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reptilians and Edmund Niziurski

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posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 03:16 PM
Hello everyone!
I've been reading ats for a few moths and researched various conspiracies for about a year now so i'm quite fresh in the topic . This is my first post so from the start i wanted to excuse myself for my english. The most extraordinary theory to me is that there is race of reptilians that's controling our lives through the illuminati and other secret societies as told by David Icke.A few days ago I've stumbled upon a book, the autor Edmund Niziurski is a famous (in poland) polish writer who wrote several novels for children aswell as several for adults.One of those books was written in 1987 and released in 1989 , it is called "Gwiazda Barnarda" or "Tajemnica Dzikiego Uroczyska" (the book has two titles) it's polish for "The star of barnard" or "the mystery of the wild swamp". Let me translate a short summary of the books plot for you. Quote "
The Star of Barnard

The book "Star of Barnard" is about a high school student Romek Pitucki, who one day stumbles upon a ufo in a nearby swamp. Onboard he was examined by Eechtons a race of reptiles from the barnard star system seeking candidates for spies and collecting human genetic code.During his three time presence onboard a ufo, in a duplicated body and also disguised as a reptile on their own planet he discovered that this civilisation who is profesing a egoistic point of view is planning an invasion on earth.He tried to oppose them,however he only succeded in delaying the invasion. He was traced by alien spies and harassed by them at night so was his family and close friends.He paid a big price for his deeds as he experienced a memory loss and a strange head surgery of some kind and he probably never recovered.It happened so because he tried to find more evidence that would uncover the reptilian plans. He however succeded to warn some of his fellow men about the invasion. The plan of the invasion was to collect enough "bio" from humans and was as follows:
1. Earth suits collonisation because of its chemical composition
2. The only drawback is a low temperature. it has to be raised and people have to be evicted from certain places.
3. The evicted people have to be placed on "cattle" farms and gradually the older and the useless ones have to be eliminated. Through genetic engineering the age suitable for the collection of "bio" has to be lowered from about 25 years to 10-15 years.
4. After collecting the "bio" , the human leftovers are to be grinded to comestible intended for the stupidest and lowest in hierarchy reptilians.
All this with consciousness that the human race is inteligent (sometimes more than the reptiles) and that it had made a big technological proggress. Dangerously close to the reptiles (with the technological difference of about 300 years) " unquote .Correct me if i'm wrong but as far as i know Niziurski was the first one to describe reptilians in such a manner. I wonder, did Icke base his claims on that unpopular novel? or is Niziurski a medium of some kind. Now i'm not saying that i believe or disbelieve any of those claims,because we will probably never see any proof for it and probably noone will ever prove it wrong either. It's hard to live with the consciousness that everything you know could be untrue and that your belief system can be trashed practically every day and has to be rearranged in the light of new information. I would be gratefull for some comments on that

posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 05:47 PM
Probably not the best forum to post this in

Reptilian topics are not allowed in the UFO forum.

The Skunk Works or Gray Area forums are probably the best place to post this. Don't re-post it though, a moderator will move it over when they come across it.


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