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God and love

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posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 08:18 AM
I have no religeon, was brought up with no religeon. Always felt something greater, though. Once I became old enough to realise I don't need friends, I became reclusive. I work in a service/petrol/fuel station, so I remain in human contact 4 nights, 12am-8am, a week - two week, two weekend. Thirty-three hours of human contact, with 135 hours left in the week to find God without human interaction. Finding God is playing with matchsticks - the tip at the end is the truth, the rest of the matchstick is fantasy. Finding the tip is hard, broken and mixed with stick. Once you find a few thousand matchsticks, the truth pile and the fantasy pile slowly work themselves out and support each other. Fantasy keeps supporting fantasy, while the truth becomes more rock solid and seperate.

Humans pick up on truth instantly. All religions, cultures, races; all movies, books, tv shows; all dreams, coincidences, chances; all famous, infamous and unknown humans. The best way to sell something to someone is to put a little nibble of truth on the hook to catch the soul, then slowly pull from the water with more and more ego material - beautiful made up stories, pictures, history - to reduce that truth to part of the make up and pushed and de-programmed till forgotten.

Basically the problem with humans is everyone's waiting for someone to save us. We are all 'victims' - and in that mindset we will continue to act like victims and be trated like victims. With every new idea, there's always a skeptic and 99% of the time the skeptic will try to prove the new idea wrong. Isn't that working backwards? Why not try to get this new idea working and help the human race? If the new idea is no good, support will be pulled away to other projects if/unitil new idea works. If it does work, more and more support will be given and it will evolve. Why not? Fear would be the best bet. Some may think war and weapons, but they are only necessary in a society based in fear - why would you ever need to protect yourself if every human lived in love?

I am not taking the victim stance as it makes me hungry, tired, sad, lonely - basically like the rest of the world. I am a warrior in self. I will never intensionally kill another intelligent being - no matter what - no matter who - not even human's "enemy" the "dark" side. If anything, what are we if "they" are the darkside when we treat ourselves, our spouses, our children, our pets, our native wildlife, our native planet, etc, the way we do. If most humans can get a burger, even if starving, they will eat it - not wondering how it got that way and investigating the cold murder of a cow, having it's throat slit and it's trachea ripped before it falls and dies?
What if the "dark" ones came into your home, slit your families throats and ate them? "You shall reep the seeds you sow" or something like that? Why eat meat? The cows don't eat meat, and they don't eat constantly and all they do eat is grass and drink water. And all the growth hormones pumped in can't possibly supply every essential vitamin and mineral. Yet we have to eat the cow to get something the cow didn't get? I don't get it?

Sorry, sorry I can keep going on forever. All I really wanted to say is:

Whatever you believe: whether we are from a source, are part of a source, within a source, one of many sources, whatever. Out of all the things in everything, do you think God will choose to lose love over evil? It may take many humans over many millions of lifetimes, which is not much in the grand scheme of things, to really evolve the perfect love. The greater the evil, the hope is, the greater love evolves. We took the whole planet for granted untill we started to see it being pulled away.

Evil canot take love away, only asimilate into it - the biggest fear of evil - losing control. But once this enevidably happens evil will realise how light and free love is and then empower love even greater.

Not religeous, not crazy, love humans.

posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 09:09 AM
One other tiddly bit I should mention: I love watching south park, simpsons, family guy, futurama and king of the hill and will never stop watching them. I could always see mind control techniques about treating people certain ways, etc, throughout the cartoons and even ads in between. Lately I see more truths and rebellion in the stories so their far more intersting to my mind and soul and as always, funny (offensive to some, but what's not offensive in our "politically correct" world).

I belive in meat and sugar and fluoride and all that ball park in being mind control, immune system weakening products.

I always watch TV with a conscious intention of watching certain programs, to avoid brainwashing with useless fictional "facts" from other programs.

I haven't been too investigative into TV hypnotizing people, but I found a website ( with all south park, simpsons, family guy and futurama amongst heaps more - so naturally, I downloaded everything.

For a month I haven't watched TV. All cartoons seem to be even funnier on the computer which I gradually noticed but put down to the feeling of euphoria of having new play things I could watch in any order at any time.

I watched TV for the first time two days ago. After watching for half an hour I felt somewhat tired and relaxed, watching Las Vegas. Ad break, I went to the loo, still very relaxed, returned watched for about 30mins before falling asleep for a few hours TV still going. Woke up, turned off TV, back to sleep for night.

Yesterday turned TV on when I got up, left playing in background. Remained tired and relaxed, morning version with droopy eyes. Normally wide awake and running around within five minutes - always. Watched simpsons repeat on TV which I have on computer. Only really laughed at key moments. Ad break, ran to the toilet, ran back to TV. Accidentally changed channel, remote stopped working, threw remote at wall, sat in front of TV, changed channel and kept watching.

It wasn't till a few hours later, half way through Jerry Springer show - which I can not stand - that I realised I'd been acting really weird and my eyes were glued to the TV. When I made the conscious decision then to turn the TV off, thinking about mind control, I almost couldn't do it. I channel surfed for a few minutes to make sure nothing else interesting was on, watched a bit of some show while the whole time holding my finger on the power button. I finally pressed the power button and it was almost like my world was taken away from me!? I pulled the cord for the heck of it and it was almost like the silence I was used to was deafening and unbearable.

The strangest thing though is I cannot leave that same finger, right index, on my mouse button in any angle at all for more than a few seconds before I accidentally click the button - from too many years of playing Quake & Duke Nukem3D mp when I was younger. Yet on the power button which is softer than the mouse button, I managed to keep my finger steady beyond figiting my muscle a few times on purpose to press the button.

I still haven't done too much investigating as I don't want another matchstick pile yet, but I have kept the TV off. I don't know if computer screens are much the same, but I've never experienced that with the computer.

So yeah, TVs seem to control peoples minds through some manner. Meat, sugar, dairy, pharmecutecals, most illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc, all seem to attack peoples immune system and gradually weaken and destroy their physical bodies.

Basically anything big and popular or "natural" to do is based in evil. Evil built everything up which is why their are no really really cool good things - like you can't power a car on hugging and kissing it or turn on the house lights by making up a new knock knock joke for the lights to laugh and light up to. We will one day, but have to stop supporting evil now.

They are everywhere. we are all in the game together..


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