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Why the Prime Directive is Real

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posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 10:59 AM
The Prime Directive, as a concept, and by whatever name is given to it, has merit and is "humane" from the perspective of Earthlings because, though we may be fascinated by potential (or actual) alien visitations, we are really quite primordially uneasy and suspicious of such an occurrence actually taking place. And the closer to home such an occurrence takes place, the more nervous we are. It is a simple, and quite reasonable, fear of the unknown.

Thus, artificially and arbitrarily assigning a Prime Directive motive to something we really know nothing about is merely a coping mechanism. If we give ourselves the luxury to attribute benevolent, non-invasive characteristics to beings we do not even know exist, we can go on with our lives with a slightly elevated comfort level that "they" will just leave us alone because that's what they are supposed to do because we told 'em so.

Now, granted, the popular media has done much to shape our collective psyche in this regard. The late Gene Roddenberry was actually a rather unique yarn-spinner in that there are many more fictional accounts (and plenty of real ones) depicting alien visitors as hostile, cruel, malicious, even bloodthirsty. Asimov's robots, Bradbury's denizens, Wells, Pohl... well you know the list. Toss in a bunch of "Flying Saucers Attack" movies from the 50's onward, mix in the whole cover-up/conspiracy, top it off with the abduction phenom, and, what else is there to do but proclaim that a "Prime Directive" will keep all those nasty buggers in line!

No, I think not. My own opinion (and it's just mine, but you're welcome to claim it as well if you wish) is that the truth lies in a hybrid of the above. Gazrok, SC, Majorion, et al - there's some truth within you all.

Since I am of the belief that the galaxy, indeed the Universe, is teeming with life, we just may not be as important as we'd like to think. We're remote, practically isolated, in a far-flung solar system at the edge of an 'outer-rim' arm of the Milky Way in an area of few stars separated by enormous distances. Wormholes and such aside, even if they offer any expediency to space travel at all, still makes us a distant, resource-intensive place to care all that much about.

Sure, we may be be visited, likely visited already methinks. Yet, the idea that there is one or more races floating around the perimeter, enforcing some kind of "hands-off" rule (with the occasional lapse of course) seems to me to be a bit of a stretch - attributable to wishful thinking on the part of Earthlings - and not much more.

The reality is that we do not know. Hopefully, before I've breathed my last upon these hallowed ATS threads, the truth of their existence, if not their visitation, will be known.

My prediction is that once this truth is self-evident, that the question we will ask is not "Is There a Real Prime Directive"?, but rather, how soon can we implement one?

Nice thread. Thanks for the thought-experiment...

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posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 11:14 AM
I've given some of my experiences in various posts and have spent time attempting to retrieve more of my memories, through meditation primarily, to no avail. In fact, in one them, I got an "access denied" message. But more recently, when an online friend asked me to tell him what I did remember, especially about the greys, as I was writing, and sending him the closest photos I could, but saying they had to be blended a bit, more memories came, a deepening of the experience. I also went through days of feeling real anger stirring, the kind associated with trauma like when I had ended an abusive relationship that had only been endured for the children. I also felt monitored closely off and on, and a kind of damage control element to it.

The thing that changed this, and led me to put it into perspective more, into a bigger goal was when I was doing the dishes. I wasn't thinking of anything when suddenly a nordic woman's image came into my mind. She had shoulder length light blond hair, very classic features, a slightly wide fullish mouth, very pretty. She was wearing as if it was a second skin, a medium dark blue uniform. I felt like I was wearing it briefly and it was very comfortable, more comfortable than my clothes. Her responses I remember, mine are more paraphrased because I wasn't feeling good at the time:

She asked me what the prime directive was. I was shocked and stumbled with, "to love everyone and save people". She smiled as if talking to a child, and then said, "To free the planet!" I said, "does it matter how many people will die in the process?" (this part is unclear, I just blurted something out quickly because it was fading). She said, "I can't reveal any more, or I will be in trouble!"

It completely dissipated the anger/rage that had been building in me for days, and for the first time I could put various agendas and programs people have been placed on, some starting with joint projects with our cabal that didn't seem right to me, into a larger persepective, from the et agenda, which is for the most part an inter-species one that is united in its purpose, though plays out in many levels. I suppose there are renegades and some that would take short cuts as well, but this relates to the main course of actions, many on different levels, some compromised by involvement with our renegade cabal/nazis. But still working for the larger agenda.

posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 11:42 AM
I think SETI is a great idea.

However, you do have to entertain the idea that it is quite possible that species precipitate through the radio/TV/hologram/wave phase of their development very quickly. So there might be a very limited period of time that they are putting out these signals. A couple of hundred years maybe.

Finding that we pick up that signal is WAY worse than finding a specific contact lens somewhere on the planet. One that isn't yours, you don't know where it was dropped, and if it was dropped 20 years ago, today, or sometime in the future.

I still like the idea of trying to find it. However, our search will have to advance eventually with our technology.

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