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My friend saw alliens

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posted on Feb, 13 2009 @ 03:13 PM
reply to post by Jeanne2006

I have a friend who had an experience where she communicated with beings one could call alien, while under the influence of "magic mushrooms"

She actually believes the experience contains some truth to it, though she recognizes it was a result of the drugs.

It is also reported that people who suffer from sleep paralysis experience seeing alien like beings.

Other than that, any personal experience involving aliens, imagined, or not, if it is introspective (mental) is not something that the person can show other people, so there is not a whole lot one can do with a report like that.


posted on Feb, 13 2009 @ 05:50 PM
Hello TheWriter, thank you again for your comments, and I will do my best to reply, again I'm not looking to disagree or agree, but rather present my opinion in the best way I can, politely and in a friendly way.

Originally posted by TheWriter
Here a few thoughts …
If a person admits to hear voices then I would ... I guess it is mandatory.

Thank you for accepting my point(s), basically that is all I wanted to suggest, that we atleast consider mental heatlh issues, not make it the 'general' rule or anything biased or specific in the matter.

Originally posted by TheWriter
To communicate with aliens may sound crazy, but in the realm of possibilities.

As I have previously posted, I agree with you that it is possible even if it is highly unlikely and I am well aware of meditation to meet these ends. Honestly, I am open minded on the topic, I've heard about meditation being a useful tool in contacting Ets, raising consciousness and entering into a diaglogue with Ets. Although, you must forgive me for staying skeptical to a degree, bu then again, surely everyone should be careful not to simply believe in anything and everything.

Originally posted by TheWriter
It may be considered as a belief system, but once a person has gained experience, belief system is replaced by knowledge.

I think this in itself is a belief system with respect. But concerning the two biggies as it were, I don't think it's particularly wrong for people to fall into either camp.

1. Religion: Although I don't adhere to religion or specifically one single religion and I disdain of the dogma and rhetoric etc, if people want to band about claiming they are enlighted due to Jesus or Buddha etc, then aslong as they aren't violent I have no problem with them.

2. Science: If people want to measure the universe with gieger counters and labratory tests then so be it, we are all continuously made to believe that science is humanities shining star amongst the darkness but when there are so many troves of anomalies and phenomena (unexplaind:unknown) facing us in sheer oposition to so-called respected evidence or theory, we surely must re-address our perspectives, and re-investigate evidence.

Originally posted by TheWriter
... A priest would not like to have anyone to talk to God (provided God is real). The Church would lose power and influence over this person ...

To be honest I don't think there's anything sinister or untoward going on in churches up and down the country, either in the preisthood or any other religious distinction. I think it's simple common sense with regard to hearing voices although there maybe religious individuals who aggree the OP's friend has heard something not off this world, not all of them follow the dogma to the point of discarding any outside thoughts.

Originally posted by TheWriter
I am rather disappointed that many skeptics don’t even bother to experiment or do something entirely open-minded to find out for themselves what’s real and what just a lie is. I have the impression that many skeptics rather attempt to debunk everything instead of having own experiences. Attempts to debunk are probably funnier, I assume.

I have always said I agree on this score in my posts on this thread, I am always questioning the need for investigation where there is none concerning phenomena or related topics. Though I think they debunk anything that mainstream science has chosen to ignore simply because they think they are doing the right and logical thing, rather than for amusement or anything negative.

Anyway, thank you for your comments TheWriter and please feel free to interject and converse with my replies, I look forward to reading, although honestly, my intention wasn't to disagree with you purposefuly, I just wanted to add my own humble voice.



posted on Feb, 14 2009 @ 04:25 AM

Part 1 of 2

Dear maarduk,

I don't seek agreement or disagreement. I also agree with you about not disagreeing purposefully. This is only a nice exchange of opinions, thoughts, and experiences. I am only worried about my atrocious spelling and grammar mistakes.

I enjoy good discussions but this is very time consuming and I have some sort of a life, so my future responses may be a bit shorter LOL

All right, now back to the topic …

Originally posted by maarduk

Originally posted by TheWriter
It may be considered as a belief system, but once a person has gained experience, belief system is replaced by knowledge.

I think this in itself is a belief system with respect. But concerning the two biggies as it were, I don't think it's particularly wrong for people to fall into either camp.

This is exactly the crux. The pivot point. The paradox. People go to school, university and whatnot. Nobody actually knows anything at all, because everything you know is information from someone else. So, metaphorically spoken, your body is nothing but a huge stamp pad, where everyone pushes his/her stamp on you; the stamp is an equivalent to someone else's thoughts, opinions, and supposed knowledge. The only thing that is left is a person who is in conflict, because stamps (labels) of you have to believe this, you must accept that, this is right, this is wrong, etc. - was imposed on an individual.

Now, I understand where you are coming from. Experience is a belief system with respect. If you claim to have experience something, then science wants to have testable results. Physical proof. But science is just another stamp on one's body. Nobody on this planet can prove that he or she loves his or her parents. Nobody can prove to have watched the news. Sure, you can tell me the news, but you could have gathered the information everywhere. Science can't tell me what's inside a black hole. Stephen Hawking's book titled "A Briefer History of Time" gives no answers, but he leaves quite eloquently the inconvenient parts out; these are those parts he knows he can't answer. Anyone with an open mind will find out that things such as big-bang, black-hole, expansion of the universe, infinity, etc. - is all just a concept and if we stop sugar coating it, it becomes nothing but a huge belief system. Nobody knows for sure if there was ever a big bang.

So that's stuff I reject to accept, because it is a belief system. (Note: I can listen to something, but I don't have to accept it.) But what I have experienced is a completely different ballgame. I can't speak for others and therefore I could only represent my own cases. But when skeptics, and it is good to be skeptical (note: there is a difference between skeptical and gullible) say this is just a figment of your imagination and you have no physical proof, then how does one want to prove it, if someone was visited by aliens, or whatnot. Each person is a traveller on his/her own path. We can only agree or disagree, but each person knows deep inside whether he or she is honest to him or herself. This all all what truly counts at the end of the day.

[edit on 14-2-2009 by TheWriter]

posted on Feb, 14 2009 @ 04:27 AM

Part 2 of 2

One of many articles I wrote in the past is titled Religion. (note: it was a PDF slide show) - so I will paste each slide ... that's why it may look a bit weird ... I want to put it into this posting, because you have made the point that everything is a belief in a certain respect. So here it is:

There are approximately six billion (six thousand million) people on this planet.

This tells us that we have at least six billion religions on this planet.
Incredible, isn’t it? But …

… what is religion?

And does religion necessarily mean that someone has to have a religious faith?

At first we should know that religion is a noun that describes the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power,especially a personal God or gods.

So it is all about faith, right?

Well, not really. It describes a particular system of faith and worship, but religion is also by its very definition …

… a pursuit or interest followed with devotion.

This definition leads us straight to the six different kinds of religion in their various levels.

is the first level of religion

is the second level of religion

is the third level of religion

is the fourth level of religion

is the fifth level of religion

is the sixth level of religion and its final stage

… so …

… every person on this planet holds one or several of the above-mentioned levels of religion or even a combination of them.

It is interesting to see, in which stages religion can be categorized, and how fanaticism and the extremely common close-mindedness builds up in this hierarchy to finally reflect the inability of questioning one’s belief system.

People who are caught in the web of religion, incapable of questioning their beliefs, are suffering from religio.

It is interesting to see that religio stems from Latin and means obligation.

Any person who has turned blind in the quest of finding the truth should know that there is nothing to fear in questioning one’s belief system.

NOTE: One of the very few things we have left are our own opinions. I reserve the right to voice myself.

There are numerous aspects that cannot be addressed in a forum. It needs a book, probably a huge tome to make sure nothing is forgotten. Anyone please feel free to comment and take this beautiful piece of writing apart.


[edit on 14-2-2009 by TheWriter]

posted on Feb, 14 2009 @ 08:30 PM
Hi TheWriter,

I got your message thanks, I just read it, I wasn't annoyed at all so don't worry, I would have messaged back but I need 20 posts to do that, but thanks for your message it was kind of you.

Concerning your two part posts about religion, I don't disagree with your opinions and points although personally I don't have that much interest in religion, yes I find an interpretation of scripture interesting, and also spiritual aspects to the whole thing, but then again, I believe in the Ancient Astronaut theory so what do I know lol.

I have tried to converse with religious types before and didn't get very far, basically it's hard to have an open minded conversation where both have to atleast accept the other's point of view in some manner and be willing to let that acceptance change their views.

Two Mormon Christians came to my house last year, and I didnt' want to turn them away, they were missionaries, and I invited them in for a chat, I politely explained that yes I believed in God, Jesus, although I couldn't simply join one religion as I said I believed most of the religions of the world came from the same place, that being our Et visitors.

They seemed to accept that but then went onto quote the bible saying I was essentially believing in false Gods. I didn't invite them back after this, I found that offensive, in no way had I opened the bible and tried to turn anything against them.

I find the whole discussion about religon too general, I mean anyone can believe anything, there's no hard facts involved, no real evidence, so it's personal opinion, and well, aslong as that's not fanatical and dangerous to others, I think it's all well and good.

As the original OP was about his friend talking to Ets, I don't wish to sidetrack and go on about religion, but if you want to refer to any of my points and make comments then feel free.



posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 03:09 AM
Im new here, of course, and this topic really stood out to me.

I've seen alot of postings on the alien/ufo topics saying, "Well, I dont have proof or evidence" or "no one will believe me."

As for this topic, I've experienced exactly this. Its not easy to talk about, and no one has ever really believed me except my dad.

When I was about, 5 or 6, I had a dream or mental phenomena of a UFO that just about landed in our backyard. I remember my dad holding me, and as it was landing, a huge gust of wind - stronger than a helicopter landing - had hit us. After that, I was on the craft.

A little boy was with me, and he seemed very happy, like he'd experienced this before. A small "extraterrestrial" gave me a full tour of the craft. It was HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After the tour, came a huge room. I'd say about 12 to 15 greys stood in a row. They all wore metallic looking clothing. And they were very short. I felt a sense of fear, but they had spoke to me and I felt better. One of the greys, gave me a glass rose, it was all see through.

Like I said, this was mental or a dream, but it definitley was VERY real. I have wanted some sort of contact with them again, or possibly an explanation as to why they would contact me like this....???

As for the glass rose, I opened my eyes with one right next to me on my pillow.
Now, that's weird.

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