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Obama Cronies Harrass Hillary Worker

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posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 11:46 AM
Now I know the Election is over but I recently came across a guy who claims that he was harassed by Obama Cronies. Now I voted for Obama, because I wanted his left wing change.
Now here's his story. If anybody has info, please email me immediately.

From my Friend Dave......

My situation is easy to understand. I dared stand up to the Chicago Mafia who backed The Obama in Las Vegas, NV as a Democratic Party activist. I was handled accordingly. It is obvious that The Obama was chosen by outside the Democratic Party mainstream voters to be President and the DNC's treatment of Sen Hillary Clinton was shameful even if she has been bought off and is going along with it!I have it on very good authority that the Chicago based Mafia paid off a copier company not to honor their Offer Letter and hire me in July, 2008. This was after the Obama Campaign sent two black goons to my gated apartment complex to try to find out exactly which apartment I was living in. Then 2 days later they sliced 2 tires of mine. The Obama is a fake mouthpiece for the very tip of the corporate financial elite who make their money out of the suffering of others. Ralph Nader is correct in everything he says about him from a left-wing, progressive perspective. The fact that The Obama received 3 times as much corporate money as Sen McCain says it all. I had no illusions about Sen McCain except I know just as I knew that Sen John Kerry was the better candidate in 2004 that Sen McCain was the lesser of 2 evils in 2008. He was more stabile and that quality is very important as our economy is controlled by those who value that and when they perceive that a President is unstabile, they withdraw their money and even more massive lay-offs happen. This proposed bail out is a mirage that will bankrupt our currency causing an inflation that we have never seen-look up what happened when Argentina did that! The Obama is doing nothing about the massive outsourcing of jobs that has been actually accelerating now at a rate worse than under the Son of a Bush! Truthfully, I would have voted for the Libertarian, Bob Barr except I knew he didn't have a prayer! The Obama is a Yes Man and nothing more for a group of multinational businessmen who in my opinion are seeking universal control of everything and everybody for their own reasons that have nothing to do with the common good!

Now this is his story, please tell me if you have any info.

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