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Hysteria or something more?

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posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 03:00 PM
I am a skeptic. You can tell most anything and I will have a series of questions. However, I had one encounter when I was younger that I can’t question because my brain simply won’t wrap around it.

My sisters first house backed on to a vacant patch of woodland. There was no car access, you would have to walk in. It was a quiet area, so coming in on a motorcycle or ATV would have been noticeable. Really, there was NOTHING there that anyone would venture into the woods for. There were plenty of other spots that kids/people went out and partied.

About a month after she lived there, she was lying in bed one night, drifting off. The woods were light. Freaked out, she looked out the window (crouched in the bed, hoping whoever it was wouldn't see her, I suppose.) She described it as a column of light. The bottom of it was in the woods and it continued as high as she could see. It seemed to go up infinitely. She described the light as having no color... it looked like all colors, but none at the same time.

This went on intermittently for a few months, with no regular cycle. There was never any noise--she specifically noted the LACK of noise when it happened. She would be sleeping...mostly early in the morning, long before dawn. The light would wake her as it was vivid even through the blinds. During the time it was light, never more than a few minutes, it was a though she was unable to move. Now, she moved to see the light the first time, but repeat incidents led to her feeling like she was unable to move. (I figured it was fear paralysis, but who knows?) She described it as a complete lack of will to move from her position, not an overt 'you are stuck here' feeling. It got to the point where she accepted the weirdness. I suppose you would have to if you want to NOT go crazy.

Honestly, we all thought she was full of it, or making it up for fun. I had slept over many times and it had never happened, so it couldn't be true. One night, I couldn't sleep in the living room as I was creeped out. Nothing more than a crawling feeling...but enough to make me seek refuge in her room. Hours, minutes or who knows how long later, I woke up to the room alight. Almost bright like daylight. The light was blue...or green...or no color at all. There was no sound at all. No animals...crickets or the height of summer.

I was panicked. I wanted to get up and run but the feeling she described hit me. I didn't want to move. My brain did, my body was unwilling to obey it. I didn't feel heavy or weighted or anything other than a total lack of desire to move. The light cycled a bit, getting brighter and dimmer for a few moments and disappeared as fast as it had appeared. Several moments later, the crickets or frogs or whatever started up again. It was like it never happened. I wondered if I were having a very lucid dream. I heard her say my name and knew I was awake. I could feel my skin covered in goose bumps and I felt a little like I had stood up too fast...a bit dizzy and definitely unable to process the experience.

I fell asleep like a rock almost immediately. In retrospect, I can't understand HOW I slept or how I fell asleep so fast after something so freaky had happened. In the morning, she asked me if I believed her now. There is no answer to that. She moved out of the house a couple of years later and never had anything like it happen again.

Things that make me wonder: it happened along the 495 corridor in MA where there have been many sightings/happenings of strange things over the years, it managed to affect my physical abilities without seeming to be doing so, the woods went dead silent during the time and the light had NO color. It was white...but not white, cause it was blue, green and purple at the same time.

I don't have any other explanation for it. I don't know how you could produce a light that vivid or how you could make the light be colorless. So tell me...was it a hysterical reaction based on what she had told me...or more?

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