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WAR: Several Countries Urge Foreign Civilians to Flee Iraq

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posted on Apr, 14 2004 @ 01:58 AM
After a week-long spate of kidnappings and hostage-takings in Iraq involving civilian journalists and aid workers, several countries are now calling for their citizens to leave the country for their own safety. The kidnappings have continued in what is believed an effort to intimidate Coalition forces to pull out of Iraq.

France, Germany and the Czech Republic have encouraged its citizens to flee Iraq amid mounting violence.
Russia plans to withdraw 816 aid workers after 11 citizens were kidnapped and subsequently released in the war-torn nation.
Bulgaria has allowed its forces in Iraq to leave the country if they wish.
The Phillipine government is considering a total withdrawl of its nearly 100 humanitarian workers.
New Zealand is also considering removal of its 61 engineering troops.
Spain and Thailand are also considering withdrawal of their troops because of the increased danger to Coalition civilians.

Iraqi insurgents have kidnapped civilians from nearly a dozen countries in recent days, including civilians from Japan, China, Russia, the Czech Republic, France, Italy, Canada, and others. Many have been released unharmed, but at least 40 remain captive.

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[Edited on 14-4-2004 by Banshee]


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