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N0Z nitirous oxide

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posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 05:53 AM
recently i typed the words nitrous oxide into E BAY and what i got was these little noz bulbs similar to the type like c02 used in small BB guns,

well i got thinking what if i could come up with a device that allows someone to release the nitrous through maybe a solenoid valve then thru a pipe into the air intake pipe.

if you dont know what nitirous oxide does to an engine let me briefly explain, it is an extremely combustible gas as well as increasing pressure if put into a motor car that runs on petrol there after it increases the horsepower for as long as the gas is injected, there are kits out there but they are expensive.

i thought i may give it a go and see what results i can achieve, i must say that i did my apprenticeship at a garage so I'm a time served mechanic and know my way around an engine.

any thoughts? oh this "eBay gas" is sold to thicken up cream believe it or not? i just thought it may be a fun project as the bulbs are cheap.

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