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Healthcare, Parks, Schools, Zoo's about to get cuts - Budget Meltdowns in States

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posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 08:22 AM
State Governments are now about to take those steps, which will hurt us the most, Schools, Healthcare, Transportation, Parks and Zoo's are about to be affected by the budge crisis here.

link to article:

I had thought a long time ago, once the schools are affected, people who have had their heads buried in the sand, will wake up and start taking notice.

They have plundered reserves, enacted hiring freezes and engaged in all manner of budgetary voodoo to shield us from the pain.

But now state governments -- reeling from a historic free fall in tax revenue -- have run out of tricks. And Americans are about to feel it.

"The easy budget fixes are long gone," Corina Eckl, fiscal program director for the National Conference of State Legislatures, said in a statement. "Only hard and unpopular options remain."

Now will people start standing up? Our schools, healthcare, parks are going to be affected................... but the bankers still get billions?????????????????????????????????????????

That leaves lawmakers in the Olympia statehouse slugging it out over what to cut.

The governor has proposed pay freezes and layoffs for teachers and other state employees, a $350-million reduction in funding for higher education, closure of 13 state parks, early release for low-risk prisoners, and a 42% reduction in the state's popular health insurance program for the working poor -- a program that provides last-resort coverage to 104,000 people.

The plan also would eliminate cash grants and health insurance for about 16,000 state residents who are temporarily disabled. The proposal wasn't some exaggerated public relations ploy to lure federal stimulus cash: In fact, it already factors in about $1 billion in federal aid. The reality has been sobering for a state that has prided itself on generously funded social programs.

Yes, lets cut those MOST NEEDED things and education, so we can keep giving "Wall Street" their same way of living in those million dollar homes, wow we can't let those "poor" guys be affected too badly.

Let's make sure our children, and every other American citizen suffer first, before the very rich suffer.....................

What I say is...................................@$%##@ them!!

Give those billions to the people--- and do NOT LET OUR SCHOOLS SUFFER!

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posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 08:30 AM
It is truly getting tougher for everybody. Maybe some of these schools will reduce their sports budget and the outrageous amount they pay their coaches. That could help trim the fat.

I expect legislature to tax everything they possibly can in order to raise more revenue. I am sure the definition of sin tax will be redifined in these epic mpoments. How about a sin tax on doughnuts and other fat products?

The reality is that state government as well as federal government needs to scale back. There are a lot of redundancy and ineffective outdated programs that are no longer warranted.

posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 08:34 AM
Well they are getting ready if congress pass the house version of the bill or get away with all the cuts that Republicans wants in the economical stimulus.

See in order to cater once again to the wealthy they need to trim down the programs that states now are finding themselves in need to cut in order to survive.

And yes . . . that includes education, research, energy and infrastructure. .

So at he end of the day or may I say the economical stimulus what in the heck are we are going to be presented with.


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