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SETI Podcast, Debunking Predictions and Prophecies

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posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 11:20 AM
I thought that those of you intererested in this Predictions & Prophecies forum would be interested in the SETI Podcast this week, as it covers the subject. They break down some of the problems, and most popular ones like Nostrodamus.

We all want to peek into the future and find out what fate has in store: Will I get that raise? Is love around the corner? What’s the winning combo in Las Vegas? Some people claim the ability to see events before they occur. Find out how accurate their prognostications are.

Plus, how the job market drove the granddaddy of “I told you so” – Nostradamus – into the business of soothsaying.

Also, how the brain misfires to produce déjà vu. Also, how the brain misfires to produce déjà vu. And, astronomical predictions for the final apocalypse … will the world end in fire or in ice?

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