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Abolishing entire corrupted federal government! The only

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posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 01:20 AM
Putting foreclosures in stay and stimulus packages are being talked about daily. What about those that lost homes and businesses at the beginning? There are people out there without jobs, homes and the credit rating necessary to try and rebuild their lives.

Credit ratings have become the soul means of existing in this world. Working class people have had zero wage increases for over twenty years now. Some have even had their salaries decline? In the last twenty years, there have been very few ways for working people to keep up. They've either had to work more hours, have their spouses work full time or make sacrifices to their quality of life?

Most have sacrificed health care insurance long ago. Humble vacations, if any, have been the norm for years. Couples with children have little choice? Child care is sometimes near equal to the lousy paying job it affords to the second parent?

We are in debt because we have been left behind! Cost of living never stops inflating and everyone excepts that. What shouldn't be excepted is stagnant wages and uneven rates of increase? The only things staying ahead seem to be the ones paid for by lobbyists? Fairness today comes at a price. That price is paid directly to our lawmakers, and if nobody representing your particular interests is paying one, your interest may as well not exist?

If you want "change" so bad, this is where to start. Obama has never once showed a hint of this kind of change? Anyone holding out hope for this man must be blind? He's right about needing change, but wrong to think he can provide it.

Supporting state government to separate from Washington is "Change We Can Believe In!". The federal government has proven itself corrupt and must be torn down completely for us to have real change. When Millitary Industrial Complex controls foreign policy, Pharma controls FDA, Monsanto controls HHS and Mega Retail Corps. control the rest, Washington must go! When congressmen like Daschel are making over $5 million a year, they all have to go!

posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 01:26 AM
Good topic.

I know lots of people who are barely able to stay housed and afford food, let alone healthcare. Beyond that, you can forget about saving anything to get ahead.

So frequently it seems lately that we hear about the middle class being left behind, but what about the poor?

posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 03:41 AM
I agree. States should recall all of the military personnel residing in their boarders and have a standing army to protect the interests therein.

With States engaging with each other's interests, the Federal Government could be forced through legislation together under the tenth ammendment to set up a real checks and balances coop government, including the control of WMDs and other sensitive materials, force the greedy and conspiring traitors within America to be held accountable. Pentagon lost trillions, FED infusions of dollars to the insiders who profit from misconduct and ruthless policies at the expense of the commonwealth of an entire nation. It's a complex thought individually, but collectively, we need to take back government, prosecute the traitors, seal the boarders and establish a multi=currency republic where every state may coin money backed by precious metal.
Fiat depreciation should be exchanged for real goods and assets held by these debt issuing profiteers and entities down to the last nut and bolt on their extravagent mansions and sea vessels, so the confiscation of each will cover a small amount of the theft and pilfering these psychopaths have been hoarding.

Dismantle all internal departments under federal control and seize the assets of power monger institutions world wide.

Just as no boarder was to be a haven for purported terrorists, a multi-state controlled military should hunt every traitor, and asset world wide across any border.

I'm sure many sovergn European countries and those south of the equator would ally with us, and as rogue nations flex in opposition should they chose to do so, will be dealt with accordingly.

If a global coop can succeed, OPEC and the 13 bloodlines can be hunted with a handsome bounty reward as well. China may well chose to join or attempt a world takeover, but I believe if they observe such a global movement for a bit rather than act in haste, they too will prosper from the resulting demise of millenia of corrupt rule and law.

OPEC can ring their sandy oil dust bowl by dist bowl as the real New World Order, the rightous one turns it's back on "Fossil fuels" and incorporates the weath of supressed alternate, clean, more powerful energy sources, such as hydrogen (water power), zero point, electromagnetic, and all of the Tesla revolutionary supplies, and more.

Pharma will lose to the farm, as cures and maintenence against disease and health concerns will no longer be illegal and sup

gotta go, the granddaughter just blew chunks over two beds, and all the goodies, and bloody nose included. Time for an early spring cleaning. It always astounds me how much curdled stuff comes out of a little human. This'll take awhile.

posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 03:53 AM
reply to post by Zerbst

Some states are working on it, they are reasserting their sovereignty.

8 or 9 for sure, and 12 considering joining them.

My only concern is the Fed may declare martial law.

In fact, I'd bet on it.

Any who resist are going to the FEMA amusement park.

Fun and games for all.

Bug out bag is ready to go.

Good Luck to you all !

posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 03:53 AM
The trouble with the credit markets is that credit becomes another currency and causes inflation.


The cost in education increased dramatically because more and more loans were being given out.

The cost of vehicles increased because people could just finance them.

The housing bubble was mainly caused by easy to get mortgages.

And on and on....

The entire economy inflated due to credit so the only way to survive in this economy was to go into debt. The need to go into debt to operate just ramped up the cycle.

The government is a huge part of the problem.

When government borrows and spends, it just inflates the economy by huge amounts. There is a reason for the expensive government contracts, the fat government worker pensions, the $20,000 hammers and toilet seats.

Why should basic goods and services be at reasonable prices when here is someone (the government) that can borrow huge amounts of money and by goods and services at much higher prices?

This entire system has been churned sky high, it will be abolished one way or another, by either the angry citizenry or by its own weight.

posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 04:42 AM
reply to post by wutone

Unfortunately, I doubt very much the "citizen" will do anything - at least, to alleviate the situation. I hope I'm wrong though, but activism seems to be a sin these days.

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