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Nerve agent may be missing from Utah Military Chemical Depot

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posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 06:45 AM
It seems the military's accounting of chemical weapons is just as good as their nuclear weapons. The Utah Chemical Depot can not confirm nerve agents stored there, was actually destroyed.

link to article: Nerve Agent may be missing

But auditors concluded, "The (Army Chemical Materials) Agency didn't have complete assurance that amounts recorded in the system were accurate, which increased its chances for heightened levels of program scrutiny by federal, state and international organizations that have a vested interest in the elimination of chemical weapons."

Ok, it seems we have from 07 the nukes which were accidently flown across the U.S., suppose to be 6, but only 5 arrived:

Thread here:'

Then we have that rats with blubonic plaque are possibly missing from a lab:

Now we are completing the circle with chemical weapons possibly missing.

It seems the U.S., may have let a complete WMD package out.

I thought our government was suppose to be accountable to the people and careful with WMD.

While the Aug. 26 report said a good job was done recording the amounts of most types of chemical munitions destroyed, auditors found discrepancies between how much nerve agent had been recorded as stored in one-ton containers, and how much was actually destroyed.

"They did not have effective procedures in place to ensure amounts destroyed were accurately recorded in the (electronic recording) system. Consequently, CMA didn't have complete assurance that amounts recorded in the system were accurate," the report said.

Auditors also said no reviews into discrepancies — even when some large ones of up to 20 percent for some containers were noticed — were conducted because rules and contracts only required them if records for all ton containers at one site were off by 5 percent after their destruction was completed.

Then here is some news about the lab Anthrax originated from a couple of years ago, the Army suspended bioresearch at, last week due to their accounting of bio agents.

link to article:

Army officials have suspended most research involving dangerous germs at the biodefense laboratory at Fort Detrick, Md., which the F.B.I. has linked to the anthrax attacks of 2001, after discovering that some pathogens stored there were not listed in a laboratory database.

The suspension, which began Friday and could last three months, is intended to allow a complete inventory of hazardous bacteria, viruses and toxins stored in refrigerators, freezers and cabinets in the facility, the Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases.

One scientist, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to comment, said samples from completed projects were not always destroyed, and departing scientists sometimes left behind vials whose contents were unknown to colleagues. He said the Army’s recordkeeping and security were imperfect but better than procedures at most universities, where research on biological pathogens has expanded rapidly since 2001.

So, my question is, how much biological, chemical weapons are out there, due to the government not keep correct account of them?

So another question, when some "terrorist" attack happens in the U.S. with biological or chemical weapons, where will the government look and who will they accuse?

posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 07:15 AM
I already made a post in another thread about this same topic....but this is much more informative on the subject! S&F for you!!!

And my guess....they will find someone to blame it on and say "Remember awhile back when we announced.....WELL IT WAS HIM!!!"

....who knows though...

as for military not keeping accurate had to be crazy to think we ever did!!!

posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 07:17 AM
reply to post by b0n3zassassin

Sorry, I did not see the thread you created, and thank you for liking mine.

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