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The Creator DNA

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posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 09:55 AM
When one start asking the question "What is the meaning of life?" it is a sign that one's upper existence is calling. It is the first indication of spiritual awakening. "What is the meaning of life?", it is such a fundemental question yet highly profound in essence. Surely there must be a reason why we are here. Surely there must be a Creator of some sort out there somewhere.

Yes, there is indeed a Creator. Some may refer to this entity as God with the capital G but I prefer to call it the Creator because that is what it is. The Creator is the Grand Designer of all existence. The master craftsman of this Universe and all other Universes. The Ultimate Consciousness that governs all worlds.

There is a Creator and this can be proven by the way our DNA works. It is a design of true mastery. Then again there is something very strange about our DNA for the coding part of our DNA where the genetic information of our parentage resides only constitute a mere 5% and the rest of the 95% is what scientists called "junk" DNA. Conventionally speaking this ultraconserved 95% does nothing and had remained unchanged and had been so for millions of years perhaps even dating to the time of Creation. Mainstream science has yet to discover its function. The truth is this 95% is actually the Creator DNA. It is a place where a part of the Creator resides. Our link to the Creator. This 95% is also the gateway to higher planes of existence transcending time and space and the key to attaining spirituality.

Unfortunately, there are selfish people in this world who do not want the average person to know this. That is why they call it "junk". This is no "junk" by any means that all I can say. The same selfish people will try by all means to suppress this information. They will lure one anyway from attaining spirituality by creating a multitude of gadgets, entertainment and things that slowly rot minds. They want total control. It is very saddening indeed.

There was a time back in the ancient days where spiritual knowledge wasn't suppress at all. It was in fact highly accessible to all who wanted to discover and learn. There was the Library of Alexandria. There was a universal School where people from all over the world came to study esoteric and spiritual texts and paradigms. Sad to say, all this wonderful knowledge is lost. What is left now are bits and pieces of oral traditions and kabbalistic texts.

Back to the subject of DNA. DNA harmonics are all over the Universe. Atoms are everywhere. Give it enough light, air and water and it will transform into lifeforms. Lifeforms can sprout from inanimate objects too so to speak.

But all is not lost. One can activate this 95% of DNA, the Creator DNA through meditation. Once the barrier is broken one can freely access the Creator DNA to attain spirituality thereby entering planes of higher existence and also attaining ascended abilities of unimaginable proportions.

posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 11:06 AM

Originally posted by D.N.A.
But all is not lost. One can activate this 95% of DNA, the Creator DNA through meditation. Once the barrier is broken one can freely access the Creator DNA to attain spirituality thereby entering planes of higher existence and also attaining ascended abilities of unimaginable proportions.

I am in agreement with everything in your post. Please elaborate on the activation through meditation segment of your post.

posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 11:08 PM
Hi slated! I am pleased that you find interest in my topic. Yes, meditation is the correct and safer way to activate the hidden attributes inherent in this 95% of one's DNA. Everything in existence has a frequency. That is to say everything resonates at a given frequency, including DNA. According to Dr. Horowitz, a Harvard-trained award-winning investigator, 528Hz is the DNA repair frequency. A frequency at 528Hz will repair broken and damaged DNA. Meditation in the right manner can also induce frequency changes in one's DNA. I personally believe that this 95% can be activated if one hits the right frequency range. Unfortunately, I don't know what the right frequency range is. It may vary from person to person but I believe there is a lower and upper limit to it. Within this limit the Creator DNA can be activated. I have yet to discover what the normal frequency range at which one's DNA resonates. If one's DNA continues to resonate within the normal range only 5% of the DNA will be revealed which scientists have already discovered that that is where information of our parentage lies and 95% will be hidden and dormant.

Ascended abilities lie dormant in every single one of us. It is inherent in all and is encoded and hard-wired into this 95% of DNA. At the right frequency 100% of the DNA will be utilized. Meditation can change the frequency in one's DNA. Be it whether its meditation using the Chakras or Kundalini awakening or the kabbalistic method.

If one has the desire to know how existence came about and wants to rediscover the lost connection to the Creator it is already a sign that the frequency in oneself is starting to change. At a certain frequency spiritual awakening will be attained. As one continues the journey hidden worlds within the invisible spectrum will be revealed at the right frequency. Moving even more forward one will eventually hit the right frequency whereby ascended abilities will be unlocked and revealed to oneself.

Conciousness substains existence. Since all in existence has a frequency one can also say that Conciousness is in essence is a frequency too. And this is changing. The Conciousness we are experience now is called Mass Conciousness. If one have read what others are speculating about the year 2012, we are starting to move into Cosmic Conciousness as we align with the galactic center, which is an area of high radiation capable of altering frequencies including DNA. But that doesn't mean one can sit and wait till 2012 and automatically attain spiritual awareness and ascended abilities. This boils down to one thing. If one is not mentally ready and does not believe in the Creator one will not attain the frequency needed for spiritual awakening. Mentally ready means that one must abandon all conventional paradigms and doctrines and must be open to esoteric concepts. Most important of all, one must realise that there is a potent force in the Universe. This force is a manifestation of the Creator and is the Creator. Aligning with the galactic center only couples spiritual awareness and still depends on the individual whether he desire it or not.

If spiritual awareness reaches out to all in the world only then we can move out of 3rd density and advance into the 4th density. When we do that, new knowledge will be rediscovered. If we ever want to reach posthuman and become a civilisation capable of interstellar travels we must reach mass spiritual awakening. Combining spirituality with technology we will reach new heights and capabilities beyond what we can imagine now. That is why the Mayan calendar ends at this point and the Book of Life is unwritten beyond this date. The decision is ultimately for us to decide. Whether we want to continue to fight among ourselves and be warlike thereby destroying ourselves in a nuclear holocast or be at peace with ourselves and attain mass spirituality, it is entirely up to us.

posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 11:15 PM

I must also say that incidentally the sanskrit word 'OM' whereby all existence came into being according to Vedic beliefs has a frequency too. The 'OM' symbol symbolizes the first divine frenquency that created the Universe, the frequency released by the Creator to create our known Universe and everything in it.

Thank you and I am open to any questions you may have.

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