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posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 08:31 AM
Heres the script.

Ive not watched television for the last 6 months but I have watched a few movies and online episodes of tv programs without advertisements.

I watched some adverts for the last few days and one thing I have noticed is that every single advert can be shredded apart in a humourous way. Its like a flipside of a coin from the name or the adverts meaning.

Heres some examples, watch the links before reading the quotes.

-Trojan Condoms should have a catchphrase such as "When its going in, theres something coming out!"

The name Trojan comes from Trojan Horse which most will know was used by the greeks to invade the city of Troy.

-Cadburys chocolate Ads

"You will raise your eyebrows at our chocolate"

"You would have to be a gorilla to eat our chocolate"


"Orange, because we dont listen to you anyomore"

-Chanel No 5

"For woman who have one night stands"


"Have a Heineken before killing yourself"

Anyways I think you get my point, I could go on all day.

Im not sure if this is because ive not watched ads for so long now that im rejecting them easily.

Anyone see the same when watching ads?

Im interested to see some humour for a change, post some of your own interpretations.


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