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J.Z. Knight and Ramtha

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posted on Feb, 8 2009 @ 07:03 PM
I have looked around and seen mention of Ramtha (In "What the bleep to we know" topics and such), but I couldn't seem to find a thread dedicated to him/her.

Now for those of you who don't know, Ramtha is a being who lived in Lemuria 35,000 years ago. He achieved enlightenment, ascended and is now being channeled through J.Z. Knight. That is a very watered down version.

I've got about 20 pages left of Ramtha: The White Book. The info is good stuff, but I can't quite decide on the source.

There are a lot of things about J.Z. Knight that make me think she is a fraud. Beside the awful Elizabethan British accent Knight dawns while channeling Ramtha, if Ramtha wanted to teach everybody to reach their full potential and so forth, why is she pulling in like 20 million dollars a year? Why are the students required to attend two workshops a year and pay 1000 dollars to attend them? Stuff like that.

There's a good article about that here:

However, the fact that Knight opened herself up to any study to prove that she wasn't a fraud makes me think that her story could be legit.
But not only did she open herself up to study, they study was done.
Here are some results

A team of highly qualified psychologists, headed by Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., of Saybrook Institute Graduate School, studied Ms. Knight and her school for a year, and conducted a battery of psychological and physiological tests with highly sensitive equipment. They concluded that the readings taken of Ms Knight's autonomic nervous system responses were so dramatic that the scientists categorically ruled out any possibility of conscious fakery, schizophrenia or multiple personality disorders.

Dr. Stanley Krippner, a psychologist and the leading parapsychology researcher in the U.S.A. described himself as "extremely skeptical and yet open-minded" before performing the tests in collaboration with outstanding neuroscientist Ian Wickramasekera, Ph.D., a fellow professor at Saybrook Institute Graduate School.

Says Krippner "When we were testing JZ, Ian was quite astonished because the needles on his polygraph that were graphing all of the psychophysiological responses literally jumped from one part of the page to the other part of the page when Ramtha entered the picture.

And he had never seen such a dramatic change" says Krippner, "[We Were] very surprised because of the dramatic shift when Ramtha entered the picture." "She's not faking it," he added, "because when we hooked her up to test her physiological responses, we got results which could not have been manipulated." According to Ian Wickramasekera, who is president-elect of the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback in Colorado, when Knight went into trance and the spirit of Ramtha took over her body, her heart rate hit a low of 40 beats per minute and then raced to 180 beats per minute. In her normal, resting state, Knight's heart rate was between 85 and 90. "You might see this in someone who is jogging or having a serious panic attack, but at the time Ms. Knight was sitting completely still."

“It became apparent to the research team that something very dramatic and physiological was going on, and something that on the basis of everything that is known about human capacities, cannot be faked." Krippner explained, “An individual cannot really fake, cannot really role-play because in hypnosis there’s barely any physiological change at all. In role-playing there’s basically very little change at all.”

So according to study, it is impossible for J.Z. Knight to be knowingly lying to everybody.

I just don't know what to make of this.

If anybody as any insight, I would love to hear it. Thank you.

posted on Mar, 21 2011 @ 08:38 PM
Your concerns regarding JZ/Ramtha are valid, and im here to provide any and all information you require, which i'll add does not come without a sense of skepticism at first. its natural and understandable and i find it noble that you or anyone else should ask such questions before developing a firm opinion; it is not everyday that you come across folk that have the sense, time and attention span to really, i mean really immerse themselves in unfamiliar waters in order to come to an accurate conclusion in what it is they're seeking to unearth.

It's one thing to ask for information on a certain person or entity, but its quite another to understand how it fits in to the bigger picture. I'm sure you'll agree that bigger picture is a major component and oftentimes will be the deciding factor that tips a person either in favor or against. Of course, the cognitive brain requires answers and information in a way that it can process and accept without tightening its own borders of believability. SO I WARN READERS IN ADVANCE, that i will be briefly mentioning other topics in order to supplement the statements i make regarding the actual topic of interest.

As usual, the only way to truly know anything is to accept the experience, go through it and come out on the other side with the pearl of wisdom that truly affords you the knowingness you deserve and desired. Other people's interpretations or opinions will never be completely identical to yours and even this reply is up for your review. I don't intend to conclude this discussion with a single post so this discussion can end when you've deemed it necessary.
Though my words to follow are certainly not the result of others' recycled ignorance taken onboard as gospel- it does come from first hand experience because i'm enrolled in the school (school of enlightenment/school of conciousness and energy) and other subsequent statements made for my beliefs comes from primary knowledge as a result of OBE experiences which began occuring in my life from a young age and prior to my discovery of JZ. Those experiences confirmed for me well in advance several of the specific teachings relating those events, which by no surprise were validated in full in the years to come studying with the school (ask for specifics if required).
This should come as a relief for you, because the titles that JZ and Ramtha have, on this occasion, attracted the likes of myself, who is beyond ordinary in every respect especially in my outlook on life and its greatest questions. The knowledge i have accumulated in a VERY small amount of time is also significant. I wish to share/quote any information, teachings on the media (audio, video) that i own (with granted permission of course) so that you can formulate your very own idea on who it is you're interested in. The good news is that i am devoted to Ramtha's teachings equally as much as i'm devoted to assisting others tirelessly in order to give them either the right information that will lead them to the right places, or simply accurate information that will lead them to where they need to be, according to the relevance of the information to their own personal evolution.
Don't be phased by my long replies. Depending on the person, long replies are generally of higher-quality and in my case, will be designed to give you an general/initial overview, including other areas of supreme importance.

My friend, for how long have we as a species fallen victim to man-made and "natural" disasters, acts of murder (war etc), genocide, corruption, political/governmental/military secrecy and all the rest of it. Look at the shape of the world, anyone with the slightest interest can easily determine there are events, forces and circumstances that require alternative approaches in order to understand and thus solve. How many headlines, articles, documentaries etc do you need to witness before we truly get the message? how long do we need to habitually engage in such helpless observations before we realize that we're going around in circles regurgitating "news" and repeating the process without any real resolve, that that very act in itself is what allows it to continue unbeknownest to us on such a scale that we empower it every single time we choose to repeat the same patterns of living by choosing to be "informed" whilst simultaneously choosing to be powerless by our limiting belief systems.
Is it that there is nothing we can do on an individual level? Perhaps we've seemingly hit a brick wall that prevents us from really incorporating the ideals that a golden age requires, as if the necessary information and resources somehow don't exist to offer us salvation from a world otherwise destined to perish at its own hands. You don't need to be told 1,000 times that the governments can't be trusted. We know that already. What next?
I praise and respect those that have devoted years, decades, even lifetimes towards keeping our freedoms a topic of interest at the very least.. but it only takes you so far and im afraid its getting increasingly easier for the masses to fall into the trap of mistaking even that information for an avenue of entertainment and intrique to pass the time before its time to go to bed and do it all over the next morn.

It's about time we conclude all that we have learned and shared regarding topics of "conspiracy" and actually take action with the first step crucial to our capacity to fathom greater concepts, ideas and standards. Without a willingness to open our minds, perhaps to ideas that will initially seem far fetched, we're doomed to lead a life of self-defeating repetitions that only reinforce a destructive mode of thinking not just for ourselves, but for the population at large.

I find it astonishing that despite what our learned friends on this site know, and the countless others disgruntled only enough to constitute rebellion without any actual substance in its rebels, that still our willpower and courage seems to have been forfeited like a game of monopoly on a rainy day when the other players permanently burrowed your assets in the "strictest of confidence" while you were on the #ter reading the classifieds.
We like to think we are exactly who we are meant to be, and that we're living our lives exactly as intended, but in honesty, that's only true by a matter of centimetres compared to an endless infinity of potential, because as long as we sit aside idle pretending that the right people are taking care of matters pertaining to our GOD-given rights, you don't really have the ability to foster the necessary change that the world is so yearning to realize every day.

If you're interested enough in becoming one of those persons that wants to make the most of the opportunity they've been given in this lifetime, then we all need to make a serious decision on whether or not we've actually got what it takes to follow through what whatever is required. I believe its important for us to read between the lines of our own life story and determine whether we are the ones making things happen, watching things happen or asking, what happend?

How have you personally been influenced by the world, by governing bodies, by those around you and most importantly, how have you influenced yourself? Is it fair to say that perhaps before we shift gears into supremacy that it might be worth checking out whether we've created invisible blocks for ourselves that prevent us from seeing past a pair of boobs? Now i don't have anything against the female anatomy- believe me not by a long shot, but i personally think the most valuable take-home lesson for us here is that perhaps we need to consider taking this alternative news source up a notch by welcoming even the most radical of concepts- namely Ramtha and the school of ancient wisdom.

I encourage everybody to give it a chance and I respect those humble enough to ask questions greater than the norm. I admire the fact that you've considered what Ramtha is and what he has to offer- and in fairness on the provisor that he's genuinely got something in store to help improve your life, which i believe he has. Relevency can only be determined by YOU. If the initial information i post here isn't what you hoped for, i wish you well in your endeavors and i respect your decison to disregard the post anytime. I believe there's no such thing as coincidences, so if you don't care for the reply i know its because you either don't need it on your current path or aren't ready for it in a way that will allow you to take full advantage the way it was intended.

So, lets elaborate a little.

As you may be aware, JZ Knight channels a male entity by the name of Ramtha which came into existence a little over 35,000 years ago on the planet of Lumeria (an occupied and flourishing planet to this day). rigorous scientific scrutiny has not only vehemently confirmed brainwave activity consistent with JZ's claims, but there has also been 0.00% evidence to suggest otherwise, especially considering the recorded cerebral activity from the before and after brain states to be impossible to achieve under certain wakeful conditions, in other words, the changes recorded during the times JZ is her normal self, during the process of deep meditation in preperation for Ramtha to be chanelled, and after Ramtha has assumed full control confirm it as a scientific reality. period. He's the proprietary source from the horses mouth:

JZ grants full permission for Ramtha to occupy her physical body- so in effect, Ramtha is more than a chanelled entity, he's a higher intelligence that controls her body absolutely and exclusively in order to provide the information that serves as the entire basis for the school itself. Right down to the voice, gestures, body language and personality, it is clear for all to see the authenticity in what is taking place. In short, the events taking place serve as undeniable breakthroughs in science that highlights the opportunity for excelled understanding of the human mind, genetics, quantum mechanics and the omni particle/point-zero energy.

The topics discussed at the school vary greatly, and i vouch wholeheartedly that i've never ever before been privvy to such concise knowledge. The conversations Ramtha engages with you will touch you to the core of your being as if she's speaking only to you, even amidst packed audiences.

What JZ/Ramtha propose, is to take it several notches higher than what you're used to and allow YOU to be the proof of her words not only with the help of top-shelf scientific literature and applied processes/methodologies, but also with the psychic skills and mental abilities that students learn at the school.- which is located on the foothills of Mount Rainier in Yelm, Washington.

I have included a link to a (safe) zip file that contains some tracklistings and general titles for you to ponder over as an insightful index into some of the teachings. I assure you, the titles do not do the content any justice. here it is: www....(nolink)/?7x1t2t2czyz9jhn

As part of the teachings, you'll learn about past present future time, and how it relates to the human brain's ability to create anything out of nothing. Because you're God (scientifically proven) and you can do anything and be anything as long as your belief system allows your unlimited potential to fathom the remarkable. GOD ONLY KNOWS/BELIEVES WHAT YOU CHOOSE TO BELIEVE/KNOW and since you're God, a viable course for your future would be to investigate this school further. Afterall, it is nature's sole job to obey the masters of the terrain, and it does this by communicating to your brain while an inhaled breath is impressed with the image in your focus. upon exhale, the air itself has been encoded with the command that expands into nature and LITERALLY ALTERS the very fabric of reality. The brain is always operating on all levels, connected to all life forms everywhere in the universe, as it is a reciever and transmitter of every type of flowing energy known in the cosmos. Excitingly, your tool of choice includes the lower cerebellum and reptillian brain (behind your head just above your spine) so part of your training will include breathing tcchniques, Its true, the language of the human brain is pictures/images. so the art of concentrated thought (more accurate than "focus") whereby you fixate and tune your IMAGination to your frontal lobe (directly behind your forehead- this is the space where holographic images are interfaced and loaded by the brain and is also known as the seat of the throne, this is where you deliver your request to the unlimited god within you and in turn, it will manifest in your life no excuses no laziness no sleeping in). the proof? its obeyed your every command perfectly and entirely up until this point, you just didn't realize how you were creating your reality, but nonetheless god obeyed you by turning the image form of a goal, item, experience, possession etc etc that you wish to have into reality WITHOUT needing to be a slave to a monetary system.

so the next time you feel powerless, just remember the entire illuminati game has been to keep this knowledge from you. With this knowledge reinstated, their about as powerful as a fart in a downstream wind.

I'd like to add briefly, below is the list of realms/dimensions/frequencies of existence.
1 is the slowest time, meaning, manifestations occur slowest and requires longer focus in order to complete the task, 7 is instantaneous- thought governs everything. there is truly nothing faster than the speed of thought. By using Ramtha's teachings, you'll learn how to use dormant parts of the brain in order to move into and be a player in other realms,eventually learning the ability to be consciously present in all simultaneously, hint hint YES, by accessing other realms in faster times, you'll have whatever information you like regarding your life in terms of prediction and self-editting of destiny based on potential futures of who you are NOW. This kind of power im sure you agree is remarkable is it not?

1 Hertzian (the physical reality we exist in currently)
2 Infra-Red
3 Visible Light
4 Ultra-violet
5 X-ray
6 Gamma
7 Infinite Unknown / Point Zero / Omni / God particle / PURE CONSCIOUSNESS as seen here:

Amongst others marvellous titles, I highly recommend that you first get your hands on a copy of "Magic Brain" and "CPR" videos which are included in the RSE Home Study Kit. I'll kindly donate my copy to you if you're keen about getting involved.

Be warned, you will find ignorant skeptics that both have been assigned the task to tarnish his reputation as well as those that are simply incapable of applying sound methodologies to support their statements. I firmly believe from first hand account that the knowledge available to us through Ramtha alone is indeed on a level that would, has and will continue to attract mass scrutiny, propoganda, falsified motive and deceptive intentions as to the authenticity and proprietorship of his work. If you believe your government loves you and would never keep the truth from you and is doing everything in their power to ensure the safety of every human on the planet, then not only do you have a long way to go in discovering the facts, but by the time that happens i doubt you'll find a physician qualified to reattach your jaw that i guarantee will be found glued to the ground with the facts that most times aren't even defended or refuted in the slighest by the accused/exposed parties. Apparently, we elected these puppets to govern our lives in ways that can only be described as disgraceful and incomprehensible
Moreover, there are groups of propogandists hired by "security agencies" with an agenda to tarnish Ramtha's teachings. That was to be expected, just take a look at JFK/MLK.. The single difference when compared to other entities is that they were able to put a bullet in them whereas with Ramtha, no such feat is possible, not even with JZ whom because of her contributions and alliances with sovereign Lumeria, prevent her from susceptibility to attacks from entities belonging to lower planes of existence (the races really in control behind the scenes- i will explain this part in further detail if required). So, the best they can do is multiply bs articles in the search engines to obscure what really goes on. Those of you still trying to find a reason that fits your capacity to believe why they would intentionally go after this school will be at peace when you learn first hand what is so important about this school and what they don't want you to know about.
There's a reason for their actions, and it has to do with WHO YOU REALLY ARE, WHERE YOU REALLY CAME FROM AND WHAT YOUR REAL DESTINY IS. It involves religion (sacking the very word from our vocabulary would be desirable), hard science and the true origins of mankind and other lifeforms in our solar system. EVERY QUESTION ever asked, including those about the origins or god for example, is linked to the PRIMARY components of Ramtha's teachings. Everything, everyone and every event on earth past and possible future will be put into real perspective when you realize the most important piece of the puzzle also determines the relevancy and transparency of the other pieces. From another angle, the greatest secret ever kept from mankind in the history of the earth is what all this fuss is about. When you find out it'll be game over.
It brings me great sorrow to restate for the readers of this post that as bad as the events are, as heart-wrenching and unbelievably horrific as such outcomes may be, every truth-seeker and credible researcher worth a damn will undisputedly prove that the majority of such events are actually orchestrated by a force currently inconcievable to the average closed-minded person. I can understand why this is so, but it doesn't remove the fact that it's true. Comparably, the notion that a woman by the name of JZ Knight is channeling a 35,000 year old male ally that intends to restore avenues of accessible knowledge- mayan knowledge included- to the masses would also surely seem ridiculous if not for the intuition's influence that simply refuses to acknowledge any kind of foul play.
With that said, if theres any part of you that believes your ultimate interests are in safe hands, then you have no business trying to fathom the fact that Ramtha's work is also no exception to the cowardly attempts to subvert the true going's on at "top" levels to try and silence real knowledge (over 50 levels of clearance above president, im still laughing, lucky i've got an eternity because i don't think i will stop for a while).

I should make a few things clear here.

Ramtha's school of ancient wisdom shouldn't be seen as an establishment of pseudo-scientific or satanic accreditation. Those that should be there find themselves there and those that either aren't ready for it or lack the maturity to contribute cohesively and automatically weed themselves away from it. And that is important to note because JZ, nor Ramtha, never had intentions of "brainwashing" or lassoing scores of people to be apart of something against their will. There is no hidden intention for monetary gain, nor are there plans to contradict their own respected philosophy by being hipocrits. On the contrary, those that find Ramtha's teachings fruitless are encouraged to leave and they are free to do so at anytime without commitment, and this also applies to those particulars that don't/can't display the type of mental capability required to seriously learn and apply what they're being taught. The path to enlightenment although simple on paper demands dedication to master. The course actually costs you $0 to be apart of it as all monies are refunded to disatisfied customers- no scams when they don't want your money despite any lack of interests you develop. Price is involved there only to filter out freeloaders that will serve to diminish and devalue the school by way of inhibiting serious candidates from their studies; this is because one of the teaching methods adopted by the school involves pairing either known or random partners together in a way that boosts the absorption and retainment of information. Therefore, having freeloaders and half-assers amidst promising students will of course reduce the quality of the lessons. In short, if you're apart of something great and adorable, you wouldn't want the antics of mainstream misdemeanors to ruin it or your chances of timely graduation, would you? As far as i'm concerned, i WANT people to believe the school is satanic and involved with the demons below... because those that are stupid enough to believe it even after hearing only 5 minutes of Ramtha don't deserve to be there and its no skin off anyone's nose that their participation has gone begging. Any intelligent person, or even a person that has correctly interpreted what satan/evil actually is will be WELL aware that any statements of misinformation aiming to associate the school with gargoyls or voodoo are utter rubbish... and at best could only act as a poison not only to the schools reputation, but also to their own reputations- as the skeptics themselves are supposedly attempting to preserve "truth" by refuting alternative sources of information with absolutely no understanding of what it is their trying to discredit or defend for that matter.. Ironically, skeptics usually defend ignorance clothed as truth when it should be the other way around. But of course there's no need to stoop to that same level by alienating those people whom have yet chosen to travel the path towards humble pie. Let them be, they obviously need to be exposed to specific experiences or specific catalysts before inspiration is powerful enough to bring about real change in them. but i will have my say below to help prevent replies of discouragement.

In closing, let me well and truly deflect, repel and dismiss the many claims found around the internet pertaining to the school's "demonically fraudulent" status. Any such law-suits filed were dropped for a number of reasons, primarilly because the jackals failed to win at their own game and neglected to realize the school is the last place you will encounter grievous mishaps. Many people, professional debaters included, fail to realize that the truth doesn't need a jury. Its easily recognizable and speaks for itself, and the only real truth you know is the truth you've discovered for yourself because you had the balls to investigate it FIRST HAND. Only falsified claims need to be promoted and force-fed in order to be believed, so to the skeptics out there, hear this: you serve no purpose here or anywhere and the best you can do is shoot yourselves in the foot by choosing to be closed-minded and a negative influence on those new-comers, gullible folk (that equally deserve the truth) and persons seeking to elevate their current understanding.

All you have to do is allow Ramtha to show you that the truth has been in you all along, not in religion, not in politics, nowhere else but within you- the last place you were trained to look.

I haven't proof read this entirely, if you don't mind i will await your reply and lets take it from there.

Hope this was satisfactory

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posted on Aug, 2 2011 @ 04:21 AM
Wow, now that was quite some rhetoric

Your response is v. similar to listening to JZ Knight channeling Ramtha - a lot of rhetoric that sounds great, but almost nothing of substance to take away with.

You didn't deal with the OP's question about the money. It is a good question to ask of any 'higher being' claiming to have the goal of raising our consciousness. Why do they need so much money to do this job.

Ramtha's disciples (known as "masters") have now swelled to an estimated 5,000 people around the globe, who plunk down $1,000 for a weeklong spell of ancient wisdom every year. To cater to this spiritual hunger, Knight employs 60 people churning out books, tapes, CDs, videos, posters, scents, lotions, candles and elvish capes.

Her company, JZK Inc., refuses to divulge any financial information, but one observer pegs its annual income at $10 million at least. Whatever the figure, it is substantial enough that the girl who was born in a one-room shack now lives in a 12,000-square-foot French-style chateau with six bedrooms, seven fireplaces, a spiral staircase and an indoor pool.

The above quote from the OP's link is really what needs to be addressed to alay the skeptics' fears that this is just another false prophet, with more profit than prophet

Look, I've no problem with people making a living and funding their church etc, but the core teaching IMO should ALWAYS BE FREE, or I simply don't buy the tagline about helping humanity.

Check out Diana Roth, who doesn't need to channel any ancient being, seems to have similar knowlege, gained from personal experience and freely given - NO CHARGE. In fact, Diana has the integrity to work for a living like the rest of us, and still gives it ALL away for free. Now there is someone I can respect and give the benefit of the doubt.

As a parting shot, I found this hilarious. It doesn't prove or disprove anything, other than the organisation around the phenomenon of JZ Knight is just as kooky and screwed up as the rest of humanity!

He signed up for classes, workshops and retreats, generally immersing himself in Ramtha's world. To advance through the school and join elite groups such as the Blue College, the Red Guard or the Comrades, masters are required to attend at least two events every year. Skip a mandatory event and you're busted back down to the bottom rank.

Year after year, McCarthy kept coming back, working at his disciplines, seduced by the promise that his new powers were right around the corner. He suppressed his doubts. "You're taught that doubt is your problem," he says. "We are sleeping Gods, and Ramtha will wake us up."

One day, McCarthy and other masters were working on "manifesting"--creating a physical object out of nothing by focusing on a mental image, like a gold coin, a rose, or a blue feather. "After several days, I'd not created anything solid," he says.

Then, across the Great Hall, he heard people shouting. He saw a woman walking through the crowd holding a blue feather over her head. Pandemonium broke out. Over roars of appreciation, the woman took her place next to McCarthy. He leaned over and asked her how she did it.

"She says she went into the store and bought it. I said, 'That's not creating something out of nothing!' And she said, 'Yes it is!--I've created my own reality.' And I thought, 'I have to get out of here.'"

posted on Feb, 2 2016 @ 07:42 PM
While I admire JZ Knight's ability to steal money from the people who most deserve to be robbed, I still find her utterly repulsive.

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