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Virtual March on Washington Planned: Please Join Up

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posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 02:55 AM
When I first started this thread, I was planning on a real march. Please read all my posts to see where my idea ended up:

Ok, I've had it.

We're all angry at our government, and they way they are handling our money, yet nobody is really doing anything about it. Sure, we're calling their offices, and e-mailing and faxing, but they obviously don't take those types of contacts seriously.

The constitution gives us the right to protest our government, so I say we protest. And I am totally serious. Let's plan a March on Washington for next month (March) when the weather starts to improve.

I know, everybody is saying they can't take off of work to do this, but this is serious. Letting our government know how strongly we feel about this is very important. Because if we don't speak up and tell them "enough is enough"....eventually the patience of the US is going to snap, and there is going to be a revolution.

I for one, do not want to see a violent revolution, or a second civil war. I hate violence. I wouldn't mind a peaceful revolution, however, like the one Ghandi managed to pull off. The best kind of revolution is a peaceful revolution.

You know, in the 60's, people exercised their right to protest. And it worked! It took a while, but the protest ended the Viet Nam war.

The reason that the government keeps throwing away our money is becuase nobody is protesting. We are LETTING them give away TRILLIONS of our hard earned money...and of our next generations not even earned money!

Sure, I wrote letters to my congressmen and senators. Did they answer? No, they gave me excuses.

I callled their phone numbers to their Washington offices.

Did they listen? No, they put me through to voice mail or put me onto their secretary.
One secretary actually sat there and argued with me, telling me that THIS time, they are going to really watch where the money goes! Ack!!!

The reason that the government keeps doing this is because nobody is exercising their right to protest. Believe me, if Congress saw 1 million people Marching down Pennsylvania Avenue and up the Capitol steps, they might start to listen. But phone calls and letters just aren't doing the trick.

Anyone want to go to Washington with me? Seriously. I'll start a protest.

Everyone is so busy working and trying so hard to make sure they don't lose their jobs, that they can't see the forest through the trees. But, saving the forest (the USA) is much more important than saving the individual trees (corporations.) We need to protest to let them know that we are not going to stand by and allow them to destroy the entire forest to save a few trees. Yes, it's sad to see some trees fall....but le'ts not spend all our resources saving those few trees!! The weak trees will fall....the strong will survive....and the new seedlings will rise up from the forest floor.

Ok, forest metaphors aside, I'm serious. If nobody protests.....if we don't seriously let them know that we really are angry and not going to take it anymore....then we have nobody to blame but ourselves if this country goes down in another revolution. If we're not part of the solution, then we're part of the problem.

One solution is TERM LIMITS, like many people have said. We need term limits, and we need them NOW!

I have an idea for a solution: we need a 4th branch of the government: an economic/financial branch. This branch of government will have the power of law to balance the budget.

I mentioned this in a previous post of mine. Think about it: our country is run a lot like a corporation. A badly run corporation. And why? Because every corporation has a CFO and his accountants underneath him or her, making sure that the money is well handled. They know that they can't leave the accounting to the CEO, because the CEO is the visionary. (Like a president.) They cannot leave the money to the COO or the managers, because they would exhaust it all in a matter of a few years (like the Congress.) So, we need a financial department, and we need to give them the power of law.

And no bill can get passed unless the financial branch and the legislative branch make sure that any law that is passed is funded, and also keeps a balanced budget. IF the budget isn't balanced, and if there is no funding for it, then the law cannot be passed.

Isn't that a much better idea than leaving it to the lawyers (Congress) to balance a budget? They're not accountants....they're lawyers. They're only interested in power and image....not in balanced budgets. We need to take away their priveledge of working with OUR money, because they have shown us that they cannot exercise that privelidge responsibly!!

But whether you like those ideas, or you have your own ideas, that's fine! Let's put ALL our ideas on picket signs, banners, and MARCH. Let's let them know that we are tired of our goverment screwing things up, and we aren't going to let this keep happening.

Let's demand term limits.

Let's demand accountability!

Voting them out doesn't work, because they keep promising new and better things to get more people to vote for them!

Seriously, this is getting insane. Our government thinks they can keep sending OUR tax money into bills that aren't well thought out. Nobody thinks ahead more than the next elected official thinks any farther than 5 years away, or the next presidential election.

This is NOT how a country is supposed to be run! They are supposed to weight the options, they are supposed to THINK things through. Our presidents (both Bush and Obama) gave Congress scare tactics....yet what have those scare tactics led to? TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF WASTE....and surely more to come.

Let's also demand that before ANY bill is put up to a vote, that the congressmen and the senators actually have to read it! Do you know who reads the bills? Their staffers. Seriously. I've heard so many of them on the radio, and they have no idea what is even in the bills they are voting on these days. Why are we paying them to vote if they don't even know what they are voting on??? Shouldn't that be one of their PRIME responsibilities??

Our leaders in Congress...both the House and the Senate...have both shown that they are not capable of running the country. We need to demand changes. Serious changes. We need to March on Washington.

I'll bring my own picket sign, and I'll March up and down Pennsylvania avenue by myself if I have to. But I'd like it if anyone wants to join me.

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posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 03:01 AM
If you start a protest in washington I PROMISE you i wil start one where i live and ithink every american needs to stand up right now

posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 03:03 AM
reply to post by freedomandliberty

Actually, I don't live in Washington. I live in Arizona. But the politicians live in Washington, and all the really big protests that have every accomplished anything were in Washington. So, I say we go to Washington.

Then again, we could start a massive protest in every state in the country on the same day, for those who cannot go to Washington. We could have 51 protests that day...1 in each state and 1 in Washington.

Hmmm...what should we call our march?

The March for Term Limits?

The "We're not Gonna Take it Anymore?" March?

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posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 03:05 AM
if you start a protest and put it on you tube and here the media will catch on and others will follow

posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 03:09 AM
i will sit on the corner of the street in alaska and hold some sort of sign and i bet you by the end of the day all four side of the intersection will be packed with people ready to march to city hall and the mayors office and such

posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 03:09 AM
reply to post by freedomandliberty

Well, I don't have any idea how to make a video or put something on you tube, but thanks for the idea. I'll consider it....if I can figure out how to do it!

I just figured out what to call it, though....

The "March" in March!

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posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 03:14 AM
you record it upload it to your computer create a you tube acount and upload it to youtube

posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 03:16 AM
A protest of the type you speak of, a big one in Washington and smaller one's in each state is a wonderful idea. But it might just be the tipping point to have martial law declared. It seems to me that this administration is moving to fast, and the sleaze is showing up way too early. The tone of Obama's voice and his speeches have changed. There is something about the timbre in his voice that is making me really nervous.
But I'm all for a protest. If I can't get to Washington, I can get to my state capital.

posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 03:17 AM
Lol I love the idea of all of us 'Marching on Washington', but... too many of us are too busy trying to survive.

Wait til 'Spring Break', and maybe a bunch more of us could join ya!

posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 03:36 AM
reply to post by kettlebellysmith

The right to peaceful protest is granted in the Constitution. They can't declare martial law for that.

As long as everyone remains non violent (seriously, here, I'm invoking the name of Mahatma Ghandi, who showed the world that a non-violent protest can work), the cops can't do anything.

Listen, we had a HUGE protest of ILLEGAL ALIENS here in Arizona a few years ago. It stopped the city completely, and nobody did anything to stop them. And they weren't even American citizens! If the cops are going to let Mexican citizens protest in Arizona, I'm pretty sure they'll let American citizens protest.

But seriously....I want this to be a peaceful March. I want this to be non violent in nature. The constitution grants us this priveledge, and I don't see why we shouldn't exercise our right to protest in this time of crisis.

I say we protest for term limits. Maybe if we all have one goal, instead of a million goals, we'll be heard better.

Term Limits Now..... It's the fastest way to eliminate corruption in our government, I think.

Ok, so that's my final decision:

I'm going to organize a peaceful, non-violent protest for "Term Limits, Now"! in March.

I would love to see a march in every state. We could just have 50 marches in 50 states, instead of one big march.

Maybe I'll just stay in Arizona and organize it from here, rather than trying to organize something in Washington over 1,000 miles away. That could prove to be kind of difficult, since I am working a full time job.

It might be easier that way, and if anyone reading this lives in DC, you can lead that one. (As long as it's peaceful!!)

They brought this on themselves; Congress has shown us that they can't be trusted with our money. So, why should we continue to trust them?? It's like trusting a compulsive gambler with our pay check every week! It's insane!

I have to look at my work schedule tomorrow to figure out what weekends I have off in March....and then I'll let you know what weekend it will be.

So, yeah....spread the word...the "March in March" is on! We're marching for a constitutional Amendment for Term Limits of all elected officials in Washington. Hopefully, we can get one going in each state...AND in Washington. That should raise some eyebrows in Washington and let them know that we're tired of the corruption in Washington, we're tried of the mismanagement of our hard-earned money, and we're serious about it.

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posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 04:23 AM
good luck, truly

but not to be cynical or skeptical, this type of thing has been talked about in other situations here on this board

and its my opinion that type of thing just doesnt work or hold any weight any more

if it did get big enough in washington i could honestly just see the riot shields and tear gas break out before anything is achieved

maybe instead of marching on washington with a million people

we can get millions of people, and have them protest and have a peaceful march in every major city, or every capital all at once

it would be peaceful as to prove who we are and what we want, and that we are not just trying to "riot" and take over the system at a time of despair

and it would also overwhelm the government into forcing them to do something about it

they can stifle the sounds of one protest, shut down media coverage, call in the troops

but what if that happened in every state at the same time, they couldnt stifle that type of media and they would be forced to listen

but unfortunately in my opinion a single march or protest wont work anymore in these days and times

but like i said i truly do wish you and all others good luck, if it ever gets that big, ill be right there marching with ya

posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 04:27 AM
OK, I just thought of something better than a huge, nationwide march that could possibly turn violent.

I could just not handle that on my conscience if things got violent.....I could never forgive myself if people got hurt in a march that I organized.

So, I have a better idea.

I'm going to organize a virtual "March on March." And this will be one that EVERYONE can participate in.

How? Think of what your picket sign would say if you carried it on a March on Washington.

Got it? this is what you do:

Make the picket sign, or banner.

And put it in your window.

And leave it there for the ENTIRE month of March.

My picket sign is going to say: "TERM LIMITS NOW!"

This way, it's peaceful, it's non-violent, and it's legal.

My goal is to get everyone in the USA to make a BIG sign and put it in their window......not just homes, but businesses, everywhere these politicians go, they see signs demanding "TERM LIMITS NOW" or whatever it is you wan to say.

I know it's a lofty goal to get EVERYONE in America to do this, but wouldn't that be awesome? It takes like 15 minutes to make a sign, and 1 minute to hang it in your window. We could have signs all over every city, every town, every county, every could be the biggest "virtual protest" we've ever seen. If they won't listen to our phone calls and our e-mails, then then they'll see it in our windows.

In fact, I'm also going to print out bumper stickers that say "TERM LIMITS NOW".

Maybe we could get every car in America to wear that bumper sticker.

I feel much better about this decision. I'll admit, I was angry, and I wanted to do something about it. But the idea of 50 protests in 50 states....well, I couldn't live with myself if it got violent.

I think this idea is the most peaceful way I can think of to protest, without risking anyone getting hurt. And this way, if you have a window, and if you have the money to go out and buy some poster board, you can protest.

Now THIS idea, I will definitely put on you tube!!

The ENTIRE month of March will the "virtual march in march".

Keep your signs up in your window from March 1 to March 31!!!

posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 04:37 AM
I just found a bumper sticker place on the internet, where you can customize your own bumpers stickers. They charge $169 to make 250 bumper stickers, which is not a bad price.

Here is the link:

I am going to upload a design that just has black letters on white background, that says"

And I'm going to give them out to everyone I know, and tell them about the March on March, and how they can participate.

If you guys know of a cheaper place to order bumper stickers from, that would be great. Just let me know and post the link.

If we could get just 100 people on this forum to do this, to print out 250 bumper stickers, and pass them along, that's 25,000 bumper stickers around the US that say "TERM LIMITS NOW!."

If we can get everyone on this website to spread the word about putting a sign in their window for the month of march that say: TERM LIMITS NOW!

We could have hundreds of thousands of people.

Heck, you know, this protest could go on for as long as we wanted it to. We could say that we're not taking down the signs until we get a constitutional amendment for term limits.

The word could spread....and maybe if the politicians see that everyone in the US is demanding TERM LIMITS NOW, they might pass a constitutional amendment requiring term limits.

The virtual "march in march" could turn into a summer-long protest!

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posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 06:05 AM

Originally posted by nikiano
reply to post by freedomandliberty

Well, I don't have any idea how to make a video or put something on you tube, but thanks for the idea. I'll consider it....if I can figure out how to do it!

I just figured out what to call it, though....

The "March" in March!

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Ron paul held a march last summer, it really did not do much as
far as I can see.

I am predicting that ppl are plugged into 100's of channels of sports,
britney, and whatever other diversions are out there.

List of marches on DC

Here is a list of all the marches, and in recent times as far as I am
concerned I do not think they have the impact they used to.

The only peaceful thing I see going on that has some teeth is the
states declaring sovereignty, and if they get a 2/3rds majority
it could be a Constitutional Convention.

My concern at that point is they will hijack it to birth the NAU.

They will wait til most of America is in a shambles and desperate
and then offer the Amero and NAU, but we are just sheep being sheared
and they mean to skin us, and you only get to skin a sheep once
so they are making sure it goes just right.

I wish you marchers luck, and I wish the revolutionaries luck,
but I just want to let you know they are ready for you.

Small female protester bashed in the face with a nightstick by black boot thug

I will not be attending needless to say, over the hills and far away.

Good Luck to you all !

posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 09:36 AM
I am now spreading my idea to all my friends on "facebook" and via e-mails.

Maybe instead of calling it a March, we should now just call it a "protest."

The "Nationwide Protest of 2009"??

I am also still going to run off bumper stickers and hand them out to people I know with flyers about putting protest signs in your windows for the entire month of March, and longer, if needed.

I hope some of you will join me.

I know that this is a far cry from a the March on Washington of the 50 state March that I originally had in mind.... but in the end, I think it will be more peaceful, and there is more potential for a lot more people to take part in a protest it if it's easy, peaceful, and safe to participate.

Ok, I'm going to work on making a you tube video. Then I'll post a link.

posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 10:10 AM
"Walk on Washington"...Time for Voices to make a Difference Again!

I'm Cross Posting on this Thread as we're both trying to Achive the same thing and I've included this Link on my Thread. I'm holding my "Walk on Washington" Friday February 20th 2009 so we won't overlap. At this rate we could have a different Protest Sponsored by a different Thread for quite awhile good Idea!

posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 02:10 PM
reply to post by Hx3_1963


I'm working on my website right now for my "virtual march on washington 2009"

Mine is going to start March 1st and end March 31st, so my protest will follow yours.

I'm also allowing people to e-mail me at my website, and tell me about future protests, and I'll post them on my website.


Ok, here is my website that I've temporarily created.

I have to leave for work now, but I'll be back later to work on it some more.

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posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 02:20 PM
reply to post by nikiano

Most Highly Excellent. Viva La Resistance!!!

BTW: My Signature is a Hybrid Einstein'er

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posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 02:25 PM
I'm with ya. I for one have sacrificed alot to just be in this country. (Immigrant) and I don't want to see it get ruined by a bunch of greedy morons with little knowledge of a Constitution they swear by. Disgusting really.

posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 02:31 PM
reply to post by projectvxn

It is kind of Sad isn't it? They "Swear" to uphold it...yet have no idea of the meaning behind the words...

People becoming new Citizens probley study/know more than they do...and respect it more...

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