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New financial bank plan intentions

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posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 12:45 PM
The new bank plan which is being leaked today and which is supposed to be unveiled tommorrow by Treasury secretary geithner is going to get a bit of press on TV.....although most will likely be "sidetracked" with talk of the stimulless bill

The Aim of the bank plan is to artificially maintain the toxic /overpriced debts still on the banks balance sheets. This can be done thru some combination of gov't buying bank debt at over inflated values and thus taking the losses or private money buying the debt at overvalued prices and having the taxpayer/ gov't on the hook for the losses...this is classwarfare and theft.....a transfer of liability for the bank balance sheet to the gov't order to let banks get "artificially inflated values" for there bad debt

The solution is to Allow the fictious VAUES OF DEBT , still on the books of the major financial corporations (that act like bailout $ black holes) to be written down to levels which makes debt more servicable for consumers .....and stop the CLASS warface ..i.e transfer of wealth that is going on

ex. financial institutions made tons of risky loans to each other and thought they were off loading risk......the value of the debts they issued were marked to a model that was mental masturbation levels....they do not want to write the value of this toxic debt would cause them more losses so they want the gov't to convince people that we need to "save the banks" and thus purchase there over-valued debt at high prices and thus backstop any loss at taxpayer expense ..which will be the difference (between the high value the gov't or any private money buys this for and there real current value) and the kick is that this is for the economy's greater good

NO it is for the greater good of the investment class and the lobbyists they pay and those that knew they could act carelessly and get golden parachutes (at worst) or bailed out

This is a transfer of liability of bad DEBT's from banks balance sheets to the gov'ts / Tax payers is a SCAM......and apparently it is not acceptable for the creditors /financial institutions to write down the value of the debt on there books (which is part of a "healthy cleansing" of the system) like when bear sterns debt was being bought for .22 on the dollar last fall.......and the INVESTMENT class who wraps there tentacles around washington are calling the shots and transfering wealth to themselves and risk to taxpayers for the reckless lending that took place by getting gov't to back stop losses on the bottom less pit of over valued debt still on there books

and OSHAMEA and his handlers will call any JUST CRITICISM of the scam "political posturing or bi-partisan politics" and try to confuse the issue or push the fear or urgent buttons by saying we are losing millions of jobs and this needs to be done-----*AMERIKA and the POWERZ run the show-------when the credit bubble of 20 years deflates who do you think the investor/ establishment class want to take the losses .......themselves (thru reduced asset values) or the sheeple (thru increased debt)...!!!!

at least this is my take.......and comments

posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 06:34 PM
wow this is THE CRUX of the WOOL they are trying to pull over our eyes.

They are trying to get full value for the debt (that is still over valued on there books) that private investors would only pay 25 cents on the dollar for because so much of it is toxic..... the only suckers they can find will be the gov't or someone who will buy at price the bankers like as long as the taxpayers back stop all (surprises) losses.

One solution is to make the ECONOMY less dependent on BANKS....the banks were never defined to support the economy .....they were designed to make money like any other business....turns out they were so good and people were so dumb and or corrupt ......that they gained all the influence and power that human nature/greed would give them....and now we are where we are

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posted on Feb, 15 2009 @ 01:15 PM
Yes they are desperately trying to keep the wool over all eyes. And quite frankly this whole mess is really on the surface such a complicated looking matter. But when we scratch below the surface it is easy to see the scheme. And it is a scheme. Make no mistake...I do not exactly when, or what the last catalyst will be...but it will happen.

Check out Ron Paul here in this short 6 minute video, as he confronts Ben Bernanke on the "hidden agenda" of moving to a new currency!

Also, I posted a link below to a thread that I started. There is this really creepy organization...thier website is:

This link will take you there in english. This gave me the downright chills.
It takes a cursory glance to see that this meltdown was no suprise to anyone except the misinformed uninformed Americans. They even cite the MSM here in America; and the planned deception!


posted on Feb, 15 2009 @ 01:27 PM
reply to post by cpdaman

You peg the problem pretty well. I disagree with your solution though. I think the Government just needs to buy them near full value and hold them, as over time they will pay for themselves. That way they will not be subsidizing future bank profits.

posted on Feb, 15 2009 @ 01:48 PM
Yeah, Geitner inspires no confidence on Wall Street.]Geitner does not know what he's doing, and he has never known what he's doing...

Me thinks the administration and Wall Street are at WAR.

posted on Feb, 15 2009 @ 01:51 PM
the Geithner face time on TV was more about the Government trying to
start and create a new infrastructure that will buy-sell-trade
all the derivatives & funky mortgage paper that was created,
rather than trying to diminish the Bank architecture.

the Fed/Treas (a new branch of Govt ??) willnot let their major banks
fail... but neither will the Fed/Treas allow the 'banks', formally known as
Primary Dealers, to open their books/records/dealings/holdings
to public scrutiny.

If this 'new infrastructure' is a secretive Central Bank & ClearingHouse
that will route all the Derivatives/CDS/MBS/toxic paper...
yeah, it might turn out that way...
but what Geithner was suggesting is that the Fed/Treas was going to underwrite independent a newly created class of market-makers who would buy-sell-trade
all that toxic paper locked away in the Off-Balance Sheet ledgers of the
12 or so Sacred-Bank holding companies [ which rumor has it, exceeds 100Trillion dollars]

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posted on Feb, 15 2009 @ 05:05 PM
well i wrote this monday BEFORE Geithner had his press conference (tuesday) and i made a new thread after he spoke

but i just think this is an attempt to transfer the liabilities of the banking sector to the taxpayer gov't. When you look at it...lehman's crap sold for like .25 cents on the $.....and the banks probably want .80 cents on the dollar$...for their level 3 crapola....that is why no private investors have tried to Buy this crap.

the gov't is saying hey we will leverage you private investors up (and the leverage is RISK FREE) that is why they are lining up .....all the risk with the leverage (which got us into this mess !) goes to the (assuming the bank gets a price of .70$ the gov't LOANS the private sector .65$ and the private sector puts up .05$ of there own....should the product they buy be worth .30$.....the investor only loses .05$.....and the gov't is one the hook for 5 x the losses......this means that the private sector needs for just (1 out of 6) of these "toxic assets" to be worth more than the overinflated price they pay and they can make a profit!!!

think 5 losses x .05$ (banks only have to pay the amount of capital they put down.....not the money borrowed!!!!) .25$ (total loss) and 1 "win" (purchased at .70$....65 borrowed) worth (1.00) = net gain

also this does not create a Fair price for this toxic crap......what this does is creates a *artificial MKT price....because the investors are willing to pay more than what they are worth since the gov't doesn't make them pay back the money they borrow (at up to 20:1 leverage) so the risk to reward now favors overpaying

i was also thinking that the commercial real estate crash (in asset values) that is occuring is going to hurt regional and small banks harder and there may need to be a bailout of this bad debt soon) but should the Large insolvent banks be able to remove a large % of there Toxic assets from balance sheets then they may free up some capital to buy the smaller banks that may be in trouble from Commercial Real Est. as opposed to lending the extra cash.......

but americans in large part are credit addicted whor%$ who will role over as USUAL when Finacial sector trys to bend them over and transfer the banks bad debts to taxpayers.......the rest of europe faces the same problems with there banks and their populations are not as Docile....they are more skeptical of these crooks and i am more interested to see how europe trys to pull the wool over their sheep

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posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 02:14 PM
Click on the paragraph title:

GEAB N°32 is available! 4th quarter 2009 – Beginning of Phase 5 of the global systemic crisis: phase of global geopolitical dislocation

I think the powers that be have much bigger plans for us:

We had hoped that the decanting phase would give the world’s leaders the opportunity to draw the proper conclusions from the collapse of the global system prevailing since WWII. Alas, at this stage, it is no longer possible to be optimistic in this regard (1). In the United States, as in Europe, China and Japan, leaders persist in reacting as if the global system has only fallen victim to some temporary breakdown, merely requiring loads of fuel (liquidities) and other ingredients (rate drops, repurchase of toxic assets, bailouts of semi-bankrupt industries,…) to reboot it. In fact (and this is what LEAP/E2020 means ever since February 2006 using the expression « global systemic crisis”), the global system is simply out of order; a new one needs to be built instead of striving to save what can no longer be saved.

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