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Just a thought on whats comeing.

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posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 03:19 PM
Ok,.. this is my very first post on ats,so be nice and excuse my bad spelling

so according to the translation of zacharia stichen and the sumerina text,who by the way spent fifty yearts of his life translating the text,,thats a big thing to do ,,the kind of thing you wouldnt do if it seemed your findings where flawed or incorect,fifty years people,,thats alot of time to wast on being wrong,,
so let just say he's close to being right ,,if that is true then what he has translated tells us alot of things,amazing things,,i know some of you will just dismiss this and say its nonsense since it dosnt meet up with your ideas about religion,but thats the thing it seems to say religion is so much more ,it gives detaild ,more detaild accounts of the bible stories,,it speeks of dna manipulation,,it speaks about the face on mars ,,it speaks about the medicle station called e.den by name,where the adamu where created.
It also speake about another civilization coming from a planet told about 1000's of years ago found by nasa resently, it explains balbalek ,the pyramids,stone henge,nasca lines,north american civilzations,and south american civilizations,it tells of the moon and the planets formation,
gold has been valued through out time as haveing worht ,,yet it can not be used to make tools, or wepons,it only had ornimentle value here on earth yet whole civilizations grew up around gold,,
now this is the part for these times,,i think thats what all the mystry religions are ,and what it is that the templars knew ,what the illuminoti know,hense what the bilderberger know,and that is that this advanced race of beings from a planet that requires gold dust to be injected into its atmosphere in order to survive the extreams of its elongated orbit.
the knowledge that these beings are soon to return having been gone for 3600 year intervles,,only being one solar year for them ,also hence giving them the aperance of being gods with imortality,the gold dust in their atmospher giving the angels their glowing golden skin,and fair complection. i belive that this is the big secret ,that they are coming and they want gold ,,and those in this planet percive that they might be able to be among the chosen few to be taken,the ones with all the gold,
while the rest of us run around marvleing to government holgrams,for some mkultra for others ,extermination,internment camps and death for those of us who know and can share the truth, some will cull up in a ball beleaving its the rapture ,some will break out into war,whole countires,ohters will see indipendance day aliens invading and will mistakingly fight,other will just curl up and die,and with all this confusion they will buy their way into golden streets,with golden walkways(its raining from the atmosphere),thats whatall the talk of war and the controled predicted finacial collapes,media onslot of aliens ,ghosts,spirits,.
i beleave that this is exactly whats going on,i beleve we are being distracted with nuke scares,terror plots,middle east war,
all of it i think they know and have known always,thats what internment camps are for,us the one who have pute it together,,
sure call me crazy but just look at all the peices,,copartmentelized conspiracys work for them,pute them all togehter and what do you have ,but what i have found,it all fits how can it not be,, but im sure the spooks have read this before iv even sent it,but who cares to many know already but i just wnated to say it already,so do what you think you have to

freedom of the truth is what we need

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