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RAF helicopters flying very low... and unusually.

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posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 06:58 AM
My location during this account was Irthlingborough, England.

Specifically by a bustop outside the secondary school on Finedon road.

Now...through some trees I suddenly heard, and then saw two military helicopters. I have no clue as to what they were, but think Apache I know they were gunships. (Seeing the guns helped
) They were flying quite slowly, one about 10 second behind the other, and heading in the general direction of the small nearby town Finedon.

At a stretch I would say they may also have gone over Wellingborough if they had stayed in the same direction.

Now during my years here I have seen plenty of military aircraft, there are some airbases nearby. But I have never seen any other helicopter than a Chinook, no gunships of any sort have ever flown over this area. (At least none that I have ever noticed)

But, I have also not seen helicopters fly so low. As I say, I saw them through trees so it's hard to tell, but I would say they would have hit the roof of a 4 storey a guess. RAF aircraft love flying low... but I've not seen them fly this low over populated areas full of houses, trees and power lines... and never so slow. They were at a similar speed to a police helicopter searching for someone on the ground.

Usually...this would be nothing special, but as I have never seen these types of aircraft her before, and definately never seen aircarft use these types of flight around here really stuck in my mind. Keep in mind, I saw them through trees, but could still see the gun on the front, and I have no doubt that if there had been no trees I could have clearly made out the pilots.... thats quite low to be flying for a populated area.

So is there anything new happening around here? Or is it something I really have managed to not see for 15 years?


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