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Swindlers List.

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posted on Feb, 8 2009 @ 11:26 PM
Everybody should be aware by now that there have been a few glitches recently with the economy. This has led to the continued layoff of workers everywhere which leads to book cooking in order to keep the profit margin green and shore up those stock prices.
In reality, many of these jobs are being done away with so that CEOs and executives can say "Look how much money I saved us. Give me my multi million dollar bonus." meanwhile many of these companies could still operate with all or most of their employees and show a smaller profit compared to last year - but still a profit - and keep people employed.
So with a few hundred thousand more out of work each week the economy continues to wind down while the big whigs continue to reap the rewards of greed.

My company actually bought and merged with another company last year so it is carrying a large redundant group of employees. That is coupled with a drastic slowdown in business. They actually are attempting to keep on as many as they can with reduced hours but will be doing layoffs on a fair scale this quarter.
The word has been spread to make lists of the people needed to keep things going and to keep the best quality that they can in each department. We all know that many of the ones being kept will be friends, relatives and drinking buddies but some will be kept on merit. Many will be dumped despite good job performance and company loyalty.
For this reason we call the intercompany "to keep" list, Swindlers List.

Nobody gets to see the list and much is being done by those who may be fired to get onto the list of those who will keep their jobs.
For some it is just another job but for many it is extremely important. We've heard of a few suicides and murder suicides in the news. Many are looking at losing a home or just not being able to pay basic bills.
It is pretty serious.

I heard about the list for the first time today and it is startling how bad things have gotten. I have a skillset that will allow me to get another job if I need it by working as an expat but I really don't want to. I know people who are losing their jobs and others who have lost enough pay in hours and overtime that they might have to quit.

The "List" is what everybody is talking about.

Is this a common thing at other companies?

Are many lists out there being created and used?

Could your company have "Done more" to keep people ?

I'd like to hear what you have to say.

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 11:24 AM
Well this thread didn't get any responses, I'm hoping that is because I originally posted it in the middle of the night while I was at work.

I've since lost my job since then and I am now between jobs. The company dumped over one hundred people in manufacturing and service so that they could justify their corporate expenses and hedge their budget to show a profit and keep their shareholders happy.

The back slapping, drinking buddy, good ole boy, all in the family network won out. Many of the better employees were dropped. My department was simply eliminated so I really don't have to wonder if it was job performance or lack of connections.

I will be going to work on an international posting in a few weeks and will be ok, but many of the people I worked with are not so well off.

The list was even more of a swindle than we expected.
Anybody else seen this yet?

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