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Why do both the Democrats and the Republicans seem hell-bent on destroying America?

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posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 02:39 PM
We voted them in here. We want the Republicans and Democrats to help the country advance.

The right has their issues, and the left has theirs.

I think the reason that they are pointing fingers at each other is because both liberals and conservatives are the blame for the problem.

Conservatives, for abandoning true conservative principles, and liberals, for not thinking realistically about the true nature of our economy.

I have gotten so mad at the people in my own party and the people in the Republican party that I've adopted another ideology because I felt that liberalism was destroying our country too much.

I don't mean the social liberalism. But the economic liberalism. Bill Clinton signed NAFTA and now we can say bye bye to our manufacturing base...
... then George W Bush ruined our reputation around the world by interfering with everyone.

I'm mad at both parties. I think that the destructive proponents of both ideologies-- liberalism and conservatism are to blame for this.

I think we should set aside our differences, and, work for a better America. Then we can act in a manner that accompanies both these extreme leftists, and the right, without taking away the lifeblood from our nation.

I've grown accustomed to thinking in the way that of a libertarian. I'm a left-leaning libertarian... I still hold my social and environmental liberal values close to me. But I think it's bad if we become too dependent on the government. I also believe that it's bad if we become too dependent on religious groups for moral advice and the sort.

But right now, I'm just really mad at both parties. They seem to know what they're doing whether it be for the NWO or for what not, and, I want them both to just stop thinking about themselves and think about us, the people that voted for them.

Right now we're not a Representative Republic. These leaders aren't being representative of us. We can change that.

I just can't possibly understand why both Democrats and Republicans seem hell bent on destroying our country.

I hope I'm not the only one...

posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 03:32 PM
Just remember one thing fiscal conservatism has nothing to apologize for.

We haven't had fiscal conservatism is so long its ridiculous. The past 8 years was definitely not anywhere close to conservatism.

All government seems to have done is grow, grow, and grow.

I'm a conservative, but partyless. The republicans seem to have jumped the fence and decided they are going to try to keep up with the democrats.

I am in agreement with you though that they are both destroying this country.

This next statement is not a pot shot at you or anything, but liberal policies are failures.

Socialism doesn't work, look at where we, America, are now. We are about to be fully socialist and it isn't helping anything it is only making it worse.

I like the idea of the original intent of the founding fathers. The fed government was only meant to protect our freedoms, and conduct business with foreign governments, it was never intended to be the gigantic fumbling behemoth that it is now.

Social policy i.e. welfare and police and fire and stuff was to be left up to the states.

posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 03:36 PM
They are looking for more power

A crisis is a terrible thing to waste

Isn't just a saying in Washington

It's their creed

Unfortunately, they do not have faith in us.

posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 08:51 PM
I think it is sad that they can't put aside their differences in a time of crisis. I just can't believe no one predicted this. I mean we all knew that banks were lending beyond their means didn't we? So why is it that they couldn't see it coming? You would think that at least ONE of them would see it coming.

To make matters worse, the Democrats and the Republicans are being ideologues here. They are using rhetoric to try to make it seem like they're being bipartisan but in reality they're not doing what's best for the people. They're both doing what's best only for themselves.

Conservativejack, I think it's disheartening.
Hastobemoretolife... I never said I supported these socialism policies. See, I'm a liberal, but I know what's realistic and what's not. I think some of the politicians in Washington have taken the liberal ideology too far and have implemented socialism in more than one way-- which is bad. Like I said, I support social liberal policies- ones about equality, I support the environment, I support some social programs to get people to read (by social programs I don't mean socialism but I mean liberal programs). I do however agree that the liberal economic policies have been a failure. I also would say that we haven't been fiscal conservative when we have needed to be fiscally conservative.

I think we can spend when we have the money and we know we have sound money. When we don't have the money I think we need to save the money... I believe a large part of the problem is Kenesyan economics... these people think that it doesn't matter that they're printing so much money because "in the end we're all dead". So, I think the real failure is Keyne's theory itself.

But, I think both sides are to blame for being ideologues in this time of crisis. What can we do to get them on our side again?


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