and came to my room and logged on to ATS, was eating my sub and bam out of no where the foot steps were back, what is sounds like is my dad walking stomping all through the house, and he litterally stomps when he walks, or it sounds like it because he is kinda on the heavy side. Anyways this goes on for about 4-5 hours, and I finally just say "ok i'm gonna try and talk to whatever this is." (by the way this isn't my dad im hearing, he is only at home 4-5 days outta the months, he's a long distance truck driver).

So I open my bedroom door and the foot steps stop, i go to sit back at my computer and then they start again, and I say "if you need something then you can come back here" but it never came back to my room, in fact it won't even walk down the hallway if my bedroom door is open, it stays in the living room. (it's always been that way) So i got out into the hallway and you can see straight down into the kitchen and then a narrow view of the living room through the kitchen, but it always stops when I get up to go see, I've tried sneaking a peak through the door, everything, it's like it can sense me watching and won't come around when I am trying to see what it is. It is SO frustrating, i just want to communicate.

Well anyways activity has slightly increased, I can hear extremely faint whispers in my bros room next to mine, and sometimes I can hear a very light knock in the corner of my room coming from the opposite side of the wall. it's not a bang, just a fairly light knock, I knock back too lol. And honestly i'm starting to think im crazy because my bro doesn't here it anymore. And I can't help but feel stupid and laugh at myself when I try talking to them, I feel like i'm talking to myself, lol.

I've tried evps and motion cameras and have found no evidence, but I know that im hearing this. So anyone with some advice on how to better communicate would be appreciated, as long as it's not through a Ouija board i'm game.

And another thing, i meditate alot, and now i've had to go back to putting ear plugs in when I meditate or else the footsteps distract me, which is fairly frustrating and ruins the whole point of meditation.

Thanks for reading!


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