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Olympics and February 12 Symbolism?

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posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 02:32 AM
I've looked at the threads regarding the 2012 olympics logo, and I didn't see anyone mentioning this.

My February 5 prediction was wrong, I admit, but take a look at this:

2012 olympics symbol

it spells "zion" (top left 'z'...bottom left..'i' right 'o'...bottom right 'n')

Hmm Zionism..Israel behind it?

the top 'z' is the number 2 (February)
the bottom numbers are 12 (12th)

February 12th

The city of "London"...Big Ben Clocktower attacked on?

Take a look at the famous illuminati game card: (look at the Big Ben one)

5 Rings remember the 5 stars on the flag in telegraph slides?

the dot in the middle of the logo can be a "period" or a "torch" (olympic torch) OR showing a "connection" between the other shapes/numbers

significance = a "period" means the "END" of a sentence, so the "end".
"torch" means "fire" or "spark" (an attack??)
"connection" means that they are all intertwined (same group behind it)

Also remember the dot in the middle of the 2012 olympics logo looks like a tear drop, and remember this:

And not to mention the bottom right "N", The bottom left connected to the top left z would form a "W" and the "O"....Spells NWO.

So it comes down to February 12, London (Big Ben) attacked, by Zionists.

It makes sense if you look at the significance of it. On the 12th Israel has said "Hezbolla" vows to attack and retaliate for their leader who died on that date last year. So a "PERFECT" false flag can happen and be blamed on Hezbolla (linked to Iran).

See it? What you think?

And if you are one of those people that keeps going to all the threads and saying "OMG another prediction,etc" or "We'll laugh when nothing happens." Then save it.

Seriously, I have been saying February 12 for a few weeks now, and it is becoming apparent that it'll either happen or not.

No need to point out "it wouldn't" because you don't know. It could.

Also take in account that according to this:

6 cities in the North American continent will be attacked. In the card games it said the Big Ben is part of a Multiple bigger terrorist attack.

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