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Hundreds Of Kids Beaten, Whipped, Even Choked By Teachers, Coaches

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posted on Feb, 13 2009 @ 08:10 PM

Originally posted by The All Seeing I
Agreed... but only under one condition, administration must support teachers in every means possible, to provide discipline and structure.

Absolutely. And parents need to be held accountable for their children's behavior in some way too, I think.

If they leave teachers stranded with no other alternatives, other then quitting, committing suicide or going into to a comma like depression, then yes they will have to have been blessed with 'elephant skin'... if not the paddle will do the job.

As I said, my huge concern here is that "the paddle" is not an option for these teachers. I don't think it should be, or needs to be, but if the article was about teachers paddling students in a rational, consistent manner I wouldn't have the same worries. Instead we're talking about teachers hitting children with their hands or other objects, choking them, shaking them – behaviors that can easily lead to injuries worse than a bruised buttock, especially if the teacher is acting without self-control.

As for some of these teachers going over board, they have obviously stepped over a line, but you have to recognize that these teachers take their jobs very seriously... is a very stressful, grossly under appreciated position in our society... and yet one of the most important. These teachers are only human, and most of you righteous sorts would most likely crack under what most of them have to face on a daily basis.

If you're referring to me as one of the "righteous sorts" who would crack – I have said in this thread that I know I would not be capable of keeping my cool in the sort of situations that teachers deal with.

I'm not trying to make teachers in general out to be bad people – i fact, I'm sure that if we compare the numbers of complaints in this report to the overall number of teachers in Chicago public schools, we would see that it's a very small percent of teachers who cross the line into abuse.

If anything, in trying to draw attention to the fact that these reports represent teachers who have been pushed past their limits, not old-fashioned disciplinarians, I hope to make it clear that the teachers urgently need more support – that the teachers need some kind of structure that can step in when they're in danger of losing control, so that we can actually keep our good teachers in the classroom teaching, rather than burned out.

posted on Feb, 14 2009 @ 10:22 AM

Originally posted by questioningall
reply to post by Finn1916

WOW, you have gotten 2 stars, for basically saying... it is ok to beat the kids?

You are kidding me?!


It does not matter where the kids come from..... are you telling me... the majority of the kids in Kindergarten to 8th grade are the "gang kids"?

No teacher has a right to beat a child......... if a kid is bad, send them to alternative schools, but DON'T BEAT THEM!

I think I am going to be sick, if people here on ATS, think it is ok, to hit children!

I would did not expect that..... I really thought people were more compassionate about stopping the various abuses that go on in the world.

So, I am shocked, your post, has gotten stars....which means agreement to abuse children!!

Welcome to the real world where kids bring guns to school to shoot the teacher because he told them to stop talking in class and do their homework.
Is it right? maybe not, but it happens and it's gonna keep on happening because parents refuse to raise their kids right and they get to the point that it's sometimes self defense. You don't think a kid can be threat? put a knife in their hand and watch how quickly they bcome a threat.

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