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Interesting Grant Cameron Interview... Great Points, all should watch.

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posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 03:21 PM
Hi I am new to ATS today because of this interesting video by James Cameron(I have been a lurker for 2 years lol). He has many great points about why disclosure has not happened and the history of U.S. involvement with E.T. To me, he seems genuine but even if he is not he makes you think about the fact that if the government indeed has knowledge of ufos etc, this is most likely what has been happening. The last 10-15min are the most important. So if you dont want to watch the wholel 50 min make sure to atleast watch the last ten or so when he talks about disclosure.

Also this is the sound clip of Grant cameron asking Cheney over the radio about being briefed on UFOs.

This is going to sound very redundant of past threads but just read.....Take home message here is that the government is not being asked directly by the media and reporters seriously about UFOs. I cant believe that the US citizens who have either seen for themselves or heard on t.v. about ufos and dont care at all. I honestly dont understand what people think when they see on the news ufo clips like this, which just happened recently
Do people look at that and say, I think those are just jets in the sky or looks like someones wedding with chinese lanterns?!?!.... And after all of these legitimate sightings the government has nothing to say about it except those were our own jets etc... Oh yea thats right, I forgot that seeing floating and brightly colored lights are typical US aircraft. Also about UFOs that the government says that they seriously have no idea what they are .... then why aren't people concerned and asking, Isn't this concerning national security, especially after 9/11?( but oh wait thats a hoax lol)..... Why are not people asking, Can we start to investigate these sightings because I am concerned about my personal safety?
Seriously people, we need to start speaking up some how and get the attention of the media. We need to ask more questions directly to the president that we want our tax dollars funding the investigations of unknown aircraft on our soil. We should say... I believe that these unknown crafts could be aiding the planning of an attack on the US and I want these sightings investigated. Im sorry ive been rambiling but its just scary thinking how not seriously this subject is taken.


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