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The Final Contact

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posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 11:10 AM

Originally posted by JacobNH

Can you shed any more light on what the "Tihuanaco Door" is? Can anybody use it, or access it? Or will it only become open at a certain time?

Oh and will the "ray" become visible soon from the Crab Nebula? It will be directed into the Pyramid? Is this what they were created for?
Thanks for your time,

Tihuanaco are ruins found on Chile, on that site, there are several doors still standing, i don't remember very well but i think at least one is called "Sun's door".

Found this site with pics and more info:

Seems there are some pyramid ruins there!

Hope that one is useful to you.

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posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 11:28 AM
reply to post by Kaifan

Ah cheers for that mate,
Although i don't agree with your last comment,
I think he's genuine
But hey, thats your opinion
Don't want any disagrement


posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 02:08 PM
reply to post by FiatLux
Let me reiterate. I do feel my soul. What I mean is the Creator did not leave me much to work with. No clues. As you have. I don't understand that. I don't feel abandoned. But I do feel I need to gather as much info from as many sources as possible. I was sent a signal last year to start my journey, and I have poured my heart into finding direction ever since. I don't take everything I hear for absolute truth. The more info I have the more I can dissect the things I feel I need. Then I follow my gut feeling. I only follow myself. Sometimes good sometimes bad, but always another step. Two forward one back. About the attack thing, I feel that you think anyone who seeks guidance from others is a bad thing. Back to the dissection of information. Maybe we are not all as strong as you.

posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 04:19 PM

Originally posted by timewalker
About the attack thing, I feel that you think anyone who seeks guidance from others is a bad thing. Back to the dissection of information. Maybe we are not all as strong as you.

It is my believe that anyone has the right to try and fail, but, when someone knows already the outcome of certain events, either because he knows the final truth on that issue or because he has been walking the same path for a longer time, there is a responsibility that comes with that knowledge, and that is to make sure the message doesn't get destroyed or changed in the way.

When we find people who take a message and change it in ways that mislead people and may give false hope, we need and must stop that person, because, even if we will not be directly harmed by that wrong message, we can't just pretend not to notice other people who can and will be harmed. A lie is a lie, and nothing good will come out of it if you use it to try to live a better life.

In this case, we know, we can see through the lies, we have been showing the evidence and trying to avoid more damage, we care about you, that's why we are not giving up on showing the true nature of this communicates.

You are strong, if you weren't strong, you would not be looking for answers in the first place, and instead, you would be living a mindless life like a zombie who works to eat and eats to work, as lots of people do, but you have more than that within yourself, that's why you are here.

I feel that you think anyone who seeks guidance from others is a bad thing

What to do if i know the guidance you are seeking is not here? and instead you are going to get confused and mislead? that will slow down your growth and will send you in the wrong path, probably resulting in you never being able to find your answers. Should i just give up on you and, as commander said, just ' take care and "hasta la vista" ' ?

Or should i try my hardest at protecting the truth and the minds and souls of everyone i can.

I don't have all the answers, but i do know a few things, i can help as much as i am allowed by the people around me, but even if they don't realize it, sometimes i help more than they know.

All i can say to you is, the answers you are looking for, are not here, but, i can show you a few roads, if you like me too, without vague statements and without 'misterous ways ', just plain, simple words, with honesty and as much clarity as i can, other's here can do the same, and they will be glad to.

The only EGO i can see here, is the one from the op, who find happiness in seeing how others are mislead and turn into soldiers to his cause, without ever knowing they were fed lies and they were turned against the people who were trying to fight for them.

This is why i am bothered by this and other threads, because maybe you have made up your mind, and this has changed you into something you should have never been, and all of these because someone thought it was funny to come here and play alien. Sometimes, when someone changes like that, it is not possible to go back, and this means, if there was something really special there, and a lie destroyed that chance to bring it out, it will never become what it was supposed to be, and that in itself, is a crime against humanity, as little as it seems, as little as that idea, feeling, talent was.

Words words words, how many words, sorry for that.

And i still think i haven't said enough

Anyway, i have posted my request to stop this to commander, it is up to him to do so, or face the consequences of his actions against the people who believed him.

Life is not easy, mostly, is cruel, sorry.

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posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 04:41 PM
I knew even before I posted my question that the "commander" wouldnt answer it, instead he decided to go down the blind faith road...

This commander is a fake, end of story, noone who had the best interest of the human race at heart would deny us evidence if they knew of our nature

anyone who claims to have been with us for as long as he claims, surely must have witnessed the countless atrocities, wars and acts of injustice that have occurred because of people believing in something blindly.

The world has seen the devastation from these fanatics so I think you can excuse our lack of faith in your claims.

You say that we only want to "discover the fake", which is the worst assumption to make, human beings by nature are curious we want to know the truth, and throughout history we have shown this by countless brave adventures, but instead of taking someone's word as truth, like you want us to do commander, we seek the truth for ourselves and the best way to find the truth is to ask questions, and if someone doesn't want to answer these questions there's a very good chance that they're lying.

I really hope you feel some sort of guilt for providing people with false hope commander but with the way the world is today I doubt very much that you will.

posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 03:03 PM
I have an important question for you Commander,
How fast do your ships travel?
I take it they would go faster than the speed of light, as they have to cover amazing distances.
But Einstein's theory of relativity clearly states that nothing can go faster than the speed of light, and apparently he spent a few days on one of your planets called Colony.
Why would you tell im false information?

Im not saying your wrong or anything, just wondered really

posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 04:28 PM
Commander ly-on
San Pablo Lake

Dear members, please remember that when we give you answers, is like a dynamo to your bicycle. We give you the dynamo, you must use the bicycle. At the end of the road, there is the answer we want you to discover.

Tihuanaco, for example, is the dynamo.

Concerning the ships of the Confederation, we must tell you that we cannot give you details about its function, but just ideas.

We cannot give you details about the mechanisms of the ships, neither some peculiarities about propulsion, energy powers, power conversion or neutralization of dynamic negative space forces.

Remember we are in war with the Grays, (now battling in Aldebaran) and we cannot give you our military secrets, you would understand if US Air Force do not want to give secrets about its Stealth. Just a mistake, and China would give the coordinates to Serbian army, and you know what could happen, Serbian would shoot a missile to an “invisible” Stealth in the sky and destroy it. In this case, USA would have the typical revenge, destroying mistakenly a Chinese embassy.

You know those things happened.

Most of the ships you see on the skies, are made with materials are impossible to create or re-create on Earth. They are strong but at the same time, very elastic.
Inside the ships, exists an “own gravitational world” which keep us from the violent effect of ascending and turnings of the ships.

Ufos can perfectly control atomic and thermonuclear energies. Ufos can neutralize the negative effects of radiations and transform them onto new forms of energies used together with the same vibrations of the Sun, and Lumina vibrations.

We can fly nearly light speed, speed that anyway, can be reached easily. We say reached, as Mr. Einstein announced.

For example, a trip from Earth to our base on space situated a little more than 10 million km, takes 65 minutes.

A trip from earth to Jupiter, 760 millions of Km is about 1, 5 days.

You are all free to believe it or not.

Gumerk, the black president is the perfect man but he came in the wrong time.
It is too late.
Concerning the embryo, the embryos choose us, not us the embryos. You can make all the imaginable discussion about this matter, the reality is different.

We all are eternal, when we reach our last life. Meanwhile, we do learn until the end.

The DNA changes already happened, 30 years ago, and still happening now. 80% of the children are Indigos and we are happy to see them, nearly ready to change the Earth from the inside, together with the external changing factor that will take place in 2012.

Lots of people, unprepared and selfish, will be left behind. It is a normal consequence of their behavior.

thank you for your kind support.
You will have a gift very soon, just let us know when you will receive it.

The Great Pyramid, or Spoek Pyramid, as Spoek built it with the help of the Egyptian, is situated in the most important place on Earth, and it was not a coincidence, as usual. It was connected with the “original” Pyramid, which still works, in another galaxy, and there was a connection between the 2 pyramids in order to protect Earth from Gamma Rays coming from space.

It will work again soon, with the Crab nebula ray, not yet detected.

This last information was allowed to be post here by the Council of the Masters and canalized by our great chief in command, E-la.

posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 06:23 PM

Originally posted by commander ly-on
Tihuanaco, for example, is the dynamo.

Once again, denying real information and instead, a vague answer that at the end provides zero knowledge.

Concerning the ships of the Confederation, we must tell you that we cannot give you details about its function, but just ideas.

We cannot give you details about the mechanisms of the ships, neither some peculiarities about propulsion, energy powers, power conversion or neutralization of dynamic negative space forces.

But of course! we were expecting that anyway, so no surprise there.

Remember we are in war with the Grays, (now battling in Aldebaran)

Ufos can neutralize the negative effects of radiations and transform them onto new forms of energies used together with the same vibrations of the Sun, and Lumina vibrations.

Well it is a shame you weren't around at the time of the Chernobyl disaster.

A trip from earth to Jupiter, 760 millions of Km is about 1, 5 days.

He he he, the distance from Earth to Jupiter is not 760 million kms, that's the distance from the Sun to Jupiter,

The real distance from Earth to Jupiter:

Minimum distance: 588 million
Maximum distance: 968 million
Mean distance value: 628 million

More info here:

You are all free to believe it or not.

Thank you, i don't, and soon no one will do.

Gumerk, the black president is the perfect man but he came in the wrong time.

The name is Obama, Barak Obama, calling him the black president won't make you look more deeper or knowledgeable, or prophetic, so stop that.

It is too late.

Lets all lie on the floor and wait for the end of the world then.

Concerning the embryo, the embryos choose us, not us the embryos. You can make all the imaginable discussion about this matter, the reality is different.

What? again confusing statements engineered to mislead people so that they won't notice your failures and weak points, and instead get their minds focused on something else. easy to spot, when it is coming from you.

We all are eternal, when we reach our last life. Meanwhile, we do learn until the end.

Thank you for giving all this wisdom that is common sense and 'public domain' knowledge already. Also, wrong, we are eternal since the moment we came to be, we just move through phases, but our souls are eternal since the beginning, not just until 'the end', there is no end, just another cycle, here or somewhere else, otherwise souls wouldn't be eternal, don't you know anything at all?

Lots of people, unprepared and selfish, will be left behind. It is a normal consequence of their behavior.

Commander, i am starting to get the feeling that you were left behind already, maybe by the people who were the closest to you, and that's why you are here. You seem to be focused too much on this, you have mentioned several times that people who don't believe in you will be left behind, that speaks a lot about your current mental state.

I took the time to make this post just to have a bit of fun.

Next one will be slightly different in approach and content, sorry ly-on, but you had your chance, and instead, you decided to keep playing and ignoring the requests to come out clean.

It was up to you, it was very simple what was asked from you, and you have failed.

I got nothing else to say to you for now, but i will be back soon to stop this non-sense of yours.


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posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 06:40 PM
damn, kaifan went all in.

-sits back with a bowl of popcorn, and waits for round two-

posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 09:01 PM
reply to post by Kaifan

Check U2U

posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 09:35 PM
reply to post by commander ly-on

I hope the gift is a night of sleep. !

I don't want to get off the topic of your thread but I seem to bending physical human 'requirements'. I'm just not tired... i feel a little tired, but i'm not. I feel grounded.. but i just can't rest. I get to be almost asleep and I'll twitch or move and it brings me back to full conscious awareness.

I was asking about this in meditation last night (when I should have been sleeping). I'm still trying to figure it out. If this is the way things are to be right now, so be it.

And it appears I DID get off the topic of your thread. I appologize.

I'll be looking for the signs of this gift you speak of.


posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 04:41 AM
reply to post by commander ly-on


I'm starting to believe in you less and less,
I want you to be real but i can't allow myself to think you are when you give extremely vague answers - ALL THE TIME
If you are real, then I'm sorry but I just don't think you are anymore.
You made a few mistakes and backed most of your info up with complete blah blah that humans generally wouldn't understand, so you seem more real.
If I was a more scientific human being, there's no way i'd believe you were real, at the moment, all I'm going on is hope.
I hope you are real, and if something you have predicted happens, I'll come back to kissing you a-hole again,
But until then,
I'm gonna sit back and watch the fireworks


Edit : If you really live in the future, then you should know what everyone is gonna post, which would mean you should have an answer to this post and everyone elses. Just thought I'd throw that in there - why not eh?

[edit on 19/3/2009 by JacobNH]

posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 05:22 AM
I couldn't agree more with you on this Jacob, earlier on at the start I waited to see what would transpire but only felt that I was not only ignored but also avoided. I did fire up at this and so apologise to members that I did offend. Also threw some cheek at the op-but I am a cheeky one at times. I leave all up to the Creator who is in charge of our destiny. Cheers.

posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 07:54 AM
As I was walking up the stair, I met a man who wasn't there.
He wasn't there again today. I wish, I wish he'd go away...

posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 03:26 PM
Dear members,
The selection is over.

You did not follow your heart; you follow your “leader” without a name and without faith.
We saw the misery of the group, which is not a group at all, using terrestrial deductions in order to discover the fake by the strange mistake we made about a simply astronomical question

Our was a simply TEST in order to see who has faith and who is following the posts deductions, automatically. Or you could not deduce that we could, as a fake, go to your Internet to see the real distance from the Sun and Jupiter?

“a trip from earth to Jupiter, 760 millions of Km is about 1, 5 days.

You are all free to believe it or not.”

That was the code we was talking last time.

Anyway, ALL your distances from the Sun to EVERYWHERE are wrong.

You made a question which denotes the poorness of element you have about time consequences: if we live in the future, why not answer the forthcoming question.

We give an example: Commander ly-on, the dream of my 12 years old son is to be a doctor. You live in the future, can you tell me?
My answer: we know the answer, we won’t give you. Why? Because if we tell you that in 15 years your son will be a lawyer, you, from this moment, would stop, censored and deny his own dream: be a doctor. And when you son ask you to buy a book of medicine for kids, for the next Christmas, you’d probably buy a bycicle.

Kaifan you will never enter a spaceship
JacobBh you are on stand by.
Odette, you are on stand by
Alienmindflare you will see several Ufos, wait for the call.
Nightchild, you will feel the bad part of the alien contact
Irishwolf, you are on stand by
Happyface, you will see us
FiatLux, you will never see us
All seeing eyes, you are on stand by
Edrick, you are one of us
Timewalker, you are on standby
Embedded, you gave up alone
Primordal, we wanted you to participate more and you are on standIby
Jotech, you are on standby
Infinite, your luck of respect is famous, you are cancelled from the close encounter
Shadowland8, you are on standby
CavemanDD, you will see us

The others, in standby for poor participation

The contact will take place in Ecuador, Cochasqui pyramidal sacred ground, soon.
Of course, we know in advance, who, among the invited, will have the sheer nerves to see the great spaceships of light.

Life is easy or difficult
Depends on the way you live it

You are now free to reach the other topics and sum your questions to the other questions, a task without end

Commander ly-on
Leader of the Alias Union Contact
Planet Earth

posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 04:40 PM
Commander Ly-On I have not given up Alone- I can see very clearly the troubles we are all faceing in this world and to that -I shall Never give up- my strongest desire is for Peace, Harmony and Love in this World- A World that is United in Understanding for all of Our Brothers and Sisters- May we achieve this-if not in my Life time but one of the Future. Peace to you and your external family. -We Are All One..

posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 05:10 PM
on stand by??? i didn't purchase a ticket for this ride. i just came in here to see what info you would drop on us, and i must admit a fraction of it was very interesting. however, the stand by comment has me confused.

please explain what you mean by putting us on stand by.

posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 07:49 PM
If the gift was a whole different state of energy/vibration then gift received. I mean sure its hard getting out of bed in the morning but getting 2 hours of sleep doesn't seem to effect me.

haha.. well it does, but the effects don't feel physical per physical fatigue. I even went out a bought a pizza tonight, loaded with crap, including pepperoni.. at the time I thought... i want to slow down my vibration so i can get some damn sleep, hhaa..but now I'm thinking I wish I went the healthier route.. regardless, I was feeling tired after that but the energy is right back up again. Its a strange state because I am tired but I almost feel astral, as like the energy level doesnt feel percieved (or it could be because i am too unaware at the moment to realize it).. its just a conscious state and I keep going.

For a while I had put the intent out there to surpass the required amount of sleep. I had many nights this year and last where I chose not to sleep and I would see how it would affect my perception. I could not understand the process of how I would wear down with time. I felt like I was more in sync with where I was the longer I stayed there (waking reality I refer to).. yet it felt more chaotic, like balance of mind / chakras is hard to maintain over time. Some people think sleep is the subconscious way of saying "we screwed up". Perhaps we get a charge when we sleep that few of us realize. I believe its some sort of alignment / repair of the mind from higher dimensional energies or something of that nature. Either way, is it not interesting that each time you wake up it feels like a new life? It feels that way to me. Each day is unique in feel.

Again I can't say for certain what is happening to me or if it still is. I would ask my guides in meditation and they would hint something vague yet sometimes the vagueness contains much information beneath the initial interpretation.

I'll also say that I've noticed that my sensitivity to manifest things has increased a little bit. I'm getting more movement with very little effort out of my cardboard "psi wheel" I've been avoiding for a while.

Overall it's interesting times and I may not feel I know who or what is directly involved but I just take it as it is and know the answers I seek will reveal themselves to me (within me).

So you said to let you know when I got it. Well, I don't know if this is it, but i'm sharing it.

Ecuador eh? I was just in Peru. I want to head down to south america again soon, maybe even move there. It had a nice vibe about it but my lack of knowledge of the language and the situation kind of made me miss "home" a little. I'm used to feeling helpful and I feel my best when I can help others, not when I'm stuck in a stressful, languageless survival mode! haha. South america is great.

Ok now I need to go.
peace out, various entities of different frequencies and terrestrial-spacial "location."

posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 09:04 PM
Dear Friend Commander ly-on

You will know I cant express my thanks enough,for what has gone on within my own mind and with my own eyes and coincidences happening more and more.I knew it was just a matter of time years ago for me to see a UFO and my dreams and thoughts have took me aboard,,I have patience and will certainly carry on waiting.
My favourite quote

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Sometimes its good to analyze a sentence,,turn it around and get something completley different,,and that could be the answer.



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posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 09:37 PM

Originally posted by commander ly-on
Dear members,
The selection is over.

How convenient, don't tell me, you won't be coming back.

And what was your selection, those who can see how fake you are won't be coming along.

Well ly-on

I don't need to go into your spaceships, i know who you are, a fake, some guy in his 40s who lives in Quito, Ecuador who has never been able to fulfill his dreams and comes to this site trying to recruit people into his lame cult, that's who you are.

Next, i will prove to you how fake this guy is, and how easy he has changed from being a 'channeler' into this lame fantasy.

First go to this site, look for a comment made by 'Guest_sbriso_*', take note of the email address posted there and the date of the post, it was made on 2003.

Now, go to this site

Here, search for that same email address, this post is from 2000, apparently our guy use to have other hobbies before starting daydreaming about federations and stuff.

Next, go to this, and here, you will be able to find this post:

andrea detto, Novembre 4, 2008 @ 10:07 pm Ho letto 11 volte Papillon 8 volte in italiano, 2 in spagnolo, una in inglese La prima volta, avevo 18 anni, incominciai a leggerlo, di sera Dopo un po’ di tempo, mi viene da sbadigliare, e vedo che ora e’: le 2 di notte, avevo letto 273 pagine d’un fiato Dopo averlo letto per la decima volta, ho potuto parlare con lui, con il suo spirito: mi disse: siamo stati amici io e te, in una vita passata. Gli chiesi: cosa c’e’ da capire del libro? qual’e’ il messaggio? Mi disse: hai letto il mio libro 10 volte, e non hai ancora capito… l’ho letto per l’undicesima volta, ma non ho piu’ potuto parlare con il suo spirito

I don't understand Italian, but here is a babelfish translation:

I have read to 11 times Bow tie 8 times in Italian, 2 in Spanish, in English Before the time, I had 18 years, I began to read it, of evening After a little of time, it comes to me from sbadigliare, and I see that now it is: the 2 of night, I had read 273 pages of a breath After to have read it for the tenth time, I have been able to speak with he, its spirit: it said to me: I and you have been friendly, in a last life. The churches: what is from understanding of the book? what's the message? It said to me: you have read to my book 10 times, and you have not still understood? I have read… it for the eleventh time, but I have not been able to speak with its spirit again.

So commander, how it is that on Novembre 4, 2008 you were posting this, why do you need to read books 11 times and try to contact spirits, and fail like this, and then, the spirits refuses to see you again? so he left you behind, so it seems, but wait, weren't you supposed to be commander ly-on, who speaks with all the gods and spirits on a daily basis? who can go to other planets in his spaceships and control the force of the volcanoes, but yet, you need to read a book while trying to contact some spirit who rejects you because of your lack of understanding.

And now, i get to the core of this.

On this blog you can find what our commander was up to until about a year ago.

The site is in Spanish, but i hope a few here will be able to understand it or have some friends to some translation. On the profile of ly-on you can see the email is the same as previously stated.

Honestly, i got bored of trying to make sense of it, so I'll just quote here the most revealing posts, which i was able to make sense, by the way, these are extracts as i don't have enough time to translate the entire posts:

On wednesday, july 13, 2005:

wednesday, july 13, 2005 Un regalo del comandante Si-Xonam El primer día de mayo 2005, ...ofreció a Ly-on, Rona, Ela y Panchi (con su lindo hijo) la gran experiencia de un vuelo en helicóptero. Nuestro objetivo era Cinto, donde una semana después íbamos a tener la iniciación oficial por parte de los Maestros y Guias. (8 de mayo 2005)

English translation:

"wednesday, july 13, 2005, A gift from commander Si-Xonam the first day of may 2005, ... Offered Ly-on, Rona, Ela and Panchi (with his beautiful son) the great experience of a helicopter ride, Our target was Cinto, where a week later we were to have our official initiation by our Masters and Guides (8 May 2005) "

So commander, exited about the helicopter ride aren't you? but why, if you have all those spaceships that can go to any planet on our solar system in a matter of minutes, why would you get exited about a simple ride like this? Oh, and that stuff about initiation sounds like a cult, which is one of my theories about your real purpose on this site. But more of that later.

Next post, this one contains several smaller fragments called "Our experiences":

tuesday, july 26, 2005 Nuestras experiencias Todo lo que pasa a los miembros del grupo...aqui! Hermosa experiencia!! Ayer, 7-7-2005, en casa de Sin-ra y acompañadas de la distinguida A-la y de Rona, se llevó a cabo un ejercicio de telepatía directa dentro del triángulo de miditación con Oxinon y Galas. Contestaron muchas inquietudes, demostrándonos una vez más que están con nosotros!!
Tuesday, 26 July, 2005


"tuesday, july 26, 2005 Our experiences Everything that happens to the group members... Here! Beautiful experience!! Yesterday, 7-7-2005, in the home of Sin-ra and with the company of A-la and Rona, we underwent a direct telepathy exercise inside of the triangle of meditation with Oxinon and Galas, They answered a lot of our doubts, showing us again they are with us!!
Tuesday, 26 July, 2005"

So once again commander ly-on, how come you need to do this if you are commander of the federation? and in 2005, which make me question, what were you doing previously to 2005? if not commanding your federation while on war with the grays? You seem to be very exited about 'they' being with you! who are 'they'? you are supposed to be 'they' but clearly you are not. Why do you need for someone to clear your doubts, when you know everything, as you have stated here?

I'll continue this on the next post, with more funny quotes from commander itself!

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